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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 4,701

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The National Guard

Did you notice how the attempted coup was stopped only after the Guard was called out and rolled in with big trucks? We came this close to having the Capitol secured by the attackers, and possibly much, much worse. We were lucky. And, who was it that opposed the Guard being called, and delaying that?

It makes no sense

to say that impeaching the pRes will just increase violence, and therefore we should let it go. It seems to me that the intent of the attempted coup was to keep Trump in power. That's not going to go away.

Wow, my nerves are shot. Off topic

About 8 ambulances -- I think they were ambulances, but maybe cops -- just went down my road. What is going on? I saw also what I think was a FD vehicle. I can't see anything.

My dog and two goats are missing from my property. Can't find them anywhere. Heartache. Trying hard not to cry. The goats follow the dog around.

2020 was truly a horrible year. I got blocked off a beloved IG account for absolutely nothing. I don't know why, really. Feel like I have been slapped in the face. I didn't say anything at all. Really. I just visited occasionally. I'm too old to care, but I do. I don't understand.

Now, 2021 seems like it is starting out pretty damned bad. I don't really want to even get out of bed. I have plans and all, but I am about to jump out of my skin.

Thank you for listening. It's not the first time the dog has been gone, but the goats have never been gone, too. I fear the worst.

Tomorrow I am going to use a reciprocating saw for the first time. I have my safety equipment and all, but I am nervous about that, too. Kind of excited, though. Silly stuff.

I missed this

Here's a link to something that happened with Raffensperger in GA:


It happened on the same day.

Let's impeach them both.

Let's impeach Trump and Pence. Trump, we know why. But Pence, for failure to act during a crisis, by failing to call Nancy or Schumer back. In other words, by making himself unavailable to Dem leaders to discuss national security matters.

I don't care how it would look. Impeach them both, let Nancy take over for a day or two.

Question about Twitter

I don't belong to Twitter. Wouldn't it be against the TOS if you lend your account to say, Donald Trump, to circumvent the punishment you got for inciting a riot and planning a coup?

Asking for a friend...

The complete picture

I would like a complete picture of all the damage. I wish that they would photograph the destruction and put it up so we can see all of it.

I'm thinking it's worse than they have shown.

I wanna say thank you to Georgia

for all your effort to bring in those two Senate seats that make Turtle Man the Minority leader.

Despite all that happened yesterday, your success is not forgotten. The country can now fix what Trump broke without McConnell's interference. It was a nail biter, but you got it done!

THANK YOU from California!

He needs to be impeached, not 25A'd.

To remove him by 25A is iffy. And what will it get you? 25A will be forgotten in a week after he is removed. He plays golf for two years, and then returns.

Impeach his ass. This denies him the defense of "I didn't do anything, I was mentally ill." And, we can keep him from ever holding office again. This is an issue that will come back to haunt us. Start the impeachment process now.

I don't trust any of these Repubs. Whatever they are doing post insurrection is all show. They as a party still put Party Over Country. Nothing less than an impeached and convicted President will impress them. Now is the time, when they are posturing to appear as Patriots amidst the chaos they created, to impeach Trump. This riot is just another part of the crimes he committed. His blackmail over GA votes is enough to impeach him.

So, a request for the NG is under review?


The Capitol Police are epic fails. The Pentagon is considering a request for force?

Notice how the Commentators are only talking about the safety of the Congress, and not the pRes.

I am still thinking about Iran's threat to do something today.

They should arrest Trump. Tell the SS he is now under arrest for inciting a riot.
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