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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
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About the infrastructure

I just can't forget it. In the first year of the Trump Regime, he was making goo-goo eyes at the Saudis. It was right around when he was doing that sword dance thing with one of them. Trump announced that the Saudis were giving 1 BILLION dollars to the US for fixing up our infrastructure. He also announced that they were giving 1 million dollars to Ivanka's charity.

So, where is it?

It took Trump a bit of time to learn how to grift with the power of the pRes behind him. The very first time he said something and the stock market moved, his eyes lit up. He hadn't yet learned how to disguise bribes and personal gifts, and I think that is why he announced this money under the pretense of fixing the infrastructure. That's something that wouldn't be looked at too harshly.

If anyone knows whatsup about these alleged donations, do tell. Cause I think it was a donation to tRump's personal pockets.

I am sooo glad he is gone.

Mayor Pete

I believe today, Thursday, is the day Pete is supposed to get confirmed for Secretary of Transportation. He will be replacing Turleman's wife, Elaine Chao.

I am very interested in this. While this is a low-level Cabinet job, it is still very necessary for the infrastructure, and I have confidence that this man will do a good/great job. So, I hope he doesn't get blocked by some Trumpian ahole.

Are we still going to call him Mayor Pete? How about, The Highwayman? Or, Pete Street?

Did this happen to anyone else?

I was happily watching the Inauguration on You Tube, and listening to Biden's speech to the nation. Then, I had a fight with my cat, and suddenly PBS switched to that Rat Trump, broadcasting HIS farewell speech, I guess to his family. I listened to the YMCA song (I took it as a joke) and Tiny Dancer, and My Way (did Elton John and Paul Anka really give their permission for Trump to use their work?)

WTF? I know that some watchers might still be interested in what tRump is doing, and it's not all about me, but I was really enjoying Biden. I regard it as a last FU tRump gave the nation, and PBS fell for it.

Or, my cat screwed it up.

Something funny for you

Here's an article on legislation that has been introduced to prevent Trump from ever stepping foot in the Capitol:


There is quite a dispute over whether it can be done, but at least someone tried. Is this real?


House is adjourned until Friday. Somewhere, I heard that the soonest Mitch would call back the Senate is Friday. But, probably not until the 19th.

The Dems waited to see what Pence would do. Pence could still do his duty on Thursday. Why are they not coming back on Thursday? Stuff behind the scenes on Thursday?

But, but...

Dems never incited a coup...

Peaceful transition?

That didn't happen. Jordan a liar to the end. Revisionist history on display.

Thanks to Dems

I think this impeachment in the House will go through. By the end of day. the Orange Ahole will be the first pRes to be impeached twice. I want to thank those leaders who have the courage to do their duty.

The most ridiculous argument against impeachment is that it is divisive. Four years of Trump divided us. It wasn't our fault. Most of us just want to go about our business without our country being torn apart by a pathetic few. It's been an eye opener, for sure.

The goal is to keep this man from ever running for office again. But, yes, also to make an example of him for anyone who wants to try this for themselves. I applaud the Dem leaders for standing up for us.

I don't know about you

but I am fully divided and inflamed. I will not be soothed until Trump is impeached and gone. The Republicans are crazy.

I think that the manifestation of mental illness is there for Trump, and I think he is a domestic threat.

And, I don't think that Trump called for a peaceful march. He may have changed his tune after the Guard was called out, but I think he did start the attempted coup.

The House was back in session

Nancy swore in two new members. They then had a moment of silence for the two police that died during the riot (one after.) Then they have again gone back into recess for less than 15 minutes.

There doesn't seem to be many of them there, anyway.
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