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Gender: Male
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Current location: Chicago, Illinois
Member since: Wed Dec 25, 2019, 12:02 AM
Number of posts: 2,269

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Five Democrats who should be up front and leading the 2022 midterm victory effort


We have some great, articulate, intelligent, highly educated, real, down-to-earth, men and women of the people in this party. Some of them are particularly good at explaining things, motivating voters and smacking down false impressions and lies.

I think the DNC needs to get involved in putting a series of rallies together across the country. Not because that's what Trump does, but I've been at some of those events and I see what effect it has locally. No one does it like Bernie Sanders. I've been to a couple of his, including one in a small town in West Virginia where he packed a high school football stadium bleachers and field and had them roaring by the time he was through. He got more votes in the primary in that county than Trump did in the general election.

But there are some in Congress, both houses, that really seem to have a knack for motivating people in a three minute news broadcast sound-byte. And they need people who can talk to people, not just politicians with a lot of high sounding rhetoric.

YOU, failing to get vaccinated, violates MY rights. Period, end of story.


It's been an interesting week so far, with Ted Cruz getting humiliated by Dr Fauci, and Eric Swalwell taking a swing at the unvaccinated.

There's a greater good to consider here when it comes to "my rights." If you are not vaccinated, you put others, including me, at risk while if you are vaccinated, you can contribute to ending the pandemic nightmare.

This is what good government looks like...


I'm going to keep saying it. Having a seasoned, experienced former Senator and Vice President in the White House means things will get done, and are getting done, that we haven't seen in four years. And I will keep saying it, in the face of media reports that try to make positives negatives and can't resist trying to control the narrative. How do you turn a roaring economy, surging stock market, dropping unemployment and the general look and feel of economic prosperity, along with outstanding management of a viral pandemic, regaining the confidence of the Democratic world, and actually having plans in place to deal with problems into some kind of "disarray" and confusion?

If you blog or comment on them, get out there and put something up as often as you can.

How about some rallies? Get everyone out there, Joe and Jill, Kamala and Doug, Barack and Michelle, and by all means Bernie and Jane. Start on the mall in DC, where half a million can turn out, and get to all the major cities. Let's have some fun owning conservatives.

Being Woke, Critical Race Theory, Social Justice, and other terms taken out of context

by the extreme right.


"THe continued failure of America to recognize the equality of African Americans and dismantle a segregated society is a moral failure."

Instead of labelling things "Marxist," or "socialist" it might be a good idea to actually know something about them and be able to have intelligent discussion. Yes, we have made a lot of progress toward racial and ethnic equality, but African American parents still fear for their sons when it comes to encounters with law enforcement. And the recent trio of court verdicts in high profile cases wasn't exactly encouraging. Ahmaud Arbery's murderers will spend the rest of their lives in prison without parole, but it took two months of drawing attention to the problem to act on his killing and his murderers being brought to justice wasn't a sure thing. In Charlottesville, the organizers of the Unite the Right rally were held responsible for the damage they caused, including the death of a counter-protester. Disappointing that they were not held liable on the federal charges that were levied. In the Rittenhouse trial, the disappointing conclusion makes writing laws important.

Biden Administration to Tap Oil Reserves in Bid to Tamp Down Rising Gas Prices

Source: NBC News

The federal government is taking the rare step of releasing oil from the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to address rising gas prices ahead of the holiday season, President Joe Biden said Tuesday.

As part of the move, the Department of Energy will make available 50 million barrels of oil to lower prices and address the mismatch between consumer demand and supply amid the pandemic that has driven prices to their highest levels in seven years, the White House said in a statement.

Biden called the reserve release the largest in U.S. history, and said in an address from the White House that "I will do what needs to be done to reduce the price you pay at the pump."

The action, which has been in the works for several weeks, comes amid growing concern within the White House about inflation as prices rise on everything from fuel to Thanksgiving turkeys. The release of the oil reserves should quickly translate into lower prices at the pump, and officials will be watching to make sure energy companies are passing along lower oil prices to consumers, a senior administration official said Tuesday.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/biden-administration-tap-oil-reserves-bid-tamp-down-rising-gas-n1284415

This action, along with everything else he covered today, is why I voted for him and why the American people elected him. He listens, he figures out what can be done to help, and he gets it done.

Pay attention, if you're thinking about not voting in 2022. Give this man a more cooperative Congress. Elect committed Democrats.

Louisiana Senator Kennedy Compared to "Foghorn Leghorn" Cartoon


I'm shocked to learn that this guy was once a moderate Democrat opposed to tax cuts for the wealthy and is actually a highly educated attorney. In Louisiana, I guess you have to play dumb to get elected. Apparently everything about the guy is an act, down to his annoying, whiny, ignorant-sounding Southern accent.

We're seriously trapped by media images, sixty-second sound-bytes and, on top of it all, ignorance. Greed and the intoxicating effects of money and power are in the driver's seat. What are we teaching kids in school? Certainly not much in the way of critical thinking skills. Or verbal expression.

What's going on with MSNBC

when Alex Witt picks our an outlier poll to announce that Biden's job approval is down to 36% when there's a slew of recent, larger and more comprehensive polls that show his average ticking up back above 45%?

Is she trying to scare Democrats and motivate them to go vote? Or are they just enjoying the ratings that put-downs and negativity get them. I'd expect that kind of crap from CNN, but I thought MSNBC had higher standards. Even Scarborough isn't pushing the negativity.

Are these Evangelical issues the result of MAGA support, or is it why they support MAGA?


I feel sorry for those within these groups who have been faithful, trusting leadership, and now having to watch things crumble as sharp divisions create fault lines in churches and denominations. If someone leaves a church because a pastor is a "never trumper" that tells you where their loyalty was in the first place. Some of what is going on here, especially the tactics that are being employed. Dr. Russell Moore, the former director of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, who recently resigned to take a job at Christianity Today, describes what he calls "psychological terror" aimed at him because he was openly a "never Trumper." He claims he and his family got death threats. Ed Litton, a pastor from Alabama who ran against a Trump-supporter for President of the SBC, and won, has left his secular political preference aside to prioritize more pressing issues in the SBC, and the MAGA supporting gang has mercilessly attacked his character, searching through archives of sermons to make the claim that he "plagiarizes" his sermons, a claim for which they have not produced any evidence.

Among the new developments, a lawsuit for "defamation of character" leveled against Russell Moore by the former chair of the SBC executive committee, more trustee board resignations at Liberty, and a "documentary" attacking a Southern Baptist seminary and several officers, accusing them of being "woke", promoting "Marxist ideology" (aka social justice) and supporting the LGBTQ agenda.

Throw the mud against the wall, see how much of it sticks and how big of a stain it leaves, is pure MAGA philosophy.

Contrary to the news media, Democrats are clearly not "in disarray"


I don't think I've enjoyed seeing anything as much as the Democratic congressional majority breaking out into cheers, jumping and screaming like they were at a football game, when the Speaker announced that Build Back Better had passed the house. I'll be able to watch that footage for a long time. It was inspiring.

In the football analogy, that was the go-ahead touchdown. Now it's time to put together the strategy and plan for winning the game in November of 2022. I continue to be optimistic about the party's chances. Will it be a blue wave like 20I8? I think so.

They're not asking me how to do it, and that's OK. I think going after January 6th hard and fast, using the courts as much as possible, since getting a 2/3 vote won't do it, bringing criminal charges and putting the likes of Taylor-Green, Boebert, Gosar and anyone else who was directly involved in jail. You can't vote from there. Go after Trump. Even the surface stuff that's appeared in the media makes it clear he planned and incited this with the intention of stopping the vote count. That's going to keep voters away from the GOP.

But win the minds of independents and motivate Democratic turnout. This first year of the Biden administration has been a "Wow moment." Massive, rapid distribution of a vaccine for a deadly virus, getting us out of the worst diplomatic and military mess we've ever been in, made worse by the failed previous president's "deal making" with the Taliban, passing one major piece of signature legislation and on the verge of another, in the middle of a fast moving, forward moving economy. Inflation and high gas prices are symptoms of a growing economy. It's healthy, people are working, wages are up and we're about to renovate infrastructure and make this country better.

It's time to celebrate. And it is time to start the steamroller, ending all this silly and phony conversation about Democrats in disarray.

Better wake up and pay attention to this

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