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At what point can a group of citizens sue their government/ leaders for endangering their lives?

I just read several articles that said the WH Coronavirus task force has been advising the state of FL for weeks or longer that its Covid rate of infection trend line was unacceptably high AND that the state needed to take more active measures to control the spread. The state did nothing. The state refused to release the substance of the task force's advice for this period but it was discovered by others and reported.

Assuming this is all as bad as reported, at what point can families that lost loved ones recently and those infected recently sue the state/ governor for what is essentially dereliction of duty, wrongful death, pain, suffering, etc., etc.? I have to believe one of the paramount duties of government per the FL constitution is to protect health and safety. Had they no way to know of the danger, no reasonable courses of action as shown by other states/precedent, one could say it was unknowable what the result would be as bad as it is or why. But that is not the case. Just the opposite. I certainly hope DeSantis gets cashiered out like Scott Walker in WI was but this seems to need much more than simple electoral defeat to send a very needed message that there is a cost to governmental/official irresponsibility to those running the show.


Thanks to all that responded. Just read that the guy (an attorney) who has been wandering around crowded beaches and bars in FL dressed as the Grim Reaper, just filed suit against DeSantis for the poor Covid response according to an article in The Guardian. Will be interesting to see where it goes!

Let's own some Republicans

After Biden takes office, maybe a week or so, perhaps he should claim vague illness and hand the reigns to VP Harris. Then President Harris after about another week does similar and hands the reigns to Nancy Pelosi. President Pelosi activates the National Guard across the country to help clean up the mess of millions of Trumpist's heads exploding. Now if only we could get Hilary in the line of succession, we could really have fun!

Let's own some Republicans

After Biden takes office, maybe a week or so, perhaps he should claim vague illness and hand the reigns to VP Harris. Then President Harris after about another week does similar and hands the reigns to Nancy Pelosi. President Pelosi activates the National Guard across the country to help clean up the mess of millions of Trumpist's heads exploding. Now if only we could get Hilary in the line of succession, we could really have fun!

Laughable Trump supporters in DC

I decided that a couple days in DC before making my way from an east coast trip back home to Seattle might be enjoyable in the sunny fall weather. I expected some amount of Trump supporter activity but DC is almost dead of any activity-- few tourists or protestors. Contractors are working briskly on the Inauguration stage at the Capitol building. The Architect of the Capitol's office and the maintenance staff are polishing and doing minor repairs to the Capitol's monuments closest to the Capitol Building and the Reflecting Pool.

All I saw in a whole day of walking from the Capitol to the National Mall, the White House and over to Arlington and back to the CitizenM hotel near the Air Space Museum was a rather rag tag group of cars, pick up trucks and one farm tractor (token?), maybe 12 vehicles in all, with a few American and Trump 2020 flags parked on the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge. I expected that at some point they would parade around but they were there as I entered Arlington Cemetery and after I walked around and returned to the Mall. So much for an uprising of support for Trump.

I did enjoy the dedicated woman near the WH waving a white board stating "Lock Him Up" along with a list of possible criminal charges. All I could do was walk by and say "Yes, please!" In the time of Covid it is probably unwise to have a huge turn out of a crowd for the Biden Inauguration but it sure would be sweet to see the Mall full all the way to the Washington Monument as yet one more humiliation to the criminal Trump.

If Trump is stupid enough to fire Fauci, when Biden wins...

Biden should pick up Fauci for his transition team and have him on TV everyday until the inauguration, if he can. Would be fun to watch Trump and other Rep losers heads explode. Then after the swearing in, he can reappoint Fauci and give him a medal...or two or three. Oh, and a statue! Too bad we don't have National Treasure status for people like the Japanese do.

Does more cases of C-19 in humans mean more chance of an even more dangerous mutation???

Seems to me that the more people we infect the more petri dishes we are providing this virus to mutate into something even worse. Maybe I am being too linear in my logic but wondering why this isn't being discussed? Would love to hear from the scientists on this.

Boycott Samsung until they cancel their advertising on Facebook???

Samsung is the largest advertiser on Facebook-- like $100 million worth annually. If they pull out like Verizon and others Z-berg will really have to start thinking about where he wants to stand on misleading political posts.

When the nurses stand up....maybe politicians will notice

The front line medical folks are getting real tired of facing this deadly disease at rates and under conditions that are completely avoidable.


Is there a reason we don't quit and/or boycott Facebook?

I never got on Facebook or any general social media platform as I worked in military intelligence and knew all too well how small data points that seem innocuous can be massively exploited. My son was on and gave up on it as he saw his info being manipulated against his interests. With Trump and the other massive disinformation going unchecked on the platform, on top of the base data mining FB does against its own members interests, why is anybody on it??? Seriously missing something on my part I guess.

Should Biden form a shadow cabinet now?

I continue to be disturbed about the fact that Prez Tweety is allowed to dominate the public discussion and in such a negative way. Granted Nancy Pelosi and occasionally a talking head gets a good zinger in but I think, playing at his game is a losing approach. I wonder if Biden set up a "shadow cabinet", for lack of a better term, and was very public with the discussions within this cabinet about how he would govern differently and better and how his policies and style of governance would improve things for the average American. He could basically show Trump for the terrible leader he is while showing the country what a steady rational approach to the many challenges we face would look like and project the kind of positivity and hope that good governance brings. It may also offer some hope to our allies and the rest of the world that all is not lost in the American experiment and relationships can be righted in the future.

I would not suggest that so and so is named AG or Sec'y of Ed, Defense or whatever now. More that maybe there is a collaborative group around each major policy area that discusses each important area and how it could be better governed. And that these groups include highly respected outside experts that many in the country can have faith in. While certainly it could highlight capable Democratic pols like Harris, Bernie, Warren, Reich...I would also have Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Paul Krugman and any knowledgeable, respected and forward thinking person even if they would never serve directly in government. The fact that solid thought is being put into this now, and that a Biden presidency can hit the ground running in the middle of possibly another wave of pandemic and certainly its ongoing economic and social consequences would be a way to get more people behind and excited about Biden and what he can bring. I know, 33% or more of the country distrusts anyone called an expert, but doubt that Biden will get that vote in any case. Lets excite and make sure the other 66% get out and vote Dem.

I would not be overly broad with this. Naming every possible issue that any Dem constituency may advocate will just create noise not focus and clarity. I would focus on the big things that the majority of the country is worried about right now:

--fixing healthcare delivery and being ready for whatever Covid brings (supporting frontline workers, recapitalize our non profit community hospitals & restocking the federal PPE shelves for starters)
--ways to get the economy back on track in a cohesive forward looking way (I am becoming convinced there will need to be a New Deal sort of massive public works program rather than just printing money and throwing it around. I'd look at lots of basic infrastructure and a new massive space program. Start talking about this now.)
--solid leadership on public education from K to grad school and ways to not make paupers out of newly minted college grads

I know climate change and many other things are important too but I think that is an overlay to all policy areas rather than a stand alone initiative. Again, we tend to put 300 things out there and rather than creating excitement, positivity and hope it becomes overwhelming noise. Please God let us get some clear thought and positive excitement going!
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