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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 4,368

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An odd thing.

I have a tree in the front yard that drops its leaves in the winter. It's pretty old, and I have forgotten what kind of tree it is.

This year, it did not drop its leaves. It looks like it plans to skip the winter and go straight to Spring. That's okay with me, but I have never heard of a tree doing that. I'm not superstitious, but I take it as a good sign, except that I hope it's not a last hurrah. I think the tree is confused.

I was going to remove this tree. Time marches on. But, now I might have to see what happens to it. I sure hope my neighbors don't see me talking to this tree. It's a rather complex situation, yet very simple at the same time. What happens to the new leaves it needs? If there are more leaves than ever, how much more will the tree need in nutrients to survive?

Life is a mystery. There is a scientist somewhere who knows these answers, but I don't. There is always something new to learn. The climate is definitely changing. The vegetation and insects that make our world viable are getting confused. The calendar is changing, the seasons are changing. Have to find a fit in there, somehow.

How does this work, then?

A mom comes into contact with an infected patient. She has a son who comes into contact with her. He comes in contact with his fellow cadets. Then, the cadets directly shake the hand of Pence, the VP.

Mom and son don't show any symptoms (yet,) but they are quarantined.

And, why isn't the VP also quarantined, along with all the cadets? Is this something Pence is learning, or might just find out when he awakens with a fever?

And, how many days has he been in charge of this brewing nightmare? Five days? He's lasted five days before he got himself potentially infected?

And, what about his cadre of people protecting him, flying him around, etc? Why haven't we been told that Pence is self quarantining for two weeks, like all those other ordinary people doing their thing to reduce their chances of infecting someone else?

What a leader! I am so impressed with the solid style of the Grey Ghoul, out there bravely shaking hands with those that should have been quarantined, even after the fact. He can't get sick! That's why Trump appointed him to set such a bold example of bravery. No need to panic!

I'm not personally panicked over this (yet.) I merely think that it is peculiar that Trump et al are in such denial of the potential of this thing. They are probably just denying completely the need to quarantine the VP. He'll just continue to work until something happens. Forget about other people.

Well, you know what I mean.

I'm voting for Warren

but will support either of the other two against Trump.

Covid article

Because we have brain-dead leaders, we have to figure out stuff for ourselves.

So, here is a link to an interesting article about possibilities to explain why this virus seems to be reappearing in patients who have been cleared and released:


They are talking about the possibility of the virus being "biphasic," meaning it lies dormant before causing new symptoms.

They also refer to the virus as SARS-CoV-2. A little detail of interest to me.

Elderberry, Sambucol

We should add our own effort to staying safe, and not wait for the Ghoul Corps to tell us "too bad for you." Accordingly, elderberries and Sambucol seem like a promising start to our own research.

Has anyone taken either of these? What do you think?

Pence makes my skin crawl.

I know it's not nice. I should know better, and I'm sure there are plenty of people that I've met that can say the same for me. But, Pence is a public figure, is impacting my life, and is second in command. So, I make judgments.

The guy is like a ghoul. He seems like a reanimated corpse. Honestly, he is devoid of any warmth in his eyes or his face. I watched him on TV today, and his neck inside his shirt seemed detached. Put him in a Nazi uniform, and he could play one without effort.

I am not encouraged at all. And, I remember the shocked look on his face at the presser where he was named the man to run the fight against Corona. That said it all.

Recurring infection

I don't want to be accused of fearmongering. But, have you noticed the post in BN about the Japanese woman who tested positive again after being declared recovered? Here in California there was a news item that someone had gotten through quarantine, was released, and then came down with it. You know, they haven't gotten this quarantine business right.

The Surgeon General

Our current Surgeon General is Jerome M. Adams. Has anyone heard Dr. Adams speaking out about the Coronavirus, or is Trump ursurping his contribution to the discussion?

He has made many videos on health matters, but I would like to know what his office is saying about this current crisis. His term is almost up, but he could be a powerful voice that maybe we need to hear. Where is he? I can't find what I'm looking for.

Summer Olympics in Japan

Scheduled to begin on July 24th.

That's like, 4 months from now, especially when people arrive in advance. 4 to 5 months. How does this fit in with the Coronavirus? Good way to spread it all over the world.

How do you think it should be handled? Remember, Trump thinks warm weather will kill it, since President-for-Life Xi told him so. But, I'm skeptical of that.

I love watching the Olympics.

You know, Pelosi is investigating

the DOJ because Trump and Barr are trying to interfere with the sentencing of Trump's buddy.

So, Trump is tweeting his brain(?) out over the sentencing, then first one, then two, and finally all four prosecutors resign. And, Trump is also tweeting against the Judge.

In doing so, he implicates Barr. It looks like both Trump and Barr could be impeached. Two for one. I think Impeachment No. 2 is on the horizon. There are two many people telling the public that if we wait for the election, too much damage will have occurred. And, Nancy appears outraged over this last attempt to use the DOJ as his own personal weapon against justice.

If you were Barr, and it looked like you were going to be impeached, plus basically being censored by the ABA, what would you do? It could be that Barr is fixing to quit.

And, why has Trump brought back those people previously sent packing?

Hang tough, people.

Now, Barr has basically stated that he can't do his job because of Trump. That sounds like a set up.

I think it would be funny if Barr had Trump placed into custody under 25A. Would that placate the Dems so that Barr saves his own ass?

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