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Member since: Sat Feb 1, 2020, 05:12 PM
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CNN: Illinois reports significant increase in calls to poison control in the last two days

There has been a significant increase in calls to poison control in the state of Illinois in the last two days, Illinois Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike said during a Saturday afternoon press conference.

Such calls included someone using a detergent based solution for a sinus rinse and another person gargling with a bleach and mouthwash mixture to kill germs, Ezike said.

She urged people to not use cleaning chemicals to try and kill the virus.


Has anyone here ever watched "This Country" on BBC?

It's a show that chronicles the lives of disaffected, bumbling and funny youths in the Cotswolds. It's done in a mockumentary style, not unlike the Christopher Guest films "Best in Show" and "Waiting for Guffman".

Anyway was curious if anyone has ever seen it since it's not gotten a lot of exposure in the states. It's available to stream on Hulu for those looking for fresh covid diversions.

The King just said he's going to dissolve parliament.


Iíll go first. Can he do it?

How big is Dump's vocabulary?

The best

Did I miss anything?

What leadership looks like

So yeah, weíre all properly fucked.

The really frustrating part is we almost made it

Like everyone else here Iíve been terrified of the prospect of Trump being in power during a national emergency. Against all odds we almost made it. Sure, his administration has been a malignant tumor. But weíre on another level now.

Tonight's long distance dedication

Time to go, senator.

Is Mike Pence being set up as the fall guy?

Iíve long been interested in theories that Dump will dump Pence in favor of someone like Nikki Haley. A few questions:

Would Haley, or anyone else who fancies a future in national politics hitch their wagon to Trump after what is playing out like his Katrina?

Would Dump be at risk of alienating evangelical voters by dumping Pence?

I think the selection of Pence was done to insulate Trump as much as possible from whatever fallout comes, and because his handlers know heís just terrible at crisis management. The optics have been grim. But conveniently the choice also serves as a ready made justification for dropping Pence should things continue to progress with the virus.

Inside the mind of a Trump voter re: corona

This afternoon I did something that I felt was my duty as a son. I checked in and gently suggested my 72 and 75 year old parents start thinking about making some Coronavirus preparations.

I have long dreaded this moment, put it off, hoped it would not be necessary. But having taken the time to assess the situation over the weekend and dive into it I have concluded what many others have, that yes, indeed, the shit is about to hit the fan.

I told her in the text conversation that making sure they have hand sanitizer, that they should start thinking about preparing more of their own food, and that my dad should start using the treadmill at home rather than going to the Y 6 days a week. In general a little less time in public and constant hand washing.

They also have after school care responsibilities for my niece and nephew who are in elementary school and vectors for all kinds of stuff because of that.

At this point Iím all but resigned to the fact thereís a good chance they get it.

She assured me that they are taking precautions but at the end said ďI really think this will die out when it gets warmer.Ē

This is an echo of what Dear Leader has said. She gets her news exclusively from RW sources, including Fox News which is on their TV even when they are otherwise engaged with other activities about 14 hours a day.

I thought about saying to her that the H1N1 pandemic was a multi year event, or that the 1918 Spanish flu likely started in the summer months, but it wouldnít have done any good.

Thatís because I didnít need to ask the question Iíve been wondering about for the last 10 days. The answer is clear/ She believes this is a plot by Democrats to damage Trump politically. She doesnít believe itís real.

We havenít talked about politics since November 2016 by a mutual agreement so thatís about as far as I can push it at this point. My guess is sheíll come around when one of her friends gets sick and dies. But thatís probably what it would take.

My dad is a slightly different story. He follows the markets closely because thatís what heís interested in. I know he gets his news from other sources because of that and given the impact it will have on the economy Iím fairly certain he recognizes the severity of the situation, even if itís solely through that lens.

Like most people here I love my parents. But as I told my wife if they were to get it and the worst happened, wishing I had made the effort of sounding the alarm will not be among my regrets.

Will there be more results today, or are we back on pause?

Update: as of 5:20 EST they are saying on CNN no one knows if the IDP will be releasing more results today.
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