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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
Number of posts: 4,776

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I wanna say thank you to Georgia

for all your effort to bring in those two Senate seats that make Turtle Man the Minority leader.

Despite all that happened yesterday, your success is not forgotten. The country can now fix what Trump broke without McConnell's interference. It was a nail biter, but you got it done!

THANK YOU from California!

He needs to be impeached, not 25A'd.

To remove him by 25A is iffy. And what will it get you? 25A will be forgotten in a week after he is removed. He plays golf for two years, and then returns.

Impeach his ass. This denies him the defense of "I didn't do anything, I was mentally ill." And, we can keep him from ever holding office again. This is an issue that will come back to haunt us. Start the impeachment process now.

I don't trust any of these Repubs. Whatever they are doing post insurrection is all show. They as a party still put Party Over Country. Nothing less than an impeached and convicted President will impress them. Now is the time, when they are posturing to appear as Patriots amidst the chaos they created, to impeach Trump. This riot is just another part of the crimes he committed. His blackmail over GA votes is enough to impeach him.

So, a request for the NG is under review?


The Capitol Police are epic fails. The Pentagon is considering a request for force?

Notice how the Commentators are only talking about the safety of the Congress, and not the pRes.

I am still thinking about Iran's threat to do something today.

They should arrest Trump. Tell the SS he is now under arrest for inciting a riot.

How far away are we from martial law? n/t

So, he isn't going quietly.

What a rat bastard!

What I don't understand is why the Capitol police so badly underestimated this event, and why they didn't erect something better than bicycle racks to keep these people out.

Where is the National guard?

Well, what happens now? They have stopped counting.

I want all these people arrested. Every one of them.

"A signal to retreat." ??? The cops left???

Well, okay. I guess if the cops left (I don't get that,) no one can be arrested.

Eff you, Trump!


You might not need this now, and it may not be the best, but here's a link to the Count, along with
reports. (I have had trouble with the CNN coverage.)

Music for our days

Something to watch

Make yourself feel better while waiting for GA vote results. Hoping to at least see a trend today.


Late Impeachment

Here is a link to an analysis of the effect of late impeachment (impeachment after the culprit is out of office.)


You can download the pdf without joining.

It has both for and against arguments. It can be done. The point is made, why bother?

I have been following the Plane to Turnberry news, and there are those that say he expects to announce his candidacy for President in 2024 at that time.

This man is not fit to hold this office again. We would be utterly derelict in our duty if we had the goods on him, yet were too lazy to impeach him to prevent this fascist from running ever again.

We MUST impeach him. While he is golfing in Scotland, we need to move forward with impeaching him. We should have Articles of Impeachment written up and filed and served on the two-bit attorney of his choice before he leaves town. Remember the dramatic walk over of the Articles from Impeachment No. 1? That needs to be done again.

If you think that it is not worth it, just remember the pain and fear he has caused you. A little effort today can prevent this from happening again tomorrow. We need to do this.

And to make this clear: We can ask that he would be prohibited from ever running for any office again. This is the main reason for a late impeachment.

Questions about GA election tomorrow

What time do the polls close? Have they already started counting the 3 million mail in ballots, or do they have to wait until the polls close?
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