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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 4,739

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How far away are we from martial law? n/t

So, he isn't going quietly.

What a rat bastard!

What I don't understand is why the Capitol police so badly underestimated this event, and why they didn't erect something better than bicycle racks to keep these people out.

Where is the National guard?

Well, what happens now? They have stopped counting.

I want all these people arrested. Every one of them.

"A signal to retreat." ??? The cops left???

Well, okay. I guess if the cops left (I don't get that,) no one can be arrested.

Eff you, Trump!


You might not need this now, and it may not be the best, but here's a link to the Count, along with
reports. (I have had trouble with the CNN coverage.)

Music for our days

Something to watch

Make yourself feel better while waiting for GA vote results. Hoping to at least see a trend today.


Late Impeachment

Here is a link to an analysis of the effect of late impeachment (impeachment after the culprit is out of office.)


You can download the pdf without joining.

It has both for and against arguments. It can be done. The point is made, why bother?

I have been following the Plane to Turnberry news, and there are those that say he expects to announce his candidacy for President in 2024 at that time.

This man is not fit to hold this office again. We would be utterly derelict in our duty if we had the goods on him, yet were too lazy to impeach him to prevent this fascist from running ever again.

We MUST impeach him. While he is golfing in Scotland, we need to move forward with impeaching him. We should have Articles of Impeachment written up and filed and served on the two-bit attorney of his choice before he leaves town. Remember the dramatic walk over of the Articles from Impeachment No. 1? That needs to be done again.

If you think that it is not worth it, just remember the pain and fear he has caused you. A little effort today can prevent this from happening again tomorrow. We need to do this.

And to make this clear: We can ask that he would be prohibited from ever running for any office again. This is the main reason for a late impeachment.

Questions about GA election tomorrow

What time do the polls close? Have they already started counting the 3 million mail in ballots, or do they have to wait until the polls close?

Impeachment No. 2

I think Trump should be impeached again.

This phone call that he made to Raffensperger was a crime. It might even be worse than the Ukraine call. We can't let him get away with it, despite the fact that it's over on Jan. 20th.

We have a better chance to convict him this time. Why? Didn't he recently denigrate Chief Justice Roberts? He's the guy who would once again preside over the trial in the Senate.

Trump threatened two Repubs with retaliation for not helping him. And, now we have a tape with multiple witnesses heard on it, who we can subpoena and question. They all heard it. They have probably listened to the tape again. They can't say he didn't say it without committing perjury.

If we take back the Senate, McConnell's influence will be diminished.

Trump is not planning to leave. He said on the tape that there would be trouble on Tuesday, and Wednesday. He has also said, allegedly, that he would continue on even after the 6th. He wants to entangle everything and mess us up.

What's our goal, then? We want Trump gone for good. If we were to impeach him and get a conviction, he wouldn't be able to run in 2024.

He has until January 20th to raise hell. He can do a lot to us in that period of time. He can sell Alaska to the Russians, start a war, etc. He needs to be gone.

We have a clearly superior position this time. Everyone heard it. There are no foreign nations involved. I don't know if a proceeding can continue past the 20th, but let's find out! The House can easily get the papers together. Try him and see if the Repubs will convict him just to get rid of him. Doesn't Raffensperger and the other guy have any friends in the Senate that might want to see a conviction?

Trump is dangerous. What if he decides to arrest Raffensperger? I know he is a Repub, but you have to admit, he did pretty good on Saturday. We should keep Trump busy and off his back. Just wait until Trump hears that Raffensperger did not agree to fix the count after the extended lawyer meeting.

Well, we won't do it. Once again, Trump will break the law and get away with it. Sure makes Schiff look like a genius, doesn't it?

At the very least, we should file the papers against Trump for a second impeachment. It would be a declaration to the world and future crooks that we will defend our Democracy.

The party on Wednesday

I looked around the house to marshal up a feast in order to fully enjoy Wednesday's entertainment. I discovered I have mostly biscuits available.

That's right, good old biscuits. I do have something to go over them, but basically, it's biscuits. I'm not complaining (I can go out and get something; after all, I have my stimulus check,) because I have discovered over the years that I have an affinity for biscuits. They taste good, and they fill you up. They go with most anything.

But, still, I have at least Monday to square the celebration away. Since I will not get out of my car, I have to choose from fast food joints. I have not had any fast food in at least two months, and I have lost a lot of weight. Proves something, I dunno, but the point is, I have an excuse to indulge.

I will not go out Tuesday or Wednesday, because who knows what the Trumpers who live in my town will be up to. So, I have to decide if I will go out, and if I do, what should I get?

Or maybe just cook up those biscuits, try out my new powdered eggs, and just soak up the pleasure of the EC count. There's always the day after to stock up again. So many decisions, what to do...

Just a note

Perdue's shift will end today, January 3rd at 12 p.m. He'll hopefully be out of office permanently. The other one is filling a seat until 2023, so she is still there.
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