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Member since: Thu Jan 23, 2020, 03:36 PM
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Hey! Craig Melvin on MSNBC just pointed out that for a few hours today we have a woman president!

Woot woot! A historical moment, albeit a short one.

Go, Kamala! And good luck on the procedure today, Joe!

Michael Avenatti for US Attorney General! Oh, wait. He's in prison. But someone brash LIKE Avenatti

should replace Merrick Garland. An honest Avenatti, with the best interests of all Americans at heart. Avenatti turned out to be a loser, but he did have a certain toughness about him that we could really use in an attorney general right now.

And, now that I think of it, if Traitor Trump should happen to be the Republican candidate in 2024 (shudder!), we need to find someone just as loud, just as in-your-face as TFG, and then some. Again, an honest Avenatti, male or female, doesn't matter, as long as they have an impeccable character and can get loud when it's demanded of them.

I love, respect, and admire almost all of our Democratic elected leaders, but most of them are way too polite for the smack-down free-for-all that will be the 2024 election.

After emailing to express outrage over something way back when, I got on Senator Daines's email list

It's infuriating to read these, but also gives a direct window into the propaganda the Republicans have decided to disseminate among their cult members. From this email, it's clear that they're latching onto the "Parents' rights are being taken away!" scare tactic that seems to have won Virginia's governor's seat. Daines also trots out the vintage, tried-and-untrue "Democrats are the tax-and-spend-party!" BS, too:

Dear ____,

Did you know that the Democrats' reckless tax & spending spree could increase childcare costs for YOUR family by $13,000?

That's right--after months of the Left trying to push parents out of the classroom, they're using their spending monstrosity to usher in a complete government takeover of early childhood education and sticking you with the bill.

Their new proposal includes a provision that would block families from receiving compensation for taking care of your kids unless you agree to be regulated by Health and Human Services! This means visits to grandma's house could be audited by the federal government.

This is just the next step in the Biden administration's attempt to control Montana students and insert Washington bureaucrats into the most personal decisions for Montana families.

We can not let Joe Biden and the Democrats become the puppet masters behind our children's education. Montana parents, educators and local leaders know what's best for our students--not the federal government. I'll fight back against this massive tax and spending spree every step of the way.


Senator Steve Daines

The "visits to grandma's house could be audited by the federal government" part was a nice touch, too, don't you think!!!

It's time to start hammering them with the "Republicans want to take away your Social Security!" scare tactic that someone here on DU posted about yesterday, the difference being that our scary things are real possibilities.

God help Montana.
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