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Member since: Thu Jan 23, 2020, 03:36 PM
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I guess Republicans don't realize that with all of their baseless, brazen voter suppression laws

they're trying to pass and have actually passed, that they are only fueling Democratic outrage and making it more likely that we will, once again, show up in droves to vote in 2022. Thanks, GQP, for ginning up our base!

An observation about the "great unmasked masses"!

Since getting my 2nd dose of Moderna, I've been a bit more comfortable making forays out into our Covid-ridden world. I'm still wearing a mask, still maintaining distance, still going to stores when they first open to avoid their busy times, and still not eating indoors at restaurants. But nevertheless, I feel more at ease, thanks to being fully vaxxed and still taking all of these precautions.

But what I've noticed is how easy it is to tell the Democratic folks from the Trump humpers now that our state has started (foolishly) doing away with mask restrictions.

The Democrats are the ones still wearing masks and they are noticeably cheerful, probably because they are also fully vaxxed and feeling safer and more optimistic, like me!

The Trump humpers are maskless (of course) and have this sullen expression of grim resentment and anger, as evidenced by the stink eye they often throw toward us "maskies."

And I think (and hope!) that those of us who are masked and vaxxed are starting to outnumber the maskless and unvaxxed crowd, because I used to sense more of an attitude of condescension and derision coming from them. Now they just seem to be quietly seething to themselves.

I'm overgeneralizing for sure, but just something I picked up on during my last couple of excursions.
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