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Member since: Thu Jan 23, 2020, 03:36 PM
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Just watched a very informative webinar on Covid19; includes myth-busters you might find handy

when dealing with anti-vaxxers.

It's a webinar for people wondering whether they should get the Covid vaccine if they have a traumatic brain injury, but most of the information applies to everybody. And it's long, and more of an audio with slides than a captivating video, but it's very informative. If nothing else, the doctor's calm, soothing voice might lull you into a nice nap!

Just google: Butch Alterman Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccination for Individuals with TBI

Or here is the link:


The people who won't get vaxxed are like Jonestown in reverse.

Instead of drinking the Koolaid that will kill them, they are refusing the Koolaid that will save their lives and the lives of others.

They've been so brainwashed into hating the government, especially one with Democratic leadership, that they are completely mired in distrust of the vaccines and their proud refusal to wear a mask. Evidence of the vaccine's effectiveness or the effectiveness of wearing a mask be damned.

Of course, there are a lot of differences, too. At Jonestown, there were people who were forced at gunpoint to take the poison, and some who fled into the jungle to escape. And Jim Jones committed suicide along with his followers, whereas Trump and family were at the front of the line to get the life-saving vaccine. Plus, Jonestown was isolated, and their "sickness" was not something that could spread to others.

I think at this point, the only thing that might convince them they should get vaccinated is to have a loved one die from Covid. But even then, there will be those who refuse to believe it was Covid that killed them, or will choose to see their loved one's death as God's will.

If you're on Obamacare like me, call Healthcare.gov to see if you can lower your monthly premium

The number is 1-800-318-2596, or go to the Healthcare.gov website for more information.

I called yesterday and was able to lower the monthly premium for myself and my husband. Every little bit helps.

From the Kaiser Family Foundation website:

The March 2021 COVID-19 relief legislation, the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), extends eligibility for ACA health insurance subsidies to people buying their own health coverage on the Marketplace who have incomes over 400% of poverty. The law also increases the amount of financial assistance for people at lower incomes who were already eligible under the ACA. Both provisions are temporary, lasting for two years, retroactive to January 1, 2021. A more detailed explanation of these enhanced and expanded subsidies and other coverage provisions of the ARPA can be found here, and an earlier analysis and interactive comparison of ARPA and ACA subsidies can be found here.

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