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Under The Radar

Under The Radar's Journal
Under The Radar's Journal
March 3, 2021

Why isn't Russian Roulette a more popular sport in Texas?

Hell, with a six shot revolver, a player has an 84% chance of winning every time. Those are better odds than in Poker.

I wonder if Exxon will now drop their mandated hard hat regulations at all of their refineries.
Will Texas kick Walmart out the state if Walmart still requires mask?
Why don’t they act like real men and reject their vaccine allotment?

There just isn’t any logic to this shit anymore. Elected officials just have no concern for the citizens that elected them.

February 28, 2021

Someone ask Gov. Noam if traffic lights in South Dakota invade her freedom

...and personal responsibility to decide for herself when to enter an intersection or not. Telling me that I have to stop and wait in traffic is an invasion of my freedom!!

A traffic light is devise used for the public safety of the drivers and pedestrians in that area. If everyone was more considerate of others then I am sure Traffic lights would not be needed. But we live in a society that has a large percentage of selfish bastards who make it dangerous for the rest of us.
For those confused- This is a parallel for government mandated COVID-19 precautions. If everyone was considerate of others and social distanced with mask, sure there is no need for a mandatory requirement.
It is a public safety requirement made by leaders of a society, not an invasion of her damn freedom or liberty.

“ If Men were angels, no government would be necessary”

James Madison

February 27, 2021

We have to get Trump on the witness stand, under the threat of perjury!

Questioned by a team of lawyers and televised. That would end the Trump phenomenon.
He would fold faster the Col. Nathan Jessip and immediately jailed.

I don’t understand how Clinton was forced into a taped deposition for a blow job, yet Trump can cover up a murder, money laundering, campaign finance fraud, election fraud and interference, witness tampering, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice, in sighting a mob into insurrection against the government of the United States.....
Why are we so weak to hold him accountable for anything?

February 23, 2021

Well the great prophets of the GOP have missed again

And the prophets said;
Kamala was due to take over for the elderly, dementia ailing, senile Joe Biden in month after being sworn in as president.


February 15, 2021

What side of the Republican Party will Wall Street support?

With there being a split between MAGAts and Never Trumpers, where will the money support go to?
There were claims that it all stopped after the insurrection, then there were some pundits claiming that McConnell’s post acquittal speech was an olive leaf to the wealthy supporters who are supposedly pissed and the crazy Trump wing. But why would smart guys like Lindsey graham, Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley turn their backs on the money to support anything Trump tells them to?

Maybe the Democrats could recruit a couple more billionaires. I am sure that George Soros is tired of taking all the blame for the socialism and communism that we are supposedly unveiling in a week or two.

February 14, 2021

Get his fudging tax returns for him and his kids!!

You know that there is fraud there. What is the damn hold up? Once that is started we need a Capitol invasion commission to put the entire organization in prison.
I hope that Merick Garland is aggressive. It will be up to him to save Democracy now.

February 13, 2021

I be damn, Trump wrote the closing argument himself.

The invasion was performed by grind elements on the left and right?

February 13, 2021

If Trump's speech didn't cause the insurrection why was his speech required to retract the mob?

Just say it!
That is the basis of the entire case. His speech was a rallying cry to violently attach congress and his Vice President. If not why would his closest advisors and top Republican leaders demand that he send out a message to stop the invasion and go home? Everything else is a separate issue until a criminal trial, which should begin immediately.

February 13, 2021

If Trumps Rhetoric didn't incite the mob, why was Trump required to call them off?

He asked them to leave and they left after the damage was done. That is the power that he has over them which should be evidence to prove his guilt.

February 11, 2021

They finally admitted it- Unity means Biden Pardons Trump

On the Fox segment with Trey Gowdy, Ken Star and KT McFarland where Gowdy was criticizing Trumps defense lawyers, KT McFarland ended the segment that with the typical call that congress should get back to work for the good of the country, and if Biden really wants unity he needs to pardon Trump and get busy.


Another thing that gets me is how COVID-19 is suddenly a crisis that must be taken care of... now that Democrats have control.

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