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Hometown: East Tennessee
Home country: USA!
Member since: Thu Feb 6, 2020, 11:58 AM
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COVID - an interesting way to think of the social distance (knife analogy)

I was reading a live blog from WaPo today. I hope they don't mind if I share it because it is a very compelling image, and might help someone:

This made me laugh in a macabre sort of way: Here's a tip on the social distancing: Think of everyone being armed with a knife. You can be stabbed at any time, but the stabber has to be able to reach you. That means you can still talk to people, but stay away from that knife! Of course, you have a knife also. Don't get close enough to kill someone else!

What if...building codes said your building must be pandemic-ready

Could some of the heartache been prevented by allowing permits for convention centers only if the building could be reconfigured for pandemic? That would've created a network of available spaces with negative pressure, adequate piping, etc. As long as we taxpayers have to support these white elephants, should we not get some benefit?

Ain't hindsight great?

Your thoughts will be appreciated, DU...

TN Exec Order 23 today

Gov Lee updated Order 22 (closes down nonessential/new restaurant protocol) with Order 23 which requires all TN to stay at home unless performing essential.

Naturally, the first comments I heard was "they can't enforce that!" which completely misses the point of the Orders. Effective through Apr 15.

Edited to provide link: https://publications.tnsosfiles.com/pub/execorders/exec-orders-lee23.pdf for 23 and https://publications.tnsosfiles.com/pub/execorders/exec-orders-lee22.pdf for 22

adjusting the CV-19 statistics -- any ideas?

Looking at the doubts about quantity of reported deaths...I am reminded of Emile Durkheim, the great early sociologist. If I recall correctly...he was assessing suicide and realized that if he added the accidental deaths to suicides, he'd get the same number of deaths. Difference is that Catholic countries reluctant to admit suicides would simply code as accidents.

Wondering if similar official mis-reporting is occurring with CV-19. Could we adjust to find a better CV-19 -- add up all the deaths and subtract out the typical rate for time of year.

Just musing but I wanted your thoughts, DU. I think "Suicide" in English is still on my shelf & maybe I'll have a nice read.

Governor of TN orders change to restaurant/bar business model today

Take out/delivery only, statewide. Whew thought they were shutting down Taco Bell. Effective Mar 23 through Apr 6.

(Knox County / Knoxville had a less restrictive in effect since Friday)

Guess we are joining the country's disaster already in progress!

Rathje studied what happens when people buy novel foods

It's a different time now, with the internet and all, but the run on beans made me think of Wm Rathje studies . He was a professor of archaeology (the anthropology not the classical kind) in 70s Arizona. He got permission to study the garbage. During that time:

As I remember, there was a giant crisis with the prices & supply of beef. What was reflected in the trash? Thrown out meat! The academic conclusion was that people bought different cuts and they didn't understand how to prepare them with any culinary success.

Waiting for all those bean laments i.e. not knowing about soaking....time for all you DUers to advise us on your favorite bean-soak advice.

Someone finally taking POTUS duties at the WH?

Just looking for other opinions...

Wondering if White House people are finally taking the reins -- thinking that Pence will be or is "acting President" for important topics. This after in the press conference 2/26 I notice the poor performance of DT, the COVID crisis is turned over to Pence, and that mystery Barr visit to the Senate. Also, at the press conference the actual head of health expressed relief and happiness to work with Pence -- not at all distressed (and that detail surprised the press).

At the press conference, DT came to life with the q&a, and they all had so much fun that the press and DT agreed to do more press conferences. I noticed that this very important press conference announced for mid-afternoon was NOT carried by any over-the-air networks. DT was happy and the others on stage seemed relieved.

My thanks to Washington Post who didn't interrupt the conference for talking heads: [link:http://|

Any thoughts on whether things are finally changing even a little real governing going to happen? Whoever sold to DT that Pence had that governor HIV experience (though I understand that Pence under performed for HIV) was a genius.

WAPO opinion on context of Klobuchar talking with Buttigieg (2/19/2020 debate)


Henry Olsen opinion piece describes the experiences of women in the workforce to understand the different opinion of what happened and what should come next. Most resonant sentence: "Every woman who has ever had to compete with a Pete Buttigieg at work now knows that Klobuchar knows them because she is them."
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