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Member since: Thu Jan 23, 2020, 03:36 PM
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The inhumanely trafficked immigrants shipped by Abbott/DeSantis should be fast-tracked into

becoming naturalized American citizens. And throughout the process, they should be reminded over and over again that it is Democrats welcoming them with open arms to this country, not the Republicans who shipped them around like cattle.

Do extensive background checks, of course.

And I know that the Repubes will jump up and down screaming, "See?! See????!!!! Open-border Democrats! Open-border Democrats!" But I say let 'em. We will have recruited thousands of newly hatched proud American Democrat voters.

As added punishment, the domestic terrorists who are found guilty of attempting to overthrow the

government on January 6 should be put on the DHS/FBI "No Fly List." This should especially include all Republican Congress members found to have helped in the planning of that act of domestic terrorism.

Not being allowed to fly within the US or internationally would put a bit of a crimp in their campaigning next time they are up for reelection.

Appreciation thread for Montana's Monica Tranel, candidate for MT's new Western District for

the US House of Representatives! Thank you, Monica, and thank you to all those who worked on Monica's campaign and who donated to her campaign.

Monica is EVERYTHING her opponent Ryan Zinke is not: hardworking (she campaigned in every county, while Zinke kicked back, smugly confident he would win in deep-red Montana); honest (unlike Zinke with his 18 federal investigations and ultimate resignation as US secretary of the interior); and dedicated to serving all Montanans (unlike Zinke who will, undoubtedly, now find new and creative ways to enrich himself and his ultra-rich donors at the expense of taxpayers and to shape policies in Montana to benefit rich, out-of-state property owners).

She fought the good fight and has given us all the hope of flipping Montana blue in the not-too-distant future!

Thank you SO MUCH, Monica!

Here is Monica's truly moving concession speech in which she does not pull any punches about Ryan Zinke and his shameful record of abuse of power and his betrayal of public trust:


Remember Stinky Zinke, the corrupt interior secretary? Please help Monica Tranel defeat him!

I recently attended a fundraising event for Democratic candidate Monica Tranel, who is running for Montana's brand new seat in the US House of Representatives. In short, she is wonderful: intelligent and articulate, warm and kind, a strong woman of great integrity and character. Tranel is a Montana-born-and-raised attorney with experience taking on huge corporations. (She is also a two-time Olympian.)

Monica is running against the truly evil Ryan Zinke, who was forced to resign from the Trump administration—for ethics violations!!! I mean, how bad do you have to be to have to resign from the Trump administration?!

To cut to the chase, here is the link to her website's ActBlue donations page:


She really needs all the help she can get! The DNC is doing political triage, apparently, and has written off Montana as unwinnable. They have contributed NOTHING to her campaign. About 78 percent (I think that's the number) of her fundraising has been from Montana citizens. Only 8 percent (again, I think that's the number) of Ryan Zinke's campaign funds, on the other hand, have come from Montana citizens. The other 92 percent has come from corporate donors, such as the oil industry.

Please help if you can! Thank you for reading! The rest of my post explains a bit why Zinke must be defeated. And by the way, I am not in any way affiliated with Monica's campaign. I am just a Montana voter who is over-the-top impressed with Monica and who wants very badly to see Zinke soundly defeated.

Here is one of Monica's youtube ads:


To refresh your memory, Ryan Zinke is the jackass who first embarrassed all Montanans by riding a horse named "Tonto" to his first day of work as interior secretary.

On his first full day in office, Zinke lifted the ban on using lead in ammunition for hunting, which President Obama had put in place. And he continued his assault on environmental for the duration of his time in office, prompting Nancy Pelosi to say:

“Zinke has been a shameless handmaiden for the special interests. His staggering ethical abuses have delivered a serious and lasting blow to America’s public lands, environment, clean air and clean water."


In his short time in office, eighteen federal investigations were opened on Zinke! When the Inspector General of the Interior Department (Zinke's own department!) referred one of these investigations to the Department of Justice, Zinke was forced to resign:

Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke violated ethics obligations in his land dealings with a Halliburton executive, the Interior Department’s internal watchdog said in a report released Wednesday.

The report from the department’s inspector general confirms a series of issues POLITICO brought to light in 2018 during Zinke’s tenure as former President Donald Trump’s Interior Secretary. These issues include Zinke’s attempts to aid Halliburton’s then-chair David Lesar and other developers in creating a commercial development known as 95 Karrow on land adjacent to a vacant lot in Montana that Zinke controlled through a family-run nonprofit foundation, a deal that would have led to Zinke potentially running a microbrewery on the site.


Zinke was also investigated for blocking two native tribes from constructing a casino in Connecticut after he was lobbied by MGM Resorts International.

The Interior Department’s internal watchdog said former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke lied to investigators who were probing whether he wrongly blocked two native tribes from opening a casino in Connecticut in 2017 — and that he pressed the office to postpone Wednesday’s report until after the November election that he is hoping will return him to Congress.

The results of the inspector general’s investigation, which began after POLITICO reported lobbyists and Nevada lawmakers pressured Zinke to reject the casino despite an approval recommendation from agency analysts, comes as Zinke is running for a Montana congressional seat. And it follows an IG report in February that found Zinke had also not been honest in explaining his actions relating to a personal real estate deal he was negotiating while head of Interior with the then-chairman of oilfield services company Halliburton.

Could Speaker Pelosi sue Trump for reckless endangerment for sending the armed mob to the Capitol?

Don't know how the law works, but a quick googling showed that a conviction could lead to up to seven years in prison.

Plenty of codefendants to throw into the mix, too: Fox News, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Facebook, Twitter . . . too many to list.

Would also love to see her punch him in the face, too.

New (to me) website and blog article: "Pentagon Joins DHS in Destroying Potential J6 Evidence"

The website is National Security Archives. Their blog is called "Unredacted," which is where the article on the Pentagon destroying evidence is located.

An excerpt:

The Pentagon has joined the Department of Homeland Security in destroying potential evidence related to the January 6 Capitol attack. Open government organization American Oversight posted court records related to its FOIA lawsuit for DoD January 6 records on its website, and the records indicate that the Pentagon “wiped” government-issued phones for senior officials that were in charge of mobilizing the National Guard’s response to the insurrection. The Washington Post reports that the erasure impacts the phone records of numerous senior officials, including then-acting defense secretary Christopher C. Miller and then-Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy.

The court records indicate that the erasure is in keeping with DoD and Army policy for employees who have left the agency. An investigation of the Pentagon’s records retention schedules will help verify this claim, which, if true, is an egregious oversight that may impact the January 6 committee’s investigation. It would also put further pressure on the National Archives and Records Administration to do a more thorough job vetting agency records retention schedules.


The website also has an article stating that while Nixon was in Moscow in 1959, he was subjected to doses of radiation at his hotel.

Anyway, just came across this website this morning and thought I'd share.

DeSatan's immigrant stunt is not just red meat for the MAGAs. It's also a distraction from the

flood of damning evidence that the leader of the Republican Party, Traitor Trump, stole top-secret documents from the United States and probably sold them to Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The stunt also distracts from the wildly unpopular GOP travesty of overturning Roe v. Wade.

And it also serves to overshadow the giant accomplishments that Biden has racked up just in the last week.

But I do agree that DeSatan and Abbott's main motivation is to bring the immigration issue to the forefront before the midterms to try to make Biden and the Dems look soft on immigration, whereas they themselves look tough on immigration and oh-so-clever by owning the libs in this way.

Could the DOJ shut down Mar-a-Lago and clear everyone out of it, since it is a crime scene?

Could they do the same at all of Trump's other properties and conduct searches for the information missing from those folders?

I kind of doubt it or they would have done so already (you would think). But that would, I think, be an appropriate response to Judge Cannon's shutting down the criminal investigation until a Special Master has been chosen and has gone through the 11,000 documents.

Yesterday, before the nuclear documents leak, I said I could wait until after the midterms for

Traitor Trump to be indicted. Changed my mind: he MUST be indicted NOW.

To use Judge Cannon's phrasing, indicting Trump now "would ensure at least an appearance of" our taking the theft and possible distribution of our country's top-secret documents seriously and our adhering to the concept of no one being above the law. As it is, the failure to take action bolsters the Republicans' attempts to downplay Trump's treasonous act.

This cannot stand. He steals 11,000 documents, refuses to give them back, gives some back, lies that there are no more to give back, lies that there is no nuclear information in the documents, but there actually is nuclear information in the documents? And 40 folders are empty?!

The DOJ is likely waiting to indict because of concern over the midterms and worry that the MAGATs will turn violent like on January 6.

If the MAGATs do turn violent, (1) the Biden administration will deal with them, and (2) violence on the part of the MAGATs will further energize our side, plus independents and some Republican voters, to get to the polls this November and vote for Democratic candidates.

Remember when "Harry-Inept the Spy" gave a self-indulgent, disrespectful speech in front of

the CIA memorial wall that honors members of the intelligence community who died during their service to our country?

Trump’s actual speech was rambling, and while he spent a trivial amount of time acknowledging the service of the CIA employees, he never acknowledged the sacrifice the wall represented. Instead, he chose to try to convince a group of highly intelligent people that he didn’t say what he is on camera as saying. He talked about how unfairly the press treated him. He complained about underreporting of the inauguration attendance.

This is essentially the equivalent of lighting a cigarette off the eternal flame at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.


Trump's theft, mishandling, and probable sale of top secret documents that could result in even more deaths of members of the intelligence community is more proof that he has no love for our country or respect for people who risk and sacrifice their lives for all of us.

What additional proof do his idiot cult members need before they understand that Trump is the greatest threat to the United States since Osama bin Laden? (Yup, I went there.)
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