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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,160

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Trump Gang Is Fighting To The Death To Keep America From Looking At Their Books And Deals

Imagine when non criminals take control in a couple months, and start looking at where all the money went, and to who.

Republican voters don't care if their tax dollars go straight into the pockets of the well connected Republican Filth, but the rest of the country does care about corruption.

Just a good thought I had today.

I think looking under the rocks will be reeeeeel entertaining.


Someone Tell Trump No Soldier Is Gonna Shoot Americans To Keep Him Out Of Prison

Ain't gonna work Donnie Death.


Democracy Or Treason Choose One Now Republican Scum

Claiming vote fraud is a felony by the way.

Trump Is Now Called The Insult Comic Pumpkin

Stolen from another thread.

Too good to pass up.

Stop The Rallies You Homicidal Maniac B*stard - Trump

Since they are trying to spread Coronovirus I think we should be able to take extreme measures to make sure you can't infect anyone else.

Everyone knows you can rally a bunch of imbeciles who have rat brains but.....

You lost you asshole.

Stop trying to kill my family.

You pile of SH*T.

2016 - 1.15 Billion Spent On Right Wing Think Tanks To Confuse People

Their main messages are its immigrants fault, deregulating polluters is great, and taxing the wealthy will cost jobs.


They flood the zone with bs and it is consumed by Republican voters.

Taxing wealth not wages would solve most of America's problems.

Democrats Need A Roosevelt Project - Now

That runs reality based ads crushing Republican Scum so bad the Lincoln Project Members would cringe.

Republicans only care about one thing. Helping billionaires rob us while they pay no taxes, and the corporations they own pollute all they want. Then use their DARK MONEY to run untrue ads attacking our candidates.

Ok, 2 things. Making sure poor people are denied good health care when they get sick.

We shouldn't have to count on Steve Schmidt Rick Wilson and Michael Steele for a good ad.

If Every Forest From Georgia To Maine Burned To The Ground

Would that make a difference?

Drill baby drill right?

Mine that coal!

Windmills kill birds!

No one wants the green new deal right?

Even Neanderthals understood fire.

Americans obviously don't.

This message brought to you from Fire Hell Methow Valley Washington State.

Siberia burns. California burns. Australia burns. The Methow burns.



Are you ready?

Polls Were Exact In Paper Ballot Washington State Colorado Oregon

Just sayyin....
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