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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
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The UN briefed

the press about major issues it is confronting. This was a couple of days ago. The major concerns are (the war notwithstanding) the food shortages. The UN urges food exports to be allowed through the Black Sea, and also exports from Russia of food and fertilizers.

I can see how, if exports were to go forward through the Black Sea, that we might also have to allow exports from Russia as well. You see it? But, allowing that defeats a bit of the sanctions, as China and India continue to buy oil from them as well.

The UN is giving dire warnings for the entire world if the war goes on, and the supply chain for food production continues to be interrupted. They have informed us that eventually it will be a trickle down consequence that will affect all of us.

I don't think that Russia cares if the rest of the world starves, but now we will have to try to make up the difference with our own agricultural efforts. Maybe this is the time to ramp up some aid program for third world or poorer countries to grow their own food as well. Droughts continue to be a problem. Maybe we need to gift some desalination projects, or something, to reduce dependence on Russian food. Who would have thought...I didn't know...did you?

Thank you, Germany

and the Netherlands, for sending 155mm howitzers to Ukraine. We are mindful of the position your country is in, and still you step up. Thank you!

Raffensperger stated that

Trump lost by, what, 20,000 Georgian votes because that many Georgians did not vote for a Presidential candidate, and just voted down ballot. Or, words to that effect.

This is worrisome. All Georgia Peaches have to vote. Hopefully, Georgian Democrats will vote for our candidates, in order for us to keep the House and Senate.

It's time to focus on winning the Midterms, something which the Repubs want so very much to win. If they win control, they will make our country a former Democracy.

There are a few Repub officials who have some honor left, I see that now. But, most are fascists. I don't know how to fight except: 1) GOTV; 2) donate; 3) encourage others to do the same. My vote is my weapon.

If pushed to extremes, I'll fight for real in a ditch. But, for now, I plan to add my vote against Repubs everywhere. Except, you know perhaps a couple...two is not a majority, though, and they should switch parties.

Thank you, Georgia Peaches, Lady Ruby and daughter, and all those against Trump et al.

"Overturning the election" means

overthrowing the Government. We are hearing restrained, polite, political speak. But, Trump definitely attempted to overthrow the Government, but with plausible deniability built in FOR HIM. He was taught well by his mentor, and he is nothing but a mob boss, seeking control of our country.

How this is still going on is amazing. We should be paying attention to climate change, alternate fuels and power sources, agricultural concerns, the pandemic, and many other things. Instead, we are mucking about with these idiots, still dealing with the aftermath--or, is it--of a hideous man and his quest for power. Get ready to indict them all. They are traitors.

They based all of this on absolutely NO FACTS, just imagined scenarios which would enable Trump to hang on to power. None of it would fly. Just awful people. Arrest them.

Trump takes advantage

of the President's mishap. Apologies if someone posted this already:


You have to scroll down to the embedded video. You can't see it by following the link in the article. But, they have included it down below.

It's only a few seconds long.

Having to do with goat milking

I found this interesting. I love goats, but have never considered having so many goats. I wonder what the market is for goat milk?


I'd like to have a herd of four.

A famous SNL sketch

I'm thinking of taking a cooking course in the Fall. Here's a YouTube sketch done on SNL of a famous female chef. How precious she was!

Here is a link to Select Committee coverage

of the Jan. 6th attempted coup:


This link also provides the various coverages by networks and who the anchors and analysts will be, so that you can pick and choose where you want to watch.

This link also provides a link on its site to view directly through them. Plus, they have stated the time and date for the second public hearing, to plan for that one.

So, get your popcorn ready, and don't forget to stand and stretch occasionally. I am looking forward to all your opinions and observations. I don't know how far into this they can go, but they do have several more public hearings to lay out the story, so it may be like a little mini series.

Added: Also, you can watch here:


Wow, a hawk comes visiting.

Boy, was I startled!

I have a corner of a screened in pen visible just outside my back door. I am situated where I can see this upper corner of the structure. I often have birds of all sizes land there and survey the area from that height. It's like a bird bath or something. They just like it. It's like "I'm king of the world!"

I had tiny birds visiting--one I liked very much and came every day--then, the size of the birds got bigger and I figured my little buddy was either off making a nest or just got bumped.

OMG! I was busy working, and I looked up and there was a giant red-tailed hawk sitting on that corner! It was huge! I saw the whole thing quite clearly, from his curved beak to his feet. It was like seeing a tiny spider but getting a tarantula instead.

I know a lot of you guys get this all the time. But, these birds fly overhead in soaring sweeps, and I've seen them for years. I don't have any animal outside that could be carried off. But, OMG, this thing was sitting there, huge, like an eagle or something. The only bird larger than this thing local is an egret which visits occasionally. It stays in the front when it visits.

This hawk was sitting on the preferred corner, looking all around. I couldn't have been more startled if it had been an ostrich sitting there. I've never had one land anywhere near me. I guess it didn't see me sitting there.

I saw a roadrunner a few days ago, a much cherished visitor that I had not seen for awhile. They get on top of the house and sound like puppies calling. I hope the hawk doesn't scare everyone away, and was only trying the spot out to see what the big deal is there.

I see it flying back and forth now. Forgive me, but I hope it doesn't nest in my closest tree. I won't do anything about it, but this is an exclusive club, you know? I was really enjoying my show.

It was like an alien encounter...

Another UN Security Council meeting

"The Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation will hold an informal meeting of the UN Security Council on "Systematic and mass grave violations of the international humanitarian law as well as other war crimes committed by the Ukrainian military personnel and militia and discovered in the course of ongoing special military operation of the Russian armed forces."

Maybe they're going to complain that their navy is being sunk. It's hard to see what nexus has caused this latest crap from the Russian warmongers. These things usually precede some mischief planned by Russia. Let's see...May 9th related? An excuse for their military incompetence for public consumption? They don't like having their own infrastructure bombed? Or, did the ICC issue some ruling that indicates that they will all shortly be declared war criminals, having done crimes against humanity?

The UN must be tired of this crap by now. Listen, SC, all you have to do is kick these imposters off the Council. It must be hard to listen with a straight face. Good luck tomorrow!
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