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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 04:48 PM
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Colonial Deerfield, Massachusetts - 1704 Deerfield Raid

Just wondering how many DUers have any ancestors who trace back to that colonial village. Since colonial Puritans had such large families, they have huge numbers of descendants living today although not everyone is aware of their family history. Still, I was surprised when researching my own family's connection to Deerfield that many descendants of the people who experienced the 1704 raid are well aware of it and have family stories to tell about it.

So I am wondering if any DUers have stories to share about the 1704 French and Indian raid on Deerfield.

NY State experiencing "swatting calls" about active shooters.

Per Buffalo NPR, several swatting calls across NY State have been made today claiming falsely that there are active shooters at specifically named schools.

Swatting is making false claims about a person, place, or group in order to cause a police or swat team response to innocent people.


Daylight Savings Time returns this weekend!

Questions for DU legal experts RE Georgia

Georgia has passed a law which Governor Kemp will sign giving the legislature control over the prosecutors. One outcime could be to fire Fani Willis, end the investigation of Trump, and prevent indictment and trial of Trump.

Question: Can the feds take over this investigation?

The states set their own election laws. But is there a federal law that would apply to what Trump did in his phone call to tell Raffensperger to find Trump enough votes to win Georgia? Extortion? Intimidation of an election official? Attempt to overthrow an election?

Subornation since Trump tried to get Raffensperger to falsify election records?

It's clear that Georgia will not allow Willis to indict and try Trump. But her investigation will not be for nothing if the feds can charge and try Trump.

Is it possible?

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