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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 4,744

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IRS Frustration

For various reasons, I needed to bring up my IRS account. But, I forgot my password. Not to worry, you can ask for it.

So, I did. The automated system gave me a temporary password. Entered the temp password, and then the screen came up asking for the time-limited activation code. Not sure why I have to activate an already created account, but, okay, I'm a good sport. But, the catch is, you have to receive the activation code by mail.

I'm very patient. Let's go for it. Click on the "resend activation code" button. A screen comes up which informs me that, due to the pandemic, the IRS is not sending out mail at this time.

So, I am SOL* on getting in and viewing my account. The request for transcript will not work, because, of course, you have to be able to get into your account. SOL there.

But, they will let you make a payment to them online. No problem.

I keep up with events. I guess I'll buy some stamps in support of the Post Office.


How long to wear bandito apparel.

I sent for stylish yet probably useless face masks. At this point, I think only a bunny suit will do. Nevertheless, when my robber masks get here, I'll be going about my business (when I must leave my little CV-free nest) with No Fear. Fie on the Devil. Fie on Trump.

I plan to wear them all summer long, if I don't faint from the heat. So, let's say that everyone else has given up, and Trump has achieved his desire to have the CV wash over us while he sells our PPEs to foreign investors. Not to worry. When you meet me, I'll still be covered with a mask over my nose, mouth and chin, and I still won't touch you.

It's my new lifestyle. Hat, sunglasses, and a mask. Don't need makeup, or cover ups, anymore. Who knew that the burka chicks would be so correct lo these many years later. Now I just have to worry about whether the color will discourage mosquitoes.

I'm getting buffed, stuck at home, but you won't see the prison pallor because I will be covered up for about two years.

Simple stuff

I have been so stressed out, absorbing what is happening, wondering how best to use my skills...

I just wanted to thank CBS for replaying old college basketball games. We lost March Madness, but this is filling the time and it's fun.

I was standing in my yard last week, and I could hear my new neighbors working and playing some kind of game. They were laughing and hooting. Sounded good to me. They seem to be in lock down with extra people holed up there. They have a friendly son who is incredibly handsome--really, he should be a model--and I haven't been around any family where I could hear them laughing and having fun, for a long, long time. I really enjoyed hearing them giggle and hoot.

I had to make a food run to the drive throughs, and I left the gates open. I have two dogs and two goats in the yard. The goats and dogs have joined together in a herd, with the one dog clearly the alpha female boss.

Wherever that dog goes, so go the goats. I came home to find them all off the property standing in my neighbors field. I don't know what the dogs were doing, but the goats were eating weeds.

As soon as they all saw I was back, they came running up. They are like children, they have emotions, and it's good to be thought of as the ultimate herd leader.

I want to involve myself in the virus fight, but I worry about them. I can't choose animals over people, but I wonder what it will be like.

A question of ethics.

I am not a "one-world government" type of person, but I like the idea of responding to disasters on a global scale. I wish the planet was at peace.

But, I am nagged at the idea of Trump sending tons of supplies to China, and offering it to Kim. And didn't he try to talk to Russia about it, too?

It is really bothering me that our people here are begging for assistance when Trump prefers to curry favor with his oppressive buddy leaders that he so admires and wants to emulate.

I dunno, I'm so confused over this. I feel guilty, and yet I don't.

Didn't someone on DU state that whatever company Trump ordered to make ventilators doesn't even own the factory that he ordered converted to this production?

Vote blue. All hands on deck.

#Impeachment No. 2. Malfeasance in office, failure to live up to his oath of office.

I'm an undeclared voter.

I suppose that is why I received a form letter from Melania Trump. It is a two-page begathon and praise feast for Donald. They want my money.

Well, I want his money, but I doubt that I will receive any. They provided an envelope, but cheaply didn't pay for the postage back. The envelope is addressed to Melania's fund. So. I have no illusions about the fact that some low level worker toiling away in the mail department will be the one to open this envelope.

I so much want to write a blistering letter back, citing my distress over Trump's pResidency, the fact that he is holding children in cages, which is a crime against humanity, and how much I hate him for the denigration of his fellow humans and his nasty, overall evil bearing in this time of trouble. I want to demand the ventilators. And I despise him for using his wife to beg for money that the GOP doesn't deserve. I am going to send such a letter back to the WH.

Melania signed this letter. I was startled to see how incredibly similar to Donald's signature Melania's is, what with the saw edges and shark's teeth configuration. It is bizarre that such two people would have virtually the same signature.

What is your take on this? Any comments? I don't intend to threaten anyone, just express my extreme dislike of Trump and perhaps the fact that I am going to vote him out of office along with the whole GOP.

In Germany before WW2

it started with eugenics. They killed babies and adults who they considered "defective." That evolved into eradication of those that were considered undesirable. The heinous crimes they committed earned some of them a noose.

I think we need to be very, very careful how we treat victims of this virus and step back from the line drawn between triage and crimes against humanity. If Trump has ventilators stockpiled and is refusing to give out what basically is the People's property, then he is flirting with a horrible crime for which there is no excuse.

I haven't heard Trump, nor Pence, nor
Brix, nor Adams, state that they are working on getting the number of vents that this nation needs or will need. I doubt very much that Governor Cuomo is begging for excess vents in order to sell them on eBay.

We need masks, gowns, and gloves.

We need ventilators.

If Trump had done nothing but supply these things, we would be somewhat ahead of the game. We are now hearing stories of how our front line soldiers in the trenches are going bare in order to treat the sick. Trump could have done something to correct this horrible situation. But, he prefers to argue over what he claims to be an incorrect number of vents needed.

Fuck you, Trump. Do your fucking job, asshole.

How anyone could vote for this failure of a pRes, I can't fathom.

Have you seen the cost of Spam

on Amazon?

$80 for a can of spam?? I'm in shock..

Something we need

that Trump et al hasn't mentioned yet. We need trained healthcare workers to run those thousands of vents we apparently will need.

I know that we have professionals in there, but they are being run ragged. And, there are probably not enough, anyway. Why can't we hear that the government is implementing special training programs (respiratory therapists, RNs, etc.) dedicated to running those vents?

I ran two critical care vents once. It is exhausting. I don't see why we couldn't offer free intensive training which lead to licenses. Someone who knows what they are doing could make it happen. We can't count on this virus being gone next week, or the week after. If we started now, we could have them in place in some special unit, ready to go.

We need those vents. What/who are we saving them for??

There they are!

Better late than never, there stands members of the USPHS. They are in uniforms, but not Class As. THEY LOOK PISSED. I saw Adams earlier in the day standing behind Trump, and he looked angry. He's a really handsome black guy. I would love to know what he thinks.

I guess they are there for show and tell. Trump is consulting Jared rather than them? They have a lot to offer, why not tell us what THEY are doing!

Earlier, it was just Adams standing there. Now, I saw at least three. I expect tomorrow to see many more! Someone has figured it out.

I swear that Trump said that Seniors are a dangerous group. Why, yes we are! We have our vote, and we are going to kick you out of office in November! So, no sucking up! Too late for that!

I'm not sure I would want to be

tested for the virus. I don't know how bad this pandemic will be, but I believe that the problems are going to continue to 2021. I am so polarized against this fake pRes that I don't want my name on the list of positive results. For all I know, I'll get picked up and shipped offshore to some petri dish of a ship floating there with no port to disembark.

From all the reading I've done, I feel that I am not in the group that would receive treatment, anyway. So, they don't need to know my status. I am quarantined by life anyway. I'll stay away and wait. Except for buying groceries, of course. Maybe I can set up a grocery delivery deal with Walmart. And avoid getting out of my car altogether.

It is way past the point where testing would have done us some good. Just presume that everyone has it, and act accordingly.

We don't know so many things about this virus. Those are the things I want to hear about. Not the knee-jerk crap that Trump addresses. It's too late for that. I want to know what he is going to do economically to keep us from going into a depression. Great business man that he is, and all...
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