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Member since: Thu Jan 23, 2020, 03:36 PM
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With the debt ceiling fiasco, Repubes are playing their favorite game: Pin the Blame on the Donkey.

They want the US to default and the US economy to tank so that they can point their grubby fingers at Biden and say, "Look! Biden wrecked the economy!"

So they are making ludicrously unreasonable demands that Biden won't agree to so that they can whine, "Look! Biden won't negotiate!"

That's why Biden, rather than taking the 14th Amendment route, is making it clear that he is more than willing to negotiate, turning their game into Pin the Blame on the Elephant, a much larger and more fault-worthy target, with apologies to actual elephants everywhere.

Then if Biden does use the 14th Amendment, he will be able to show that he had to do so as a last resort, thanks to the game-playing Repubes, who would not negotiate in good faith.

You know what? The Republicans' #1 tactic of scaring the bejesus out of people is working . . .

on us Dems! The CNN town hall for the rapist ex-"president" is as frightening as anything I've seen coming from the right in the last six years.

Way to get out the Democratic vote, GOP, CNN, and all Trump-humping media! If you keep trotting out Trump, you will not only gin up your base, but will also scare the pants off of Democratic voters and ensure very few of us stay home on Election Day 2024.

I think CNN hosted the town hall not just for tonight's ratings, but for ratings for the next two

years and beyond, if the twice-impeached, rapist ex-"president" manages to get his fat ass elected again—shudder.

CNN is hoping beyond hope for a Biden-Trump rematch. It would be like Rocky Balboa versus Apollo Creep.

Oh, and also, they hosted him because we're descending into a fascist state, helped along by right-wing media like CNN and Fox and the American oligarchy.

It's telling that NO Republican politicians are criticizing Biden over the near-daily mass shootings

we are now experiencing.

You'd think they would. Anytime anything bad happens, blame it on Biden. That's Republican-craft 101. Inflation? Blame it on Biden. Gas prices go up? Blame it on Biden. And, of course, illegal immigration increases? Blame it on Biden. But they haven't criticized him one bit over this.

Because what are they gonna say, "Why hasn't Biden passed tougher gun laws?"

The Republicans can't pile on Biden over this because they know that they themselves are the ones to blame for the carnage. They are the ones sucking up to both the NRA and to their gun-loving base, just to get reelected. It's too craven and depraved for words.
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