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Member since: Thu Jan 23, 2020, 03:36 PM
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Oh my god. I just realized that Repub politicians not only want the pandemic to continue in general,

since that will make Biden look bad, but it seems to me that they also specifically want their own constituents to lose loved ones to Covid because they know that they, the Republican politicians, will be able to direct their grieving voters' anger against Biden and the Dems.

The rising surge in Covid deaths, especially among Republican Americans, is good news for the GOP. The more deaths, the more outrage, which is how they get themselves elected. Before TFG, I wouldn't have thought them capable of such cruel cynicism, but now, I wonder.

They must be banking on enough of their constituents not dying of Covid to still get elected, with the added insurance of voter suppression bills and their efforts to make it possible for Republican-controlled state legislatures to toss out voting results that do not favor Republican candidates.

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