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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
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If the Russians are using chemical agents

then, KICK THEM OUT OF THE UN Security Council . Take it to the GA to avoid the veto, and KICK THEM TO THE CURB. They have no place in a civilized meeting. They won't be missed. Replace them with...Ukraine! I don't know, someone who doesn't rape toddlers, kill men and women, and drop chemicals on civilians.

Honest to G-d, this shit is killing me. I want my only problem to be, how to hatch eggs in an incubator on my kitchen table. I'm going to spend some time supporting the World Central Kitchen.

I feel BAD about Syria. I feel BAD about Yemen (some really fine music from Northern Command back in the day.) But, this war is equally bad, and I want it to end with Ukraine winning!

Bomb the living crap out of their fleets. I thought Trump had beaten me up pretty bad, but it seems as if Putin also has the capacity to desensitize me into wishing for destruction on his ass. And, I am a lot TALLER than his tiny carcass! Eff you, Putin, your new warlord, and all who support you!



did not let me down. Albania kicked ass in the debate today at the UN. That guy, or whoever writes his speeches, did not mince words today. He told Russia off in sharp language that left no doubt about the heinous actions that Russia is committing in Ukraine. And, after Russia's ambassador whined on with lies about the situation, the Albania ambassador asked for time to respond, then came back and told them off AGAIN. Hahaha!! It helped me with my anger. Thank you, Albania.

May 9th.

Rumble around town has it that something is going to happen around then, because 1) that stupid spokesman stated that the Russians were almost done, and 2) it's a holiday similar to those North Korean holidays where military parades are held to demonstrate their strength. May 9th is some kind of celebration re: the end of WW2.

I'm betting they're going after Odesa. They have already started, but I think they are going to solidify that whole corridor. Now would be a great time for NATO to haul ass and get those military systems in place.

Simple Song of Freedom

Lyrics by Bobby Darin

Come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you've never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
We, the people here, don't want a war.
Hey, there, mister black man, can you hear me?
I don't want your diamonds or your game
I just wanna be someone known to you as me
I will bet my life you want the same.
Come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you've never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
We, the people here, don't want a war.
Seven hundred million are ya list'nin'?
Most of what you read is made of lies
But, speakin' one to one ain't it everybody's sun
To wake to in the mornin' when we rise?
Come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you've never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
We, the people here, don't want a war.
Brother Solzhenitsyn, are you busy?
If not, won't you drop this friend a line
Tell me if the man who is plowin' up your land
Has got the war machine upon his mind?
Come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you've never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
We, the people here, don't want a war.
Now, no doubt some folks enjoy doin' battle
Like presidents, prime ministers and kings
So, let's all build them shelves
Where they can fight among themselves
Leave the people be who love to sing.
Come and sing a simple song of freedom
Sing it like you've never sung before
Let it fill the air
Tell the people everywhere
We, the people here, don't want a war.
I say a let it fill the air a
Tellin' people everywhere a
We, the people, here don't want a war.

But, we do know how to fight. Just sayin'.

On Monday the UN will

hold a meeting of the Security Council regarding the "maintenance of peace and security of Ukraine." This will happen at 10 am. ET.

Then, at 3pm ET, there will be a meeting to discuss the maintenance of international peace and security, and implementation of UN resolutions 2532 and 2565.

2532 (2020) has to do with a global ceasefire. 2565 (2021) also calls for ceasefire. Both of these resolutions have to do with fighting Covid-19, and vaccinations. So, there are two parts to the agenda in the afternoon.

I don't know what in the world they will talk about at 7 am my time. "Maintenance of Peace and Security?" My G-d, are they going to talk about sending in Peacekeepers? This is the UNSC; it can't be that. Russia has a long history of marching in as a "peacekeeper" and never leaving. Or, are they going to discuss kicking Russia off the SC? I'd like that!

Just don't let it be another round of, Russia, you are so naughty speeches...maybe they can get Russia to actually quit the UN. Please have some VERY HARSH WORDS for Russia on Monday.

I want the world shown pictures of the victims at the train station. I want them to vote on something. I wanna hear China say, Oh, it is really deplorable that this happened, and it does upset the economic flow of commerce, and oh by the way, it is ghastly that the QUAD now exists, just awful...I wanna hear India abstain in order to avoid pissing off their good friend Russia.

I want Ukrainian fighters trained in the most up to date weapons systems we have. I want them to receive them NOW. That's my idea of "maintenance of peace and security in Ukraine."


Moldovan blues...

I have been trying to understand the position of Moldova, which is that little country closest to Odesa in Ukraine. Moldova has a "breakaway" strip area at the front which is occupied by Russian troops, about 1500-2000, which is similar to the situation in Donbas and Georgia. It calls itself "Transnistria," or PMR for short. It seems that Russia will occupy any territory that hints at acceptance of their "support."

Moldova has been occupied like that since 1990, when they had a territorial war. Russia sent "peacekeepers" and never left, despite being told by Moldova to get the hell out. Moldova is messed up politically, with some people wanting the occupation, some people wanting to join the EU (they put in an application,) some people afraid that Moldova will join Romania, and some people who just want to be Moldova. Apparently, Moldova is striving to be a neutral country, but with increasing concern over the Russian war against Ukraine, now with the Russians starting on Odesa.

I was quite surprised to learn that Moldova has a formal "get the hell out" order against Russia at the UN. That's right. They went to the UN and got a formal demand granted that Russia is to vacate Moldovan territory. Every once in a while, they return to the issue in the UN and make a renewed demand for Russia to comply with this order. But, Russia doesn't listen, any more than they have listened to the judicial branch of the UN, the Hague, who also ordered them out of Ukraine to no avail.

Moldova readily acknowledges that it is in no way able to take on Russia or defend itself against this aggression. It would need all the help it can get to defeat Russia, the same as Ukraine. But, Moldova is strategically placed where the Russians could use PMR to attack Odesa from another front. And, Ukrainian intelligence has warned Moldova that they see moves by Russia to this end. Moldova poo poos this notion, as they see nothing. But, when has Ukrainian intelligence been wrong, so far? After all, the Ukrainians have the intelligence support of the US, and we are no slouches when it comes to spying on you. If we told them, and they told Moldova, and Moldova does nothing because there is nothing they can do, then what?

Apparently, the US does not recognize PMR but supports some kind of special status for that area. I dunno, it's messed up. Moldova has some kind of neutrality "enshrined" in its constitution, so it is a neutral country whose neutrality has been trampled on by Russia. They do not want any foreign troops stationed on their land, but lack the ability to enforce their own Constitution.

I must say, when Russia attempted to control Moldova with economic sanctions, they simply developed other customers, as you would. Their best export is WINE. A mellow country, yes?

Springtime for the innocent

Yesterday, I was privileged to watch something sweet. Biology may be systematic, ordered, and reoccurring. But, that doesn't mean that there is nothing there but that. I watched two little birds, obviously in love, cuddling on a bare tree branch that I can see from my window.

They were unashamedly necking, just kissing away, hopping around, following each other, sticking together. No other bird came around to disturb them. I watched for at least 30 minutes, until they hopped out of sight. Next comes nest building, then eggs, then mouths to feed. Ah, thank you, Lord, for letting me see something ageless, beautiful, and inspiring.

The Black Sea mines

The Russians took over the Azov Sea. Now, they are more active in the Black Sea, with aggression against Odesa. There are reports of mines broken away from moorings and floating up against the shores of Turkey. My, that's a long way away from the Odesa harbor. What is going on...

I found a link to an interesting video report:

It is old, from March 3, 2022, but the graphics are informational and explanations are given. Who is Sal Mercogliano? I dunno--" former merchant mariner and maritime historian at Campbell University." In particular, he has a discussion of the yachts available for seizure. Interesting!

It seems like perhaps Ukraine did put those harbor mines in there, and now they are broken free by whatever means. The Black Sea shipping is threatened, and you can see a gradual clearing out of shipping from all areas. This video does its best to explain the enormous consequences of the disruption of even 15% of world-wide shipping, especially the Black Sea shipping. Because the world will now face food insecurity because of this unfounded, aggressive territory expansion by Russia, it would behoove us to understand all the nuances of what it means to the entire world.

This video makes a point of showing how Russia attacked NATO shipping, and no one really cared...

Wait for the next "Emergency" meeting.

Yesterday, Russia again complained bitterly to the current President of the UNSC, who happens to represent the UK, about not getting his next day emergency meeting. I think that Barbara Woodward handled the complaint well, explaining what happened and why the meeting wasn't held immediately, but within the time limit required.

I think that Russia will test this system of complaints. The UNSC stated that all requests for an emergency meeting would be honored, as they had been here. I think that Russia will manufacture a new emergency complaint, just to make this point and to test the Security Council. They want to use the UN as a puppet for their PR, as stated in the Olympic Manifesto. This is going off the rails for them.

The UN will vote tomorrow

At 10 a.m. ET tomorrow, the UN will vote on whether to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council:


I can't find the YouTube link, so the link above is to the actual presser.

Yesterday, the PR from Ukraine (a feisty guy with a voice I love to hear), after the Russian requested "emergency" meeting over Bucha, stated to a reporter that this would be the next step forward in this nasty saga. I think it is appropriate, but somehow I don't think that Russia will give a crap about it. After all, their PR stated that the Human Rights Council wasn't really their (piece of cake, cup of tea, whatever), anyway. So, I don't think they will care.

They will proceed to the actual vote, although there will be some statements just prior. I expect that by tomorrow, Russia will be booted to the curb for at least a year.

I think that this is really bad PR for Russia in their quest to appear righteous and PC. The way the voting works, as explained in the above link, is that, even though there will be probable abstentions (India, I'm looking at you,) they only need 2/3 vote of anyone who does vote to win the boot. There is quite a list of countries who want them out, so I think the vote will go to kicking them out over Bucha. And, all the other crimes against humanity that Russia has committed in this WAR.
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