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Member since: Sun Dec 15, 2019, 04:48 PM
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Does more cases of C-19 in humans mean more chance of an even more dangerous mutation???

Seems to me that the more people we infect the more petri dishes we are providing this virus to mutate into something even worse. Maybe I am being too linear in my logic but wondering why this isn't being discussed? Would love to hear from the scientists on this.

Boycott Samsung until they cancel their advertising on Facebook???

Samsung is the largest advertiser on Facebook-- like $100 million worth annually. If they pull out like Verizon and others Z-berg will really have to start thinking about where he wants to stand on misleading political posts.

When the nurses stand up....maybe politicians will notice

The front line medical folks are getting real tired of facing this deadly disease at rates and under conditions that are completely avoidable.


Is there a reason we don't quit and/or boycott Facebook?

I never got on Facebook or any general social media platform as I worked in military intelligence and knew all too well how small data points that seem innocuous can be massively exploited. My son was on and gave up on it as he saw his info being manipulated against his interests. With Trump and the other massive disinformation going unchecked on the platform, on top of the base data mining FB does against its own members interests, why is anybody on it??? Seriously missing something on my part I guess.
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