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Member since: Sat Jan 25, 2020, 08:54 PM
Number of posts: 1,026

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Christopher Columbus of medicare for all


It's over Bernie! Voters rejected you.


I found something very disturbing.


Letters to the DNC.

I think we need to all come write our own letters to the DNC. Here's mine, I encourage everyone to write.

Bernie sanders' campaign top high profile surrogates and staff are pushing a easily discredited rape allegation against our presumptive nominee, Joe Biden. This allegation is being made by someone who has a long history of admiring and praising Vladimir Putin in her blog. In April of 2019 she accused Joe Biden of smelling her hair and now suddenly just as Bernie is desperate for something to happen to our nominee. the allegation goes to full blown rape. This is a repulsive allegation that no decent campaign would lever against anyone without sound indisputable evidence. This is beyond the pale. I am requesting the DNC to bar Bernie Sanders and his campaign from speaking or attending the convention. Thank you for your consideration.


This is propaganda at it's finest.


100's of Bernie supporters harassing Neera Tanden

trying to force her to say something about the false rape allegation Bernie surrogates are pushing. Oh the Irony! Pro woman does not mean you believe an easily discredited allegation but it does mean you do not FORCE a woman who has nothing to do with the matter to speak out! Here is a whole thread with massive amount of his supporters harassing Neera


Bernie is going lower than anyone ever imagined.

His campaign has all his surrogates coming out all at once and in sync to accuse Joe Biden of RAPE! Make no mistake! This is a desperate campaign trying to force Joe Biden to concede.

They are using this woman who says Putin is in love her to say that crap.

Ilhan Omar's opponent is literally running on anti Bernie platform.

Wow! That's pretty bold!




Joe Biden on Bernie Sanders' and debates...


Dear Bernie supporters.. Bernie will not be the nominee

Under any circumstance! Even if something happens to Joe. Something happening to Joe, does not make Bernie a winner!
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