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MoonlitKnight's Journal
MoonlitKnight's Journal
September 25, 2020

The debate is a real wild card

Debating an insane person who is running on his own fear of being thrown in jail is a risk. But backing out now isn’t an option.

The expectations are so low for Trump that I will vomit if we see a repeat of CNN and MSNBC praising Trump’s performance because he didn’t shout out the N word or something else stupid like they with W Bush. But then again he could actually do that and spend the rest of the debate denying it and accusing Joe of being the one who said it. Then Kellyanne Conway would say it was actually trumps neckgina that said it and it’s the real reason he went to Walter Reed.

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Battleground state democrat. Advocate of single payer for 30 years.

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