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EndlessWire's Journal
EndlessWire's Journal
June 5, 2020

I don't think this is the way to go.

There is an agenda to defund cops. I don't think so. We need these guys on OUR side.

Look what's happening. We're getting Mayors and Chiefs declaring for our side. We absolutely need them. It would be better to cultivate an understanding of the matter in terms of fighting for our country, the idea that everything will be forced to change after President Biden has taken over.

But, for goodness sake, we need to tear them out of Trump's twisted little fingers and prepare to use them as we must. You don't get that by telling them you want to defund them.

One of the very first things Trump did was make friends with the cops, propping them up, smiling in their faces and getting them on his side. THAT'S what we need to tend to, not threatening them with extinction. Anyway, we want them there. What we need is for them and their culture to change.

We could create a nationwide training program that all cops would have to attend in order to get hired anywhere. It could be a licensing requirement. And, then we could control the narrative they get in dealing with citizens. It may seem like we have that now, but we don't.

Making a police chief's budget harder for training is not the way to go. Isn't that what "defunding" means? It doesn't make sense to me.

I'm not advocating more useless dialogue. But, now is not the time to stay on their bad side. Open up the plans and include them in saving our country.

This doesn't need to quiet righteous anger in the least. It just means working smarter to get what you want.

June 3, 2020

Group Think

People have died. They've been injured. Their property destroyed. The enemy is before us. We have to make this count.

We'll win. The Orange Asshole will retreat. And then we are left with our Group Think. The ugly shadows will fade back under their rocks, waiting for their next chance. They will always be there.

Good intentions are not enough. We'll have a leader that can restore us. And following him, our first female President. Yet, it's ourselves that have to really, really fix it.

Our Group Think for civil rights, fixing the environment in a bid to save the planet, for education, the economy, and everything else needs to be an overwhelming mantra of fairness, an equity that we have never seen before in our history. This nonsensical racial animosity has to be consigned and done with. Those with such feelings will be outliers, to be left behind as the rest of us find the open, clear air.

It can't continue like this. Our social engineers need to make this unthinkable going forward. While we are all individuals, with different opinions, different ideas, we can return to the spirit our country was founded on.

There are those that would correct me and say, well, the country was founded on slavery, hatred for the indigenous population, and was only meant for white, Christian males. But, we do have that Statute of Liberty in the harbor. And, we have our children. Let's fix the flaws and move into some kind of Golden Age where we value ethics, freedom, equality, and just feeling that we are a family. We are a place where we are free, a place of safety and happiness.

We will NOT be done after we win. It is more than a sweeping nullification of Trump's EOs, of kicking the GOP our of government as much as possible (because they sure are not fit to govern us.) It will be more than new construction. If there is new construction, it will be of our spirits, our souls. You do not have to be religious for this to happen. It's where you stand on your own two feet and decide to live and let live. And, help live.

Take a deep breath, people. Stick together. We are going to get rid of the trouble and make a new country.

June 2, 2020

Curfew musing

Woke up to a new curfew in my area. Starts at 6pm, ends at 6am.

This doesn't bother me except that I wonder why it didn't start at a time that matched up with daylight savings time. Or the next county over, whose curfew starts at 7pm. Are they better than us?

This will cause Amazon's estimated delivery time to be off by two hours. This doesn't bother me, either. It seldom means anything.

In the spirit of curfew, I've decided to stop looking for deliveries at 4pm. That seems about right, seeing as how I let my cardboard boxes breathe a little extra time, to let them shake off the Covid-19.

Curfew coordination in the country is still important. I am one with the people.

June 1, 2020

What a shitty day

Riots, fires, jobs lost, businesses lost...half my house power went out (you know, just so I don't feel left out--no electricity, no peace! Oh, that was probably inappropriate...)

I keep thinking about how many more people now have no job. And, all those people have exposed themselves to CV-19...watching people looting in Long Beach now...and, all along, I feel tremendously guilty because, you know, Trump Tower...sorta wish, but that's against my...hmmm...

While the Orange Asshole was running his mouth, did he really think that was the thing to do??

A fool of a pRes. I simply wish the people would at least switch to "Resign Now! Resign Now!" Yeah, open that dialogue up...

Hey, Trump, this isn't even half of what we got! Wait until the old people show up with their walkers, and canes, and nurses. Get ready...

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