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Under The Radar

Under The Radar's Journal
Under The Radar's Journal
March 30, 2020

Trump says Putin to 'probably ask' for sanctions lifting

I had thought that Putin should be getting nervous about Trumps re-election chances and push for sanctions lifted before the election.
Putin must be seeing poll numbers that are higher against Trump and he likely change/steal that many votes.


March 30, 2020

Trumps scoreboard mentality- he is losing

Today he held a pep rally lowering the bar for victory at somewhere below 200,000 deaths.
So he blew his first call when we had one confirmed case of corona virus, “it is contained”
Next blown move was a couple of days later when it was “15 which would be near zero in a couple of days”
He was told today to expect 100,000 to 200,000. So he chooses 200k as the bar which is obviously a loss, but if he beats 200k then he has covered the spread...
so he asked the worlds greatest experts what would it have been if he had not acted at all and the response was 2.2 million deaths.....which is like saying “yes I lost but at least I showed up and did better than Hillary could have”
This will just be starting to die down in July, And likely safe to get out the Vote in November.
He has been entirely too lucky, but I can’t see him pulling this one out....even if fish tank clearer starts working

March 27, 2020

Lieutenant General Todd T. Semonite - On with Rachel

That is how a crisis leader behaves. Bull by the horns, ‘get out of my way’ proactive getting it done.

March 26, 2020

Biden needs to stand on his own feet, he doesn't need Obama's coattails

Don’t get me wrong, Obama saved our country and I admire and honor his opinion now, but Joe is running for President, he needs to take the reins. He has the experience that he can hold up against anyone, he doesn’t need Obama’s approval anymore.

Joe Biden consults Obama over choice of running mate


March 26, 2020

I do believe that a Trump's Easter "reopening" is a evangelical bailout

He wants the Churches filled and he will make more statements to that effect as the day gets closer.
I can’t fathom any other reason for doing it other than to get tithing and religious gifts back on track.

March 26, 2020

Tell Trump we changed the world over 3,000 deaths.

That was from 9-11 when we shut down Wall Street for 10 days and air space until we put TSA in place.
We are at 1,000 now from corona virus, how high will that get before he acts?

March 24, 2020

Let's say the markets recover this week....

....getting back all that was lost last week or say the Dow at 28,000, how can we consciously go ahead with the bailout?
If they do......Shit I just can’t stomach this crap any longer

March 24, 2020

Where is the Illuminati? What happened to the one world government?

I mean since Trump has been president there has been no talk of an Illuminati. Or a global alliance or One world Government and economy.
Is it because that there is no way that the Illuminati would be responsible for Trump? If the Illuminati has been running the world since the dark ages, how could they have made such a mistake as Trump, how could they let him screw up all of the World organizational work done since WWII? The world and countries are more divided now than anytime in recent history.
If there is an Illuminati, they need to step up and do their damn job.

March 23, 2020

If Trump feels that this is over, why a bailout?

We don’t Bail our congress for car wrecks, so why
a mixed rhetoric? 2 to 4 trillion for a crisis that is over next week?
Call all negotiations off!!!

March 23, 2020

Where does Biden stand on these Corporate bailouts?

If there has been anything said I have missed

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