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Member since: Thu Jan 23, 2020, 03:36 PM
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I'm so sick of individuals being vested with supreme power over vital government functions.

Like Emily Murphy having the supreme power to hold up the presidential transition. And Mitch McConnell having the supreme power to bring or refuse to bring bills passed by the House to the floor of the Senate. And Trump having the supreme power of granting top level security clearances—even when people like Jared and Ivanka have been denied clearances because they pose a threat to national security—and the supreme power to grant blanket pardons and to discard by executive order programs like the Iran Nuclear Treaty, which took hundreds of person-hours and massive diplomacy measures to enact. And state electors having the sole power of ignoring the majority of voters in their state and acting as "faithless electors."

Is this seriously what The Founders had in mind??? Just like capitalism running wildly out of control due to deregulation, the federal government is running amok from unregulated power in the hands of individuals and in one political party—the majority one.

The only "supreme" power in government should be the Supreme Court, and even that has the power of decision-making spread out over nine individuals (ostensibly), not just one.

This is nuts. We need a major injection of checks-and-balances before the next Trump gets elected.

The House Oversight Committee should subpoena Emily Murphy to come testify immediately.

And if she ignores the subpoena, hold her in contempt of Congress and arrest her.

She needs to publicly explain her refusal to formally recognize President-Elect Joe Biden and release the funds needed to carry out the transition to the new administration.

I don't think her excuses would hold up very well against Katie Porter and her whiteboard.

Trump voters get absolutely rabid at the idea of welfare recipients getting paid for doing nothing,

just watching TV all day long, stuffing their faces with food they bought with SNAP money, and not doing any work at all.

"Those lazy, good-fer-nothin' sons-of-bitches! I work my ass off all day long, and they don't do nothin'!"

So how is it they tolerate this behavior from Trump? Doesn't it make them the tiniest bit angry that Trump does NO work whatsoever?

Carrots and sticks: Biden should announce $3,000/month checks during a two-month lockdown.

And if a governor refuses to enforce the lockdown and/or mask mandate, the residents in her/his state do not get the checks. Even Trump's literally die-hard followers would probably be open to the idea of a two-month paid vacation.

He has fired Esper. Can Trump fire the Joint Chiefs of Staff and replace them with his loyalists?

We have learned over the past four years that Trump will do ANYTHING in an attempt to get his way. He has some 70 days left in office, and I am getting a bit nervous, what with Esper's firing, and McConnell now seeming to back Trump's refusal to concede, and Martha McSally refusing to concede, and Bill Barr now saying he will start investigations into voter fraud, and the Trump supporters' Million "Maggot" March on Saturday.

Could he be trying to instigate an actual military coup? I don't want to be alarmist. I hope that other DU posters are right and that this is just to create chaos and keep his supporters roiled up so that they vote in the Georgia runoff. I am just looking for reassurance that this is not possible and we will be rid of that repulsive sack of pus on January 20, 2021.

There haven't been mass celebrations across the United States like this since Bin Laden was killed.

Think about THAT, Traitor Trump.

You who declared that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey were celebrating after 9/11.

So elated to see you lose!

Oh, my God! The BLOAT-US is speaking!

He's proclaiming again that he has already won and that there is fraudulent voting. Thankfully, MSNBC cut him off in mid-rant.

Hate . . . him . . . so . . . much!

Jesus, if you're listening, . . .

now would be a REALLY good time to show up and kick some ass.


A "den of thieves," indeed.

Like so many other DU posters today, I am feeling overwhelmingly depressed and disgusted that close to half of my countrymen and women have fallen under the spell of Donald J. Trump, the GOP (Greedy Old Pricks), and unbridled capitalism.

I believe people vote for the presidential candidate that reminds them most of themselves. If I'm right, oh my God, what that says about half the population of the US!

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