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Member since: Wed Dec 4, 2019, 05:28 PM
Number of posts: 783

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Theres something seriously wrong with Moscow Mitch

I just ran across this tweet...What the heck would cause this??

Oh God how I have forgotten

how much of a man crush I have on President Obama!
His speech right now is exactly what I need to lift me up today!

Im so angry right now

My oncologists office called me last week and told me that my nurse had tested positive for covid. I now have a fever of 100, a little short of breath, achey, runny nose....so I called my dr to see if I could get approved for a test...have not heard back...so I go to the Test Iowa website, do their questionnaire and Im approved to get tested but the nearest test location is over 100 miles away!! I knew that there were 2 locations very close to me so I talk to an online representative and am told that those locations have been closed down....WTF...just as the case numbers are increasing they are closing testing sites???? God forbid that the numbers go up before the damn election!! Im so mad right now!

Since she is a member of this Praise cult

and has vowed to obey her husband unequivocally, has he been investigated as to his beliefs and political and personal background? This is something I see as being very important.

As an asthma sufferer

and watching the video of tRump standing outside the White House for his propaganda event, I cannot help but notice that he for sure is having difficulty breathing. Its just little things, probably unnoticeable to many, but living most of my life with on and off breathing issues, it sure looks to me like he is having trouble. Forcing his chest out to get more air in, slight expressions on his face and movement of his mouth. Its subtle, but Im willing to bet he went on O2 the second he was behind closed doors.
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