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LaMouffette's Journal
LaMouffette's Journal
June 11, 2023

I wonder if Benedict Donald is already pitching his idea for a new prison-based reality show called:

Orange Is the New Orange?

His one true super-power is finding a way to turn a fast buck in any situation. I hope, of course, that when he puts his orange jumpsuit on that he will not be allowed to profit from his time in prison.

Just musing here, since it's still far from certain that he will see any real jail time. Fingers crossed tightly that he does.
June 9, 2023

With the shit hitting the fan and the ketchup hitting the wall, this would be a REALLY good time for

a breaking-news-interrupt-all-other-programming TV appearance by Jack Smith and Merrick Garland to give a serious, sobering, no-punches-pulled statement to the American people on Trump's indictments.

This is most likely in the works, but I think this should be done quickly to counter the Republicans' and FoxNews twisting all this into anything but the truth, which is that Benedict Donald has been indicted for stealing and sharing our nations' most sensitive secrets.

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