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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 2,316

Journal Archives

Do Democrats need Trump to motivate voter turnout for them?


Turn out and vote in every election. Otherwise you could lose your right to vote anytime.

To Republicans Wasting the Taxpayers Money: Shut up and Move On


Since the constitutional deadline for auditing and making claims of voter fraud has long since passed, and all Republican election officials in charge of watching things have signed off on the results, not a single dollar of taxpayer money should go to provide an audit or recount at this point.

The Pearl Harbor Moment of the 21st Century


In the wake of 9-11, decisions made by Presidents Obama and Biden will go down in history as being among the best ever made by the occupant of the White House.

Notice to the GOP: Stop Playing Politics with the Pandemic, or Lose Big


COVID is a dark cloud but there are a few silver linings.

Trump's New "Faith Advisory Board" is Made Up Of Sell-Out Evangelicals


Trump's chief advisor on faith is Paula White, who believes and preaches that God is obligated to honor words spoken in faith, enabling the "faith force" to make things happen by speaking them into occurring. They mainly focus on speaking "health and wealth" into existence. If you look into what White, and the "word of faith" movement believe and practice, it is easy to see why that's the brand of religion that appealed to Trump, instead of run of the mill, conservative Evangelicalism.

And in order to get inside the fence and play the game, Evangelical conservatives, who don't permit women to have leadership roles in the church, and who consider White's Word of Faith movement heretical, have to accept her leadership of his Faith Advisory Board" to get his support for their political agenda.

In other words, we can see what phonies they all are.

There Were No Patriots in the January 6 Insurrection


Not by any definition of the term "Patriot" that we know. Nor was there any "tyranny" that they were suffering. They were just mad that their guy didn't win the election.

What Afganistan Was and What it Wasn't: It was not a Biden "botch" or "disaster"


Yes, this is a little long, but don't comment on Afghanistan unless you know a little background and history. Biden's knowledge and experience kept this from being the disaster that it could have been. He had the disadvantage of coming along long after it was clear the corrupt Afghan government created by the US invasion would never have the support of the people to stand on its own, after the negotiations to exit had been politicized, deliberately placed in 2021 so Trump could avoid the political consequences of it, and after Trump undermined the Afghan government by trying to secretly negotiate with the Taliban and refused to cooperate in the presidential transition.

It was a remarkable achievement and Democrats and Independents need to keep fighting the narrative that this was a botched disaster.

Being Pro-Life is More Than Just Being Against Abortion


It's not a single issue position and being anti-vaxxer or against mask mandates nullifies the claim.

Not Everyone in the Christian Right Has Bowed the Knee to Politics


They might not be as hard to find as it may seem, either.
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