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Member since: Wed Nov 13, 2019, 04:42 PM
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I have noticed a trend in Texas.

I live in a rural county just south of San Antonio so I get the local and state political commercials all over the local news. The usual republican misrepresentations are there but there is something else going on. Every single candidate from both parties has expressed support for health coverage for people with preexisting conditions in almost all of their commercials. Of course the gop assertion is a lie, they are suing to have this protection removed from existing law without so much as a rough draft of its replacement, much less a specific plan to restore the preexisting condition protection.

I could go on about the content, but my point is this: The debate is being held on our turf, healthcare. It is never a good sign for a political party when their offer is "that thing you like about the other party."

About Trump's secrecy regarding medical history.

We have all noticed that he is abnormally guarded about any of his medical records being released, much like his tax or academic records. This was before the pandemic, with the diagnosis himself, he is down right obstinate even in the face of sharp criticism and a paramount need to know.

On the other hand, look how wide open he is about drugs he takes, whether they are risky, against sound advice or experimental. I get that it is all political, if there are drugs the pandemic is not that bad therefore go back to work, fix his economy and reelect him. But the gulf between his public proclamations of his drug regimen and the state secret nature of his health is enormous and the hypocrisy rivals the Supreme Court shenanigans.
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