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What should MTG give up for Lent?

She claims to be a good Christian. Lent started last week with Ash Wednesday. It is customary for Christians to give up something for Lent because it is a period for self reflection, self sacrifice, and spiritual growth.

It used to be that only Roman Catholics gave up something for Lent, but Protestant denominations have also started doing this, including getting ashes on Ash Wednesday.

So, what should MTG give up?

I suggest she give up harassing and screaming at people whose politics are different from hers. Think she could last from now until Easter without harassing people?

East Palestine town hall with Erin Brockovich.

Erin is introduced by an attorney. After she speaks, another attorney gives details on the damage, how it happened, and what's needed for cleanup.


Erin Brockovich going to East Palestine with an attorney for town hall session.

Bad news for Norfolk Southern.


How do you say the word "February?"

Do you say Feb-ru-ar-y? Or Feb-u-ar-y?

I often say it without the first "r."

Judge's powerful statement at sentencing of white supremacist shooter

who murdered 10 people and wounded 3 at the Tops market in Buffalo. After relatives and friends gave their victim comments, Erie County court judge Susan Eagan gave a strong statement about white supremacy and institutionized racism that made the massacre possible. It is worth listeming to the full statement.

Not included in this video is the actual sentencing as she delivered it after making the statement in the following video. Buffalo NPR played the sentencing portion, too. Judge Eagan named each victim, one at a time, in giving a life sentence without parole on each count. After each name, she identified the person as wife, mother, daughter or husband, father, son, etc. and said a few words about their roles in the community.

This video is from You Tube, so unfortunately it gets briefly interrupted by an ad, but just click on skip ad to return to the statement. The full video is 9:01 minutes long.

White supremacist murderer at the Buffalo massacre sentenced to life without parole.

He still faces federal charges including a hate crime charge. Federal prosecutors will decide tomorrow whether to seek the death penalty.

VP Harris looked great at the SOTU, didn't she?

She looked professional and dignified in a suit that was attractive and appropriate for the occasion. She radiated enthusiasm for the administration's programs and goals.

Big contrast to Sinema and MTG in their attention grabbing appearance and behavior that matched.

What a difference between a serious public servant and those who are in it for themselves instead of for the people.

Earthquake photos from Turkey and Syria

The still photos at this link show the extent of the damage


This video shows buildings as they collapse from aftershocks and then covers rescuers trying to locate and free trapped people.

Animal sensitivity to vibrations?

I woke up around 6:05 this morning. First order of the day (after the bathroom) is always feeding Ember. I alternate her cat food between dry kibbles and canned Fancy Feast. She likes the Fancy Feast best.

So I put some shredded turkey and gravy into her dish. She started eating immediately. About halfway through, Ember suddenly ran from her dish and crouched down into a slinking, wary posture across the room. Then she circled the kitchen, still crouched down, visibly frightened.

Ember is a food hog. Nothing gets between her and food. I was worried that she was sick. I talked to her softly to calm her down. After a few minutes, she went back to her dish, slowly at first.

I shrugged it off as feline hallucinations and checked in on DU where I read about the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Posted there awhile and then turned on Buffalo NPR, where they were discussing a small earthquake centered in a Buffalo suburb, West Seneca. For a minute, I was disoriented after reading about Turkey.

A 3.8 earthquake occurred in the Buffalo area at 6:15 am. That's when Ember was eating and suddenly acted strange. But, I am located outside of the range of the earthquake's reach. No one in my area felt it, including me.

Is it possible that Ember felt or sensed what people here could not feel?

Just over the Canadian border in southern Ontario, they reported the earthquake there at 4.2, same time of 6:15 am.

Minor earthquakes do happen occasionally in western NY. Although I did not feel this one, I have felt a couple in years past. Very minor ones.

WOW. Bad weather forecast again in western NY.

Starting around 9 pm tonight, heavy snow for about 30 minutes, with winds of 45 mph. Then sub zero weather to minus 20 until Sunday morning.

I know those temps are common enough in some western states, and they do happen here sometimes, but not often.

Buffalo schools have already announced that they will be closed tomorrow due to sub zero temps, winds, and snow accumulation.

Local media are warning people that frostbite can occur within 30 minutes.

EDIT TO ADD: I just saw the thread in Breaking News about the Arctic Chill in New England and New York for this weekend. Looks like Maine will get the worst of it at wind chills of 60 below zero. Compared to that, we'll be having a warm spell.
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