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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 12:02 AM
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A "slow awakening" to the subversion of the church by Trumpism is happening among some Evangelicals


When Donald Trump Jr. spoke at a Turning Point USA gathering in Phoenix in December of 2021, and said, "We've turned the other cheek, and I understand, sort of, the biblical reference--I understand the mentality--but it's gotten us nothing. OK?" that should have done more than "ruffled a few feathers," as he suggested. The message in that statement, along with the entire manner in which Trump Junior, and Charlie Kirk, who is the founder of the Turning Point organization that promotes the "culture war" side of Trumpism, present their message, is the complete opposite of the Christian gospel and the way that Jesus taught his followers to live in the world.

Those words, from Trump Junior, when reported, as they were, should have caused an earthquake shock of horror among conservative Evangelicals who claim to believe the Bible is the "inerrant, infallible, only authority for Christian faith and practice." The fact that it really didn't do that is a clear indication that there's been a shift in conservative Evangelicalism from depending on God's Holy Spirit and written scripture, to attempting to align their mission with secular political interests and become a tool used to win elections for a demagogue.

As a result, a Phoenix pastor has determined his cause is now to lead Christians away from the MAGA cult. In an interview with the Toronto Globe and Mail, Pastor Caleb Campbell revealed that he decided to make wooing Christians away from the MAGA movement his personal cause after he attended a Christian event hosted by Turning Point USA, the right-wing activist group founded by Charlie Kirk. During the event he attended, says Campbell, Kirk misappropriated quotes from the Bible in order to make it sound like God wanted Christians to be armed to the teeth with firearms. "I was absolutely terrified and horrified," Campbell tells the Globe and Mail.

It's about time. Or is it too little, too late?

I wonder if a few corporate donors were willing to set up PACs for some of the GOP congressmen

who are representing very marginal districts, and who need to be more centrist to have a shot at re-election, if they agree to stonewall the agenda of hatred and revenge, and only support congressional measures aimed at resolving inflation, crime and avoid the extremist Marjorie Taylor Green junk?

What do you think is their price?

Two deep red Arizona counties have supervisors who are threatening not to certify their vote.

According to Chris Hayes this evening. They are supporting the claims of election denying, anti-Patriot, anti-Democratic anti-American Kari Lake, who lost the governor's race.

But these are both deep red counties and one of them, Cochise, is where the GOP candidate for US House of Representatives district 6, gained most of his margin of about 5,000 votes over Democrat Kirsten Engel. Legally, county supervisors have no authority to certify or not certify the vote totals in Arizona, that's the Secretary of State's job. So if these two counties don't submit their count by the November 28 deadline, their votes are excluded from the total. If that happens, then Engel would win the congressional seat by about 10,000 votes, two state representatives and one state senator, all Republicans, would lose their races, and almost all of their votes, and the Republican attorney general candidate, who trails by about 500 votes, would lose by over 20,000, and the Republican who was elected state sutperintendent of public instruction would lose about 50,000 votes, and also lose his race.

Cochise County has been plagued by a host of inept, incompetent, corrupt politicians who have fallen into the fantasy land of election denying. They wanted to mandate hand-counting of ballots in their county, something to drag the results out for weeks after the election.

Will Evangelicals stand up for their faith and call out Republicans' agenda of hate and revenge?


Don't expect much.

"Business in the evangelical industrial complex will continue as normal. Until the next scandal. Which is certain to come. Because the lying and corruption is rampant in evangelicalism."--Julie Roys, Could the Meltdown at Cedarville be Evangelicalism's Chernobyl?" The Roys Report, July 2020

It is difficult to center positions taken by conservative Evangelicals on Christian doctrine and theology. Most of the churches, even those affiliated with denominations and fellowships, are independent and autonomous and if they have a pastor or church leader who wanders off the beaten path and tries to build personal loyalty from a congregation around unique interpretations of obscure Old Testament passages of scripture, there is no way to hold them accountable because they intimidate their own church members into submission and there is no other means of accountability. People like Trump's "spiritual advisor" Paula White, or the Tennessee pastor who likes to make headlines, Greg Locke, are actually heretics by the more widely accepted standards of Evangelicals.

But political power has trumped Biblical truth, bringing Mormons to the pulpit of Liberty University among Baptists and other ultra-conservative Fundamentalists who characterize Mormonism as a demonic cult. The lust after worldly power is a temptation that is hard to resist. So it's not surprising that they're willing to compromise sacred beliefs for political gain. Trump, who is not a Christian by his own admission, demands, and gets, their loyalty. Don Jr., at the Trump political organization's "Turning Point" rallies, tells the young Evangelical-leaning audiences who show up to abandon Jesus' teachings, that "turning the other cheek" and "loving your enemies" may be nice things to do, but "they won't get you anywhere in this world."

So as Republicans abandon their constituent's desires to play politics and try to get revenge for being losers, will Evangelicals call them out or will they continue to sell out their faith for political power?

A "Tsunami of corruption"


Of course I would like to give credit where credit is due. The title came from somewhere in the cluster of news reports I've watched and to which I've listened over the past eight or nine days since the election. More than likely, I was doing something else when I heard it, it caught my attention and I wrote it down and went on with what I was doing.

As Americans, we've always thought, and we have been taught, that our constitution is the best bulwark we could possibly have against the threat of dictatorship and extremism. We have naively thought that we are the model democracy, so much so that our approach to foreign relations involves the imposition of our kind of democracy and our values on other people of the world. We've found all kinds of excuses to explain why it didn't work in some places. But we've never really backed off of that view. And so, we have been brought to the precipice of a cliff, closer to losing what we have than at any other point in our history, in my opinion, closer even than we were in the 1850's and 1860's before and during the Civil War.

The crimes this man, Trump, has committed are as well documented as is possible, in thousands of pages of a special investigation conducted by Robert Mueller, and in thousands of pages of testimony and investigation conducted by Congress about his instigation and incitement of the insurrection on January 6th, 2020 and now, in his criminal removal of top secret documents from the White House following his presidency. That doesn't count the multiple cases of fraud and sexual abuse he has settled or for which he has had to pay fines and penalties in his business dealings.

So, in this country, with our pride in our constitution, our democracy, and our idealism, how is it possible that this man is free to announce yet another run for the Presidency? How is it possible, riding a "tsunami of corruption" with evidence in hand, that he is even free?

So if Kari Lake thinks there was election fraud in

Arizona, particularly Maricopa County, then Biggs and Schweikart shouldn't have won, huh?

Waiting on Trump indictments

Election is over. If Trump had been indicted, it would have given Dems an even bigger boost. Do they want Senator Warnock back? This would help him.

There's been enough time. Get it done.

Why is this insurrectionist, anti-American, Fascist being allowed to announce a candidacy for


How does that happen in a constitutional democracy? He's running to be president of something he intended to destroy, and that's bad enough.

But we're letting him do it.

This is what Democracy looks like...to me


If the far right will not hold a lawmaker responsible for mass killings in schools and churches because they've failed to pass reasonable gun control legislation then lawmakers cannot be held accountable for abortions performed under laws that they've passed.

Ruins left behind by Trumpism


So how is it that a group with those beliefs and those characteristics are willing to accept, and adore, a political leader whose lifestyle contradicts every principle and virtue they teach, who is not, by any stretching of any definition they have of the term "Christian," and who has made open attempts to get Christians to change core doctrines established by Jesus because they don't support his way of doing things? As the prophet Hosea wrote in his book, "For they sew the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind." Hosea 8

There's no argument for abandoning the practices and values that are identified with the gospel message of Jesus Christ for the sake of gaining political influence and power. The Christian gospel turns into something completely different when it is imposed by power and influence. Most often, as the examples of the history of Western Civilization have shown us, people use Christianity to gain power and then, when they get there, they abandon it altogether because they have no convictions. And that's exactly what we are seeing in many conservative Christian churches in America right now. Their influence is being used to gain power for people who are very worldly and corrupt. And once they achieve their goal, they will throw everything they don't think they need anymore, including those Christians and churches they have used, under the bus.
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