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Under The Radar

Under The Radar's Journal
Under The Radar's Journal
July 28, 2020

Trump proofing democracy-democratic platform - agenda

This shall be my contribution to the Democratic National convention.

1. Establish laws rendering ‘Citizens United’ illegal.
2. Define treason for modern offenses and re-establish penalties (lethal injection instead of lynching)
3. Define emoluments for modern offenses and establish criminal penalties.
4. Establish criminal penalties for ignoring congressional subpoenas.
5. Amend the constitution to create more stringent rules for eligibility president and congress. ie psychological testing, full knowledge of the constitution, no hair spray for men.
6. Clarify proper rules for presidential pardons.
7. Strengthen laws and penalties for foreign influence into our electoral process.
8. Create barriers between the independent agencies of government from other branches preventing the political court packing and using the DOJ as personal attorneys for the president.
9. Strengthen campaign finance laws making it illegal to buy an official anything more than a cheese burger.
10. Create a fast lane for disputes between congress and executive branches to get Supreme Court hearings preventing the stalling of government oversight.
11. Strengthen oversight of the executive and remove the power of the executive to remove or influence their own oversight personnel.
12. Create nepotism laws and penalties (Ivanka Trump act)
13. Create criminal penalties for violations to the Hatch Act.
14. Reinstate the fairness doctrine for media agencies
15. Strengthen whistleblower laws and protections.
16. Eliminate the access that lobbyists have to write legislation.

July 18, 2020

If your football team is losing bad, don't brag on the 2nd string.

Trump Keeps Bragging About America’s Covid-19 Death Rate. It’s Among the World’s Worst.


July 17, 2020

Jealous' Trump demoted Brad Parscale for dating Hope Hicks

...says rumor as Internet asks her to date AG Barr.

I hear Kushner was excited about the last camp David trip that Ivanka couldn’t make but Hope Hicks did.

July 14, 2020

Could it be that Mueller is fighting for control of his legacy?

Robert Mueller is taking a stand against Trump and Barr’s “pardons” of a Michael Flynn and Roger Stone and besides his WAPO OPED he seems eager to speak out And have a final say of the investigation that he led.
I hate that he didn’t take this stand when called before congress and played word games to indicate that Trump committed crimes but held the position that he was powerless to do anything and wouldn’t say the manic words.
Let’s give him the chance. Although late, he deserves that chance.

July 13, 2020

I think a constitutional amendment to require a psychological examination for Presidential Candidate

...will pass without too much of a debate, but is it too much to ask for all elected officials to have the evaluations conducted too? How about law enforcement officers?

July 11, 2020

If Trump isn't charged and prosecuted...

...he will haunt the Republican Party for the rest of his life.
With the Republicans distancing themselves from Trump and likely soon to abandon him altogether, he will use his bull horn on social media to trash everyone on both sides of the isle. However, he will still carry the favor of the 1/3 far right wing conspiracy nuts which will continue to split their party, spouting off about how great he was and how he made everything so great again, while no one else measures up.
Like GW Bush, he will never be invited to a Republican convention again nor asked to endorse any legitimate candidate because it will be a mark of shame for so many. For a short time he will do the Trump TV stuff again, possibly another reality show, and will boast of another run for President and leading his cause for our freedom.
It will all look very similar to the lingering effects that Sarah Palin had until the slow fade comes after each personal embarrassment, but this will be much stronger than the Palin phenomenon. Fox will cover him for a while and then begin to ignore him and their will continue to be online reports of his tweets.
Democrats should be able to work with their head to the grindstone unnoticed while the Trump circus continues while occasionally throwing some fuel on the fire with investigations, documents and redactions released, and a few convictions of AG’s, Sec’s of State other cabinet officials, aides and possibly children. To sentence Trump to prison for the rest of his life and therefore silencing him could be giving the Republican Party their cure and recovery from their own self inflicted misery. As comforting as it seems, we may need to think this thing through and not rush to the Judgement of Trump.

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