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Member since: Fri Oct 25, 2019, 05:02 PM
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They just finished CPAC

where that poll they conducted said that Trump came in number one as their preferred candidate.

But, if we get Trump on harboring classified documents, and he can't run for office ever again, won't that cause the GOP to have to pick someone else? Doesn't that push the insane DeSantis up to number 1?

We will still be on the alert, but if that happened, Trump himself will cause chaos in the Party. Sure hope we get him.

Please pray for Anne Heche. n/t

Pardon me, but how am I gonna learn

if I don't ask you?

So, this athlete was running a race, during which his junk popped out and he had to finish the race with his hand over his crotch.


There is a link to another athlete whose junk popped out during the NFL Combine, and he said that it was because he was wearing boxers and not tights.

Okay, so I don't wear boxers or tighty whites or anything like that. Plus, I got nothing down there that can flop out, anyway. So, how is it that a guy's junk can flop out like that, if he was wearing boxers? Flop out past the boxers, and his uniform, maybe out the bottom? Doesn't an athlete have enough experience to know if his stuff is going to show?

And, I always thought that guys wore athletic supporters which would have prevented this wardrobe malfunction. Can you run better without a supporter? And, if you were running, why didn't he just let it all hang out and run with his arms swinging, and fix it when the race was over? It got blurred out, anyway. He could have done that. He didn't win. He's the guy kind of in the middle lane of the track, in blue.

How would you instruct your son to overcome this problem? Make him wear something under his uniform, or let him take his chances? I once had to buy a supporter for my kid, but that was so he could wear a cup (hockey.) I was treated to a parade around the house with demonstrations of knocking on the cup (he was a little boy with happiness in his heart.) But, no one ever talked about anything falling out.

I know that tits can pop out depending on stuff, but girls know this. Girls are particular and have other issues. But, this is the first time I ever heard of this for a guy. I watch a lot of track, and have never seen a runner wearing tights.

I'm not making fun of this athlete, but it did make me smile.

Understanding Insurrection and Sedition


Which types of speech are not protected under the First Amendment?


An article about Ginni Thomas

You might find this interesting:


I would totally issue another subpoena to Bannon.

The J6 wanted documents, didn't they? They wanted testimony? Let's just do that. He thinks he's done. Let's give him a headache, and see if his present lawyer wants to do Round Two.

Trump has no excuse.

Let's pretend that you have accidentally been elected POTUS. You haven't a clue what you are doing but, hey, the People want you. And then, at the end of your run, the Capitol Riot begins. You go and sit in your dining room and turn on the TV. You don't know what to do. You've never been in a riot before.

How imbecilic can you be? If you didn't know what to do, there are literally hundreds of people to ask advice of, aside from Rudy. "What should I do?" "Mr. President, you need to go on TV and tell them to go home!" That's what he heard multiple times from his advisors. (And, that's the way it turned out.)

"Mr. President, call out the National Guard!" "Mr. President, call up the Reserves!" "Mr. President, speak to the Press Corps!" "Mr. President, evacuate the Capitol!" Etc. and so forth.

It just angers me that he was sitting comfortably in his freaking dining room while watching it unfold on TV, doing nothing. People died because of him. Was he eating? Was he jerking off to the sound of the rioters?

This guy isn't fit to be POTUS. He just can't get reelected. He is the biggest mistake the People ever made, and that includes Bush the Younger.

Why does Trump love the evil people in the world? He loves dictators, he loved those rioters who killed that woman, and he loved, loved, loved these rioters that almost overthrew our Government and caused injury to the Capitol police. There's just something wrong with him.

"Mike Pence deserved that." What!? He deserved to be hung because he didn't do what you said? OMG, Trump's a tyrant. And Mike Pence still protects him.

We can't let a Republican back into the WH. We can't let them gain power at the Midterms.

You've been a wonderful pretend Trump. What did you learn about yourself?

Short trial for justice

I have been given and referred to lots of Twitter feeds and blogs regarding ongoing trials in DC this week. I am appreciative of every one of them.

I was surprised to learn that Bannon's trial might be over in very short order. Like, maybe before even Thursday's J6 hearing in the evening. I guess that there is not much to say about charges that he ignored his subpoena, much to his peril. I guess that's why the Judge agreed with Bannon's own attorney that there was no defense.

Today, apparently the Prosecutors asked the Judge to prevent Bannon from turning his defense into a justification type of answer. This is from MacFarlane. That's all he can say about his crime. Yes, he did it, but he had a political reason to resist. That's all he's got. And, the Prosecutors asked that the Judge shut that down, I guess after Bannon's comments after trial yesterday. It's probably not relevant. If Bannon were to prevail, it would probably be because of jury nullification. I guess.

So, I don't know how long it will take to get a sentence. He isn't going to get a long time, because the crime he'll have to pay for doesn't require that. The longest he could get would be two years. His crime isn't comparable to say, the common rioter who gets two months or less for putting cops in peril. But, I would be shocked if the Judge sentenced him to two years.

I am soooo looking forward to Thursday's J6 hearing, but hearing that Bannon got convicted will be satisfying. If he doesn't get convicted, it will encourage all the rest of the rats to fail to comply with subpoenas as well. So, I regard this as being a big test of the will of the People. If they get a hung jury, I hope they go again.

This guy doesn't help himself by running his mouth, but I see no "going medieval" happening here. Does anyone know why he wears layers of black clothing? He ain't no Johnny Cash. What's up with that?

One of the J6 Committee members said

I THINK, that Cipollone is going to testify in the future? I know that he visited the Committee on last Friday. I think that he is the witness that tRump tampered with. I think that these witnesses first are interrogated by J6, and then they appear to cough up their already known testimony. Just like what happens in a real court.

I think that the only witness that tRump would call personally would be Cipollone. Cipollone does have his own council. I think that he got called before Friday's testimony, and that is why Cheney warned off any future tampering. Of course, I don't know, but if Cipollone testifies in public, there's where I would place my bet.

We are still in trouble.

Both these last witnesses testified that this next election cycle is at risk. It's not like we don't know or feel that. We all do. But these guys are like an extra warning that we should heed.

I hope that our Government continues after the hearings are completed to protect our processes and resist this extra threat that tRump The Orange continues to exert over our democracy.

One thing that alarms me is the fact that I see almost continuous public pleas by the Repubs to join them. I do not see Democratic efforts, although one could say that the J6 Committee hearings constitutes that effort. Still, we need more of a presence against Repubs, fascism, and the attacks on our Country.
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