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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 638

Journal Archives

Here's How Democrats Can Win Back West Virginia

Send Bernie Sanders to do some town hall meetings with Chris Hayes of "All in With Chris Hayes"


Failure in Afghanistan Was Trump's Doing...And I'll keep saying it


The record needs to be set straight. I'll post it everywhere I can.

Go Ahead, Hold Joe Biden to a Higher Standard


The media seems to be doing that. And he seems to be holding up just fine.

Arizona, Once Known For Its Citrus Fruit, Is Now Known For Its Nuts


Legislators like Karen Fann and Paul Gosar fall from the same tree.

MSNBC Opinion Columnist claims Biden's "Obsession with Deadlines" was responsible for the "Calamity"

that he calls the withwdrawal from Afghanistan. This guy needs to be gone.


What today's news headlines should be saying, but they're not


It's not even a matter of perspective. Trump's the demented one, not Biden. Biden is working toward eradicating the pandemic by taking the best advice medical science is giving him while Republican governors have gone off the deep end in conspiracy theories and overuse of the term "tyranny" as their state hospitals are overtopped and people have to drive hundreds of miles to find care for serious problems that aren't covid related.

The best "bad journalism" of the day is actually from an MSNBC "opinion columnist" who continues to grasp at straws to criticize the decision to leave Afghanistan and the remarkable airlift that rescued thousands.

Perspective means everything and it can be easily skewed to make something good look like it's not what it appears to be.

Of course there was no voter fraud in Arizona...but a retraction seems to be in order


The conclusion, when this whole Cyber Ninja fraud started was that regardless of what they actually found, they would report that there was massive voter fraud. They're Trumpies and Q-Anon nuts and facts don't matter. So it is shocking that they not only concluded there was no fraud, but that they actually concluded Trump cheated Biden out of 300 votes in Arizona. So the accusation that they would report fraud no matter what was wrong. OK, I'll take that back while I am ROFL.

Arizona Democrats--recall Karen Fann

Breaking the Filibuster: It Can Be Done


It will take a grass roots movement starting with the most reluctant senators in Congress. Give it some thought.

Supreme Court Rules Mandatory Vaccinations Constitutional


in 1905 and then again in the 1920's, citing the 1905 case.

There must be real consequences for January 6th


For the speakers at that rally as well as for the deplorables who trashed the Capitol.
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