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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 5,716

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What should I do with my $17?

I notice my SS is going up by $17 in December, in time for Jan. 2021. Whoop-dee-do. It warms the cockles of my heart.

What should I do with it? Pour it into the vast, yawning jaws of my utility payments? Buy more powdered eggs versus real chickens? Stock pile delicacies for my sweet cats (2)? Sneak in more Big Cups? Buy a pair of Size 12s, should I find them? Or...? (Maybe some stocks--but I'm not a privileged insider, like some we know, sooo...)

The Joint Chiefs

So, the news about the B-52 bombers has me edgy. I know that the military conducts many operations that are ordinary. But.

I do not believe Trump is done. I think this whole election clown show has been for something other than the stated reasons. I am worried about what he is doing in the ME.

If he wants to bomb Iran, I don't think he can just do that. For instance, there is that deal about Congress declaring war. I also think that he will fire all the Joint Chiefs first. But, if he fires even one, I am going to really worry--but, I don't clutch pearls.

Tell me it'll be okay.


It isn't over yet. But, today was so good, I'm starting to grin.

Well, on a completely personal note, uh...how soon do you think Joe will implement that proposed Social Security increase? Don't want to push it, but, you know...it would be nice!


I'm allowing myself to remodel the WH post Trump defilement.

First, a deep cleaning with Lysol. Much like the guy on TV who deep cleaned every time he flew on an airplane. A thorough cleansing for Democracy. I would like it filmed and shown in increments, to make it last.

Then, of course, I want the Rose garden redone with new, fresh, luscious flowers of all kinds. Take out the sculpture and concrete. A garden should be a garden. Call in the Four Seasons guys. They have experience with this sort of thing.

Then, I'd like trees planted to replace the trees that Melania had cut down. I'm still po'd about that. I favor pine trees, but any tree that will grow in the fresh, new climate will be acceptable. Trees of color will be cheerful, making for peaceful ambience around this important place.

I'd tend to throw out all gold-colored furniture and drapes. Throw out any gold thrones that are encountered. I favor warm, inviting, homey hues that invite you to sit right down and discuss what's on your mind, and not just put your money in the cash box. And, of course, I'd throw out all the cash boxes.

I'd put in a modern whole house music system, with maybe a diffuser for those times when it's just too tense. And, there should be a place to gather for barbeques and casual, how's by you, gatherings where good ideas for the national welfare are born. No fast food allowed.


In the United States Code (62 stat. 672), Chapter One of Title 3. it says:

Failure to Make Choice on Prescribed Day
2. Whenever any State has held an election for the purpose of
choosing electors, and has failed to make a choice on the day
prescribed by law, the electors may be appointed on a subsequent day in such a manner as the legislature of such State may

Now, Trump is working to get ballots recounted in several states. The certification deadlines are coming up. If they cannot recount those votes in time and they miss the deadline, regardless of the actual tallies showing trends, doesn't it seem as if the US Code will allow per law that the legislatures can bypass everything and put their own Electors in? What will stop them?

I'm puzzled by his hair.

Everybody knew that his hair had to be dyed. Now, all of a sudden he dyed his hair silver grey.

People do stuff like that. But, this guy is very vain. His hair seems shorter, too.

An attempt to blend in? I wonder what color his hair really is.

The election is not over.

It will not be over until the Electoral College votes. Soon, though.

Citizens are beginning to relax. Holidays are almost here. Hot chocolate in the mornings, and cats on your lap, because you are their personal pillow. When they stick their tongues out at you, they are telling you they want to eat. And then you get up before you intended to, because you are then their personal servant. Still. life can be good.

I think the 100 Person Rally was a measuring tool to see if tRump could muster an army. Maybe it was an intimidation tactic, which failed. But, his bizarre actions after the Vote leaves you to wonder what is left to do?

I see a lot of tRump's cronies starting to turn on him. But, are they?

I am still super pumped against tRump. My body is starting to relax. I'll get there. But, it isn't over until the only vote that counts, the EC vote.

Off Topic: Sing while you can

I am interested in yodeling (quit laughing,) and as I listen to examples, it occurs to me what good exercise it is for the lungs.

From there I thought, people need to sing. Sing anything. Sing to yourself, to your children, your spouse, your friends...don't save it for the marches, or...sing now. It doesn't matter if you're any good. You don't have to be _____ (fill in the blank with the name of your favorite singer) to have it help your brain and your lungs. If you can't sing in your situation, from shyness or bothering someone, then hum your blues away. You can do that.

Sing to your cat. She'll just look at you. No criticism. She'll offer an opinion when she is hungry. Perfect.

What is up with this vaccine?

Do they have this vaccine now or not? Who was it tested on? What is it? When was it tested? Are any other vaccines still being researched and tested, or are we only looking at Pfizer? Is this going to be FREE, or how much will it cost to get it? Who is going to be able to get it?

They want to laugh at us for our extreme caution, after Trump had his sticky little fingers in there. A little more discussion would be helpful.

I'm A Biden. n/t

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