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Member since: Sun Dec 15, 2019, 04:48 PM
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What would happen if we gave Ukraine long range missiles and they could strike inside RU?

If interior Russian supply depots and their power and other infrastructure got hit, I wonder what the RU people's reaction would be. Will be hard to hide Belgorod or some other major city with its power turned off.

What disappoints me more than that Dems didn't do better, is the relatively low voter turnout

Some places haven't posted final numbers yet as votes are still being counted, and I haven't researched every state, but I can't help fear for our democracy when barely 50% of registered voters turn out to vote when so many key issues are at stake going forward. And that is not even considering the many who are eligible to vote but don't even bother to register. As a veteran who served with the ideals of freedom of speech and a participatory democracy as a key driver to my enlistment and service, I am very disheartened.

Please let me wake up to news that DOJ has charged Trump...PLEASE!

Enough dithering already!
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