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Under The Radar

Under The Radar's Journal
Under The Radar's Journal
January 9, 2021

DC gun laws prevented a real massacre.

It likely saved the life’s of the congress and senate staffers and Capitol Police. Gun laws should be passed at each State Capitol. Some were arrested for weapons but if there was open carry or even concealed carry permits allowed, it would be a different conversation today.

January 9, 2021

MAGATS must ask themselves why didn't Trump March with them.

Why would he send them into the mouth of the beast to face potential harm and death and Trump is secure with armed guards in a heated room watching the riot on television. Guess those bone Spurs really never go away.

January 9, 2021

How hard will it be to get his tax returns now?

And where do we stand on the Supreme Court ruling on Congressional Subpoenas?

January 8, 2021

If DC had open carry laws? Gun laws saved the US legislative branch

Even if concealed carry permits were allowed. Or how about “Stand Your Ground” laws. What would be the estimated body count?
Now please tell me why these law exist everywhere else.
Gun laws saved the life’s of every single member of congress and the Vice President this week.

January 7, 2021

Terrorism is defined... plain and simple

Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R.

January 7, 2021

Mar-a-lago has better security than the capitol did yesterday.

No fly zone, air space patrolled, coast guard patrolled at beach side, armored vehicles at the gate. Mall cops at the Capitol.

January 6, 2021

Trump is now entitled to the utmost security

...that our federal prison system can provide. I think it is called Supermax.

January 6, 2021

Trump is officially useless to the GOP. Finger pointing to ensue

Full blame for the Georgia losses will go to Trump, Trump will blame everyone else, then with his full humiliation tomorrow as Pence certifies the electoral college votes-will come the destruction of the Republican Party while Trump is calling for his supporters to March on DC.
This is going to be fun to watch.

January 5, 2021

Iran issues international arrest warrant - This must have Trump....

... more concerned and Paranoid than his tax returns being exposed, NY Attorney General, Souther district of NY, and threats from George Lopez all combined.
With Trumps Secret Service detail cut down to the size of Carter, Clinton’s, Bush and Obama’s, he will likely fear traveling abroad too. There will be no more air space clearing, no more coast guard patrol at Maralago, no more Marine one or Air Force one thrill rides. For an international crime boss, he will be quite vulnerable.
I just don’t see how Trump will ever get any sleep. Poor Fella.

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