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Hiawatha Pete

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Member since: Sun Feb 9, 2020, 12:30 AM
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My Latest Model Railroad Video

Here is the latest operating session video showcasing my 8 x 9 foot Lionel O-gauge layout and model train collection.

Since I've bought and sold a couple of pieces since my first layout video and shuffled around some of the rolling stock since then, just like the freight cars on real railroads, I thought it was time for a new vid.

Featuring engines & rolling stock from Lionel, MTH, Weaver, Williams, Atlas-O, K-Line, RMT & Buffalo Creek Graphics. Steam, diesel & electric power. Passenger & freight. Over 150 pieces of rolling stock in 10 minutes! Plus structures, scenery & accessories.

See my website at
and my Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYGyqQuqXLIUW6aQPgoyYdg/videos

Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Pete
Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Wed Oct 6, 2021, 12:13 PM (4 replies)

8 of my photos that have been converted into jigsaw puzzles

Hello DU'ers!

As some of you know, my wife & I host a website documenting our travels by train across the U.S.A. & Canada, North America By Rail: https://northamericabyrail.info/

Well some of my photos have been noticed by a 3rd party. Below are some links to some free virtual jigsaw puzzles made from our train travel pics by http://www.train-puzzles.com

They ask us permission each time, so far they have made 8 of my pics into jigsaw puzzles!

Here are the pics, and below them are the links to the puzzle for that particular pic:

VIA Rail F40PH #6406 and Coors Light "Silver Bullet Express" unit #6408 on the point of the eastbound 'Canadian'. Photographed at Jasper, Alberta, October 10, 2011:

Link to the puzzle:

Canadian Pacific Railway FPA2 #4090. Photographed at Cranbrook, British Columbia, August 3, 2017:

Link to the puzzle:

Canadian National Railway 4-6-4 #5700. Photographed at St. Thomas, Ontario, June 19, 2010:

Link to the puzzle:

Meet between east & westbound 'Canadians'. VIA Rail F40PH #6437 is on the point of the VIA Rail's Westbound Canadian and we are in the dome car on the eastbound train. Photographed at Henry House, Alberta, July 13, 2019.

Link to the puzzle:

New York & Lake Erie FPA-4 #6764. Photographed at Gowanda, New York, July 1, 2014:

Link to the puzzle:

Canadian Pacific 4-4-0 #374 on display at the Drake Street Roundhouse. Photographed at Vancouver, British Columbia, August 6, 2017:

Link to the puzzle:

Pennsylvania Railroad E7(A) #5901. Photographed at Strasburg, Pennsylvania, December 27, 2012:

Link to the puzzle:

Canadian Pacific Railway FP7 #1424. Photographed at Medicine Hat, Alberta, July 3, 2019:

Link to the puzzle:

If you'd like, you may check out the rest of my 61 pics that have been hosted by the rail photography website Railpictures.net at: https://www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?userid=63021

Or you can see all of our rail travel pics on our website at:

Hope you enjoy- Cheers, Pete!
Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Thu Sep 9, 2021, 12:20 PM (48 replies)

Canadian Rockies by Rail - On a Budget

VIA Rail's Westbound Skeena, Jasper, Alberta, bound for Prince Rupert
(More pics Below)

Happy Sunday Afternoon, DU'ers! Hope everyone is keeping safe.

With news of the seemingly encouraging results of the vaccination campaigns underway in both the U.S. & Canada, and with the border presumably set to reopen in the not-too-distant future,
I thought I might share some info, pics & ideas for a trip by train through the Canadian Rockies specifically for those on a budget.

There is a relatively little-known train that runs from Jasper, Alberta in the front range of the Rockies to Prince Rupert on the northern Pacific coast of British Columbia.

The train is classified as a remote essential service and as a result it's operation is partially funded by the Government of Canada, which makes for some very affordable fares.
For a $262.40CAD total fare (131.20 per person), two people can travel on a two day journey through through the Canadian Rockies to the Pacific Coast.
There is an overnight stop half-way at Prince George, BC where passengers can overnight in a local hotel (overnight accommodation is not included in the fare but still affordable.).

This train - VIA train #5 & 6, formerly known as "The Skeena" in the timetables - has always been known to the locals as the "Rupert Rocket".

Regardless of the moniker, the atmosphere on the train is definitely "down-home", the attendants are super friendly & courteous, and so are the people in the local online communities which this train serves. It is without a doubt one of the best train experiences I've ever had.

I'll try my best to give an idea of what travelling on this train involves and how budget-friendly it is:

To get to Jasper, AB from the U.S., you can simply drive there - or fly to Edmonton, AB and pick up a rental car at the Edmonton International Airport (we used Avis which has very affordable one-way rentals - starting at $58CAD/day for a compact when I checked today. It's about a 4 hr drive from Edmonton to Jasper)

Once in Jasper you can drop off your rental car & overnight at one of the less expensive options like the Astoria Hotel across the street from the Jasper train station. This is where we stayed & the rates start at $117CAD/night when I checked on their website today. As a bonus, virtually everything in Jasper is within walking distance (hotels, train station, rental cars, restaurants)

Because of the pandemic, the train is currently operating 1 day per week, however the normal schedule is 3 days per week. Assuming you arrived the night before, the next day after breakfast and after checking out from your hotel you then make your way to the train station. Here is VIA's current timetable, the "Skeena" is on pg 19 of 22: https://www.viarail.ca/sites/all/files/media/pdfs/schedules/VIARail_Timetable-Horaire.pdf

It's recommended that you purchase your ticket/boarding pass in advance from VIA Rail Canada (either by phone or online at https://www.viarail.ca ) as doing so is often more cost-effective than purchasing your ticket at the last minute. If you have any special needs or concerns you may check with the agents at the ticket counter. Otherwise simply wait for the train with boarding pass in hand.

In the summer there are two classes on the Skeena, economy & touring. In the off peak season (October-May) there is only economy class.

When I checked, the fare for two people in economy class was $262.40 CAD, grand total, two people, Jasper to Prince Rupert, 2 days on the train - taxes included. That's with a AAA discount which gives you 10% off. Add 10% if you're not a AAA member.

Once onboard the train (which departs at 12:45pm) you settle into your seat and enjoy the scenery & the journey. Seats are unreserved first come first serve. At the end of the train there is the "Park" car with a great observation dome on the second level, and the tail end 'Bullet' lounge plus the 'Mural' lounge with bar & snack bar on the lower level. Meals are served at-seat and are extra when travelling economy class and included in the fare when travelling touring class.

In the off peak season (October-May) the Park dome car is available to all classes including economy, in the summer it's reserved for touring class.

The seats in all classes are extremely spacious, have generous recline & leg rests and have huge windows.

Departing from the scenic mountain-locked resort town of Jasper, AB, the train runs along the shores of the stunningly beautiful Moose Lake, then over the continental divide through the famed Yellowhead pass with views of Mount Robson, highest peak in the Canadian Rockies at 12,972 ft, and on to Mcbride, BC with itís elegant old Grand Trunk Pacific Station, & following the upper Fraser river before arriving at the overnight stop at Prince George, BC.

At the end of the first day you arrive in Prince George. We stayed at the Travelodge Prince George, prices start at $83 night and there's a restaurant in the hotel. Though we could have walked there, we took a cab.

The next day after checking out from your hotel you return to the train station to board the train which departs at 8 am. By this point you are well versed in the routine of the train. This next day finds the train passing along the Nechako River and beautiful Burns Lake, then on to Smithers, BC with its majestic views of Hudson Bay Mountain and Kathlyn Glacier before continuing on its way through the Coast Mountains & along the Skeena River. After a day of spectacular scenery you arrive on the Pacific Coast at Prince Rupert in the evening where a cab takes you to your hotel. We stayed at the Highliner Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre which has great views of the waterfront & harbor, and there is a restaurant in the hotel. Prices start at $103/night.

Prince Rupert has a regional airport with connecting flights to Vancouver International and a ferry terminal with service to Vancouver Island.

So without further ado, see below for some pics of a trip on the Skeena which my wife & I took in 2019.

For more pics, check out our website at https://northamericabyrail.info/a-trip-on-via-rails-skeena-jasper-ab-prince-rupert-bc/

Hope you enjoy!

Jasper VIA Rail Station

CN 4-8-2 type steam locomotive on display at Jasper VIA Station

On board the westbound Skeena meeting a CN freight, Jasper, AB

Mt Fitzwilliam, British Columbia

The westbound Skeena travelling along Moose Lake

Grizzly bear alongside the tracks

Mount Robson, highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, 12,972 ft. Summit is only visible on average 16 days per year.

Coach seating on VIA Rails Skeena

Scenic dome section in Park car on VIA Rails Skeena

Mural Lounge in Park car on VIA Rails Skeena

Bullet Lounge in Park car on VIA Rails Skeena

Travelling through the Rocky Mountains, Dunster, BC

Travelling through the Rocky Mountains, Dunster, BC

By train along the Fraser River west of McBride, BC

Onboard the Skeena in the Rockies west of McBride, BC

Entering a tunnel west of McBride, BC

Onboard the Skeena - in the Rockies & along the Fraser, west of McBride, BC

View from rear of train crossing Hansard Bridge over the Fraser River

Detraining from The Skeena, after arrival at Prince George, BC, for an overnight stop

Our room at the Travelodge, Prince George, BC hotel

Back onboard The Skeena the next morning, crossing the Nechako River

Onboard the Skeena running along Fraser Lake

Lunch on the Skeena

Burns Lake, BC

"Park" car on tail end of the Skeena. Burns Lake, BC, station stop

Onboard the Skeena along Decker Lake

View from the vestibule. Onboard the westbound Skeena east of Houston, BC

Town of Houston, BC

Meet with a CN ballast train near Telkwa, BC

Passing the caboose on rear of CN ballast train

Onboard the westbound Skeena at the Smithers, BC, VIA Rail Station

Onboard the Skeena departing Smithers, BC

Hudson Bay Mountain

Kathlyn Glacier

Crossing a trestle in Bulkley Canyon at dusk

VIA Station & Ferry Terminal at Prince Rupert, BC, on the Pacific Coast

Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Sun Jun 27, 2021, 06:56 PM (20 replies)

Pics from our honeymoon stay at LA's much-maligned Cecil Hotel (& a new Netflix doc about the hotel)

Last night my wife & I watched the Netflix show on the disappearance of Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles and guess what, we stayed there the year before she did in 2012.

I had booked 4 nights without knowing what it was but after one night we decided to get out and checked into the Super 8 on Sunset Blvd instead. We're Canadian & had no idea about the history of the hotel when I made the booking, all I knew is it was very affordable and downtown.

We had arrived in LA by Amtrak late at night so didn't see the poor skid row denizens surrounding the area lining up on the sidewalk until the next morning.

When we checked in, there were all kinds of vivid characters loitering in the posh-looking marble and brass lobby but we didn't feel unsafe and besides, both myself and my wife are quite large in stature and people often take me for a biker anyway with my long hair & beard (had a Honda CM250 many years ago but that's another story)

When we got to our room, the rugs were sticky, the bathroom floor tiles worn away, the beds looked like they were from the 1940s, and we slept with our street clothes on. Never mind the noises from the room next door.

Here are a couple pics from our stay. If you're feeling adventurous in LA I recommend it, otherwise I'd stick with a brand-name hotel.

The Netflix documentary series on The Cecil turned out to be a very good commentary about the divide between rich & poor in general and the serious social problems in California in particular, as well as shining a light on conspiracy theorists and so called internet sleuths.

The view from our room at the Cecil:

The lobby:

The main entrance, sorry for the quality - it was taken from a taxi & is my only pic of the main entrance

Here is the Netflix preview, very interesting documentary.

Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Mon Feb 15, 2021, 01:24 PM (4 replies)

A Complete Video Tour of my Model Railroad 'Empire' - compressed into 10 minutes

Good afternoon DU'ers - Hope you are all having a Happy & Safe Holiday/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Diwali/Festivus - whichever applies!

Since I have a few new acquisitions to my model train collection, I thought I'd share my most recent video showcasing my 8 x 9 foot Lionel O-gauge three-rail layout and my O-gauge model train collection Ė featuring engines & rolling stock from Lionel, MTH, Weaver, Williams, Atlas-O, K-Line, RMT & Buffalo Creek Graphics. Steam, diesel & electric power. Passenger & freight. Over 150 pieces of rolling stock, plus structures, scenery & accessories.

This is the most extensive tour of my layout & train collection rooms yet, however I've managed to squeeze it into a short 10 minute video. Lots of train operations, operating accessories and - IMO - plain old sh*ts & giggles!

Here is the vid:

Plus, for the most recent still images of my collection, see my website at https://northamericabyrail.info/model-railroading/

Hope you enjoy!

Best Regards,

Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Tue Dec 29, 2020, 05:54 PM (27 replies)

Model Railroading - My O Gauge tribute to Canada's greatest passenger train (a short video)

Happy Sunday DU'ers,

Hope everyone is keeping safe. Thought I'd post something for distraction's sake for viewers here in the DU lounge.

Due to the Covid pandemic, VIA Rail (Canada's version of Amtrak) has temporarily curtailed service on some of their long distance routes but has reported that it will resume service on the Vancouver-Winnipeg portion of the route of its flagship train, "The Canadian", as of Dec. 11.

Since it's not currently possible to watch "The Canadian" pass by from trackside until then, I've been busy instead running my own O-gauge version of the train in Canadian Pacific Railway livery - before the service was taken over by VIA Rail.

For those interested, I thought I'd share a short 6 minute video showcasing my O-gauge tribute to the Canadian Pacific Railway's legendary transcontinental passenger train - "The Canadian":

A pic of the set on my shelves:

And on the layout:

One more:

The engines are a Lionel #8365, 8469 & 8366 Canadian Pacific F3 three-unit diesel, and a Lionel #2380 Canadian Pacific GP9 roadswitcher diesel. The headend power is followed by a Lionel #9228 express boxcar, a K-Line "Empress" dining car, a K-line "Skyline 505" dome car, K-Line "Blair Manor" & "Craig Manor" sleeping cars and Park-series dome-sleeper-lounge-observation car "Tremblant Park" on the tail end.

For more pictures & videos of my train collection and layout, see my website at: https://northamericabyrail.info/model-railroading/

Hope you enjoy!
Cheers, Pete
Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Sun Oct 25, 2020, 07:57 PM (86 replies)

Workin' on the Railroad - Attempting to model accurate passenger train consists in O gauge

Good evening DU'ers,

Hope everyone is keeping safe.

With parts of Canada going back into lockdown and with my wife & I trying to stay hunkered down ourselves, as a distraction I've been able to find some more time to enjoy my hobby of model railroading, in particular O-gauge model railroading.

One of my main areas of interest is passenger trains and I've taken on the challenge of attempting to recreate reasonably realistic representations of passenger train consists in O gauge, trying to recreate in miniature some of the great trains of yesteryear based on information & pictures I've found in books and on the internet.

Traditionally, one of the biggest challenges to doing so in O gauge is the availability at any one time of the correct combination of engines & rolling stock, especially in Canada - a situation that has been made somewhat easier in recent years thanks to the internet & mail-ordering, and also helped by no small degree of patience and the fact that for me model railroading has been a lifetime hobby.

Along those lines, I thought I'd post some pics of just a few of my passenger train consists along with some pics I found on the internet of the full-sized prototypes that they represent.

The pics of the models are mine, the full-sized ones are the work of other photographers.

More pics and a video of my layout & collection can be seen on my website at: https://northamericabyrail.info/model-railroading/

Hope you enjoy!

Canadian Pacific Railway's 'Canadian' - Lionel/MPC F3 & GP9 diesel locomotives & express boxcar with K-Line passenger cars

A pic of the prototype's motive power from the Joseph Testagrose collection

VIA Rail's 'Skeena' - Custom-painted MTH F3 diesel locomotives and Ready Made Trains passenger cars

A pic of the prototype 'Super Continental' which used the same equipment as the 'Skeena', by Kevin Dunk

Chicago Burlington & Quincy's 'Denver Zephyr' - Williams E7 diesel locomotives & Lionel passenger cars

The prototype, by Marty Bernard

Canadian Pacific Railway's 'Dominion' - Weaver Class H1B 'Hudson' steam locomotive & passenger cars

The prototype, by Edward J Ozog

Grand Trunk Western's 'Maple Leaf' - Lionel GP7 diesel locomotives & MTH passenger cars

The prototype, by Donald Haskel

Penn Central's 'Broadway Limited' - Williams GG1 electric locomotive, MTH express boxcar, Williams passenger cars

The prototype, by Thomas C Ayers

Southern Pacific's 'Coast Daylight' - Lionel Class GS4 steam locomotive & passenger cars

The prototype, by John West

Erie Lackawanna's 'Phoebe Snow' - Lionel Alco PA1 diesel locomotives & passenger cars

The prototype, photographer unknown

Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Sun Oct 11, 2020, 07:32 PM (11 replies)

Across Canada by Train on VIA Rail's "Canadian" - Another Look

Good Morning DU'ers,

Hope everyone is keeping safe. Thought it might be time for another weekend distraction.

Back in March I had posted some pics from the route of VIA Rail's legendary transcontinental passenger train, 'The Canadian', which runs from Toronto to Vancouver. In this post, I attempt to take a more detailed look at the Canadian by including some scenes not shown in my prior post and also attempt to include more pics with human interest as well.

The pics are a composite of several trips aboard the Canadian in 2017 & 2019 and are from the following pages from my website at:

So without further ado, for those interested in taking another scenic land cruise across Canada from the comfort of your computer or smartphone let's pack our bags, grab our tickets and hop aboard for a trip into the vast Canadian wilderness, past sprawling prairies, glimmering cities, and through the majestic peaks of the Rockies.

Hope you enjoy!

Toronto Union Station & CN Tower

Toronto Union Station's great hall

By train along Lake Simcoe near Washago, Ontario

In the dome car, passing sunken telegraph poles, west of Parry Sound, Ontario

View from rear of train west of Parry Sound, Ontario

Through the muskeg & lake country of the Canadian Shield near Hornepayne, Ontario

Refueling stop at Sioux Lookout, Ontario

Entering a tunnel near Canyon Lake, Ontario

Boaters waving to the train at Redditt, Ontario

One long train. Redditt, Ontario. The consist, swollen by the "Canada 150" traffic in 2017, was 25 cars. Another 5 cars were added to the train at Edmonton, Alberta for a total of 30 cars, making the train a half-mile long!

A friendly attendant welcomes us to dinner in the Dining Car on VIA's Canadian

Coffee Shop in the Skyline Dome car on VIA's Canadian

Passengers enjoying the view from the Scenic Dome section in the Skyline car on VIA's Canadian

Lounge in the Skyline Dome car on VIA's Canadian. VIA Rail sponsors a residency program for young musicians who perform at certain times in one of the train's dome cars and at the stations.

Sleeping Berth Section on VIA's Canadian - Daytime setup

Sleeping Berth Section on VIA's Canadian - Night time setup

Prairies & Red River floodway east of Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg Union Station. Winnipeg is a long crew change, refueling & resupply stop allowing passengers to detrain & explore.

Winnipeg Union Station's main hall

Folk artists Piper and Carson performing at Winnipeg station, part of VIA's resident program for musicians

Winnipeg nocturne with Train number 1

Downtown Winnipeg as seen from the train

The Canadian rounds a bend east of Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan

The Canadian crossing the high trestle over the Battle River near Wainwright, Alberta

Onboard the Canadian, rolling along the Athabasca River in the foothills of the Rockies at the Entrance to Jasper National Park, Alberta

Along the Athabasca River, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Canadian Rockies near Devona, AB

Passing Roche Miette, Jasper National Park, Alberta

Crossing the Snaring River at Henry House, Alberta

Along the Athabasca River passing Roche ŗ Perdrix, Jasper National Park, Alberta

The Canadian rolls through a cut at English, Alberta

General Motors F40PH-2 diesels on the point of VIA Rail's Canadian during it's station stop at Jasper, Alberta

Dome car window wash. Jasper, Alberta

Jasper Heritage Railway Station

Canadian National Railway steam locomotive on display at Jasper Heritage Railway Station

Back on the train, entering a tunnel near Wynd, Alberta

Onboard the Canadian roaring through Yellowhead Pass and over the Great Divide

The Westbound Canadian east of Fitzwilliam, British Columbia

Passing Mount Fitzwilliam, British Columbia

Along Moose Lake, British Columbia

Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia

Passing Mount Robson, highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. The summit is only visible on average 16 days per year.

Exiting a tunnel near TÍte Jaune Cache, British Columbia.

In the Thompson River valley east of Kamloops, British Columbia

In the Panorama car rolling along the Thompson River Canyon outside Kamloops, British Columbia

The Canadian in the Fraser River Canyon at Cisco, British Columbia, at dusk

Hellís Gate Canyon, narrowest & fastest flowing part of the Fraser River

Onboard the Canadian, approaching Agassiz, British Columbia

The Canadian crossing the Fraser River into Vancouver, British Columbia

Park-series dome-observation car on the tail end of the Canadian at Pacific Central Station

Pacific Central Station, Vancouver, British Columbia

Lion's Gate Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia, as seen from Stanley Park after detraining
Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Sat Oct 3, 2020, 11:09 AM (12 replies)

Trying to channel my inner O. Winston Link

Good Saturday afternoon, DU'ers

Hope everyone is keeping safe.

Thought it might be time again to make a short but sweet submission to the DU photography group.

Having since converted in 2005 to digital from my old 35mm Nikon N2020 SLR, I haven't been taking as much B&W photos as I used to (not that I took very many in the first place).

However thanks to the magic of programs like Photoshop and PIXLR, I have converted a few photos from color to B&W that I think came out not too bad.

Title of my OP notwithstanding, I know they are nowhere near the same calibre as the venerable American photographer who took many photos at night and was a master of painting with flash, but here are a couple of pictures from my collection on Railpictures.net.

Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Pete

For those interested, there are more pics from my collection on Railpictures.net at: https://www.railpictures.net/showphotos.php?userid=63021
And on my website at:

Nickel Plate Road #765 on the point of the Erie Limited. Buffalo, NY

Milwaukee Road E70 on display in Deer Lodge, MT

Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Sat Sep 26, 2020, 04:12 PM (17 replies)

Canada By Train - A Short 7 Minute Video

Good Morning DU'ers

For those interested, I thought it might be time for another weekend distraction. My wife and I often travel by train and over the last few months I've posted some pictures of our trips in the photography and DU lounge sections here on Democratic Underground.

This time instead of showcasing still images shot by myself, I thought I might pay homage to some of my wonderful wife's work with a video shot by her, taking the viewer on a scenic land cruise across Canada aboard VIA Rail's transcontinental passenger train, 'The Canadian', which runs from Toronto to Vancouver.

This video is a composite of several trips aboard the Westbound and Eastbound Canadian taken in the summer of 2017 and the fall of 2011. The locations are shown in geographical order from east to west.
For more videos & pics, see our website at https://northamericabyrail.info/

So a big shout-out to my wonderful darling wife, who had the good sense to film some motion pictures while I was taking still images - Thanks HunnyBunny!

[P.S. I moved this video to the DU Lounge from the Photo group as I thought it might be a better fit here since it is a video rather than a still image]

Video Contents:
0:00 Night departure from Toronto onboard VIA Rail's Westbound Canadian
0:16 Bedroom in Prestige Class sleeping car
0:32 Bullet lounge in Prestige class 'Park' Car
0:42 Dome in Prestige class Park car
0:49 Station stop at Sioux Lookout, Ontario
1:06 Through the lakes and muskeg country West of Canyon, Ontario
2:20 Passing prairie grain elevators West of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2:41 Passing Wabamun Lake, West of Edmonton, Alberta
2:59 Station stop at Jasper, Alberta - Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies
3:45 Passing Mount Robson, highest peak in the Canadian Rockies
4:58 Yellowhead Pass, Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia
5:34 Redpass Junction,British Columbia
5:44 TÍte Jaune Cache, British Columbia
6:05 Passing the town of Valemount, British Columbia
6:32 Albreda, British Columbia
6:50 Passing the BNSF freight station in Vancouver, British Columbia
Posted by Hiawatha Pete | Sat Aug 29, 2020, 08:57 AM (11 replies)
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