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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,160

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How To Deal With Trumpublicans - Prosecute Their Heroes That Committed Crimes

Trump is popular with people who want others abused for whatever reason. Most of these people are unreachable. We all have them in our families, and circles of friends. Nothing can be done to bring them to their senses.

Let Joe reach out and try to unite all Americans who simply want a better sensible future. No problem. We have many things that need addressed right away.

Now here is my thought as to what to do to the 1/3 of Americans who are simply insane, and America's future.

Prosecute all the Trump Scum heroes who have committed crimes. Not only are people like Stephen Miller, and Mike Pompeo evil, and disgusting, they also committed crimes. Family separation is a war crime etc. Simply give the Justice Department free reign to do their ACTUAL jobs. Prosecuting all criminals, Democrats and Republicans. Any one of Trump's allies who broke the law, and any other, charge them. Let the chips fall as they may.

We let Nixon get off. We let Bush and Cheney lie us into war, and order torture, and not pay any price. Then we get Trump who thinks all laws are optional, and offered pardons for anyone who broke the law carrying out his agenda. Enough. Time to become a nation of laws once again.

No political prosecutions, or witch hunts. Simply gather evidence and indict anyone who committed a crime. Like it is supposed to be.

Avoiding prosecuting criminals will not do America any good at this time.

As far a the psycho Trump Scum? Let them watch all there heroes get convicted. I know they will be saying it is "harassment". They will be right. Prosecutors always harass criminals. That is actually how it is supposed to be.

If they are guilty, prosecute them.

Like is is supposed to be.

Government of the people by the people and for the people. A nation of laws. Not simply Grifters Inc.

I Will Use A Good Covid Vaccine As Soon As Possible

I don't want to die.

If Fauchi says its ok I'm all on board.

You Want To Just Live Your Life - But I Want A Hospital To Go To If I Get Sick

That's not completely full of Covid patients, with zero IC beds available.

I know it is, was, will be, and has always been about "you" and only you. That's why you believe Trump. You are like him.

For those who refused to wear masks may God have pity on your souls.

I fear Satan may be your new master, after Trump however....

Look At All Those Democracy Hating Trump Scum Protesting To Throw Out Black Votes

Pure White Trash on CNN.

Lookie them!

No way their Fuhrer lost.

He was installed by GOD and could never lose because people with dark skin voted him out.

It just wouldn't be right in their sick minds.

Who is gonna take nursing babies from their mothers arms, and lose them if Trump is gone?

Who is gonna drill as much oil as possible?

Who is gonna open Anwar?

Who is gonna get rid of ALL POLLUTION REGULATIONS?

Who is gonna protect the 1%?

Who is gonna do all they can to spread the Corona Virus and infect ALL Americans?

Who is gonna golf ever day, and not give one penny to food banks with mile long lines waiting?

Their Fuhrer must remain in power.

It's natural order in their sick minds.

Successful Coup Or Prison Trump Only Has Two Options

Which will it be.....

I Name Thee Covigula Trump

So it has been written.

So let it be done.


Somebody Hand Trump A Fiddle And Take A Picture

History demands we give Nero some company.

Two true psychos that cared nothing for the ones they ruled.


I Think Trump Wants To Cause Trouble In Michigan Because

Of the psycho militias.

Maybe The 1% Could Use Some Of Their $50 Trillion Help Out Some Folks Suffering From Covid

Just kidding.

They stole it, and they are gonna keep it!

Mitch will make sure of it......

Who Is Smarter Kim Jong-un Or Kristi Noem South Dakota's Pathetic Governor

South Dakota has a 56% Covid positive rate.

Think about that.


Why is this do nothing governor not in chains?

People are dying, and she is out helping Trump ignoring the pandemic.

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