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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
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Mental toughness

Here is a link to Trump's speech from yesterday (I believe.)

This is a nonstop rant against the election outcome, filled with lies. He doesn't exactly have spittle coming out, but he is still a lunatic. Strangely, he did not huff and puff like he normally does, although he never paused for 46 minutes or so.

In this speech, he stated that he does not want a revote. He simply wants to be declared the winner. Well, what are you going to do with that...??

On December 14th, the Electors will vote. It will not be over on that date. As much as we all would like to lay down our weary heads, it will go on to January 6th. We have to be strong, tough, and ready.

On the 6th, we can expect an objection to the Electors to be made from the floor. We have been through this before, but not with anyone like Trump. We have to support our Congress people like nobody's business. They cannot flinch or compromise with the Repubs on any kind of change to the vote whatsoever.

They will debate for two hours, I guess behind closed doors, and then they will announce the outcome. If no compromise is reached, I guess that's when it could go before Trump's SC.

If we wake up on the 7th with Trump as President, I will scream.

A good alternate location

What would be a good, alternate WH location if we have to drag Donnie Two Scoops out of the building?

We need to Lysol both the WH and Camp David. So...?

Some location that everyone can reach, easily fortified for protection, and clean. What other Federal buildings are there?

Hey, I'm thinking ahead. I favor turning off the utilities, cutting off the fast food deliveries, and preventing TV interviews. I'm content to wait. No need for fisticuffs.

EC Vote

"The Electoral College Votes will be cast and counted on 14 December, which must then be delivered to Vice President Mike Pence, in his capacity as Senate president, by 23 December. When the new Congress is sworn in on 6 January 2021 one of their first tasks will be to officially count the vote and Pence will declare the winner."

So, take it easy on me. I'm not a fearmongerer or anything like that. But, I can't help but note that those advocating for Trump to declare martial law are speaking up now.

So, while I am not saying that this is what will happen, I do question that, if it were to happen, would it happen BEFORE the EC casts it's votes on Dec. 14th? Cuz, it's already Dec. 2nd, and we are fast approaching Dec. 14th.

I hate surprises.
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