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Member since: Fri Nov 22, 2019, 03:07 PM
Number of posts: 2,160

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What Is The Guiness Record For Total Court Losses In A Single Month By One Person?

Trump has to own the record.

I really don't know, but I can't think anyone could possibly lose as much as Trump in this short of time.

It has TO BE A RECORD!!!

Trump Has Made The Guiness Book Of Records!!!!

Loser #1

Only thing that amazes me is how effectively they can grift while they lose in court at the same time.

They must be ambidextrous.

Mark Shields Just Stop It - You Are Part Of The Problem

You talk about America being divided, and we can't start by saying "the other side is evil".


Republicans ARE EVIL.

Who rips babies from the arms of mothers fleeing for their lives?

Who orders prisoners be tortured?

Who denies climate change is human caused?

Who wants every psychopath to own AR-15's?

Who worships Mammon above all else?

Who helps billionaires literally rob us, and wants to give corporations who murder their workers immunity?

You guessed it.



The media should be talking about how evil they are, instead of repeating their Think Tank crafted bs talking points.

(Profanity goes here) Mark Shields.

The Devil Went Down To Georgia

To kill your families, neighbors, and friends.


Nuff Said.....


Ossof And Warnock Should Hold A Debate On Who Is More Corrupt Perdue Or Loeffler

They each choose the opponent of their friend, and then argue which one is more corrupt.

The audience can then vote online.

This would be awesome.

Put some time into it, and make media gold for the ages.

Drill down.

No Holds Barred.

No rules, other than the truth would be necessary, because we are Democrats. We don't have to lie.

What do you think? Would this be cool?

Danie ~

Trump Heading To Georgia For Superspreader Event To Kill Thousands More - Ain't That Great

The hospitals are overflowing, and Trump wants to have a big party of unmasked zombies cheer him as he tells lie, after lie, after lie.

Spitting all over each other when a percentage of them are active spreaders.

Lock (whoever) up. Lock (whoever) up.

You can't make this sh*t up.

America R.I.P.

I don't know how to say it without losing my account here, but this shouldn't be happening.

This is truly insane.

Admit It Folks Reality Really Is This Bad

So I was having a bad dream last night. I had been rehired at Boeing, and was running late getting to work for my first day. I didn't think of getting my tools together, but will tell them I had some kind of problem. I drove to a mini mart to get something to eat, and couldn't find my truck when I came out. Anywhere. I started "going around" from place to place and town to town trying like hell to get to work. I was even flying through the air for part of the dream, but I knew I wasn't even in Wichita, because there were hills in the town I was trapped in. I was also worried my "mental lapses" could hurt me if Boeing found out I have problems. It lasted for a while.... Could never get to work for my first day back.

Then I woke up.

My first thought was Trump is still president, and god only knows what damage he will do to us, including starting wars. I felt like going back to sleep to continue the bad dream.

Man, that's effed up.

Good morning folks.....

(True Story)

Newsmax May Be Deadlier Than Fox News

I don't know what, or how, but something needs done.

They are inciting violence, and attempting to start a coup.

If their "viewers" do crimes, and claim their motive was influenced by the lies they heard on Newsmax, I think they should be sued for one thing.

They are literally yelling fire in a theater.

I can't think the 1st amendment has no bounds.

Tax Wealthy Like Workers Eliminate Deficit Completely

Tax wealth accumulation like income.

Instead of watching Americans starve.

Only taxing "income" is beyond stupid.

Its economic suicide.

Republicans Live In Crazy Town Why Doesn't The Media Ever Want To Talk About It?

One third of Americans believe things that are obviously not true.

I think it is the biggest story of the century, and no one is talking about it.

From the Russia Hoax, to the Covid Hoax. From trickle down to believing all of Trump's 23,000 lies.

Crazy Town.

It is a problem, and we are just supposed to suffer the consequences, or simply die because they don't care about anything but pure, raw power.

It is time every single media person, not on the take starts asking Republicans real questions about the crazy crap they spew.

Where Is The Interference Or Holding Call Refs

Auburn just got screwed.
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