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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
Number of posts: 5,897

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I have always wanted to write a novel

What do you think about the basic outline for a story: (yea, I know, I am going to need a good editor)

Trump holds on and is reelected. The virus recurs with a vengeance and the economy is tanking; the word "depression" is on the economist's lips. (Trump has his Reichstag Fire) Since he controls the Supreme Court, there will be no "legal" way to stop him from enacting what would have previously been considered "Unconstitutional" measures to deal with the overwhelming medical and economic crisis. One or two Supreme Court grow sick and retire, and justices are soon replaced with young loyal Trumpists.

It becomes obvious that Trump is too disturbed and too damn dumb to actually be in charge of actually running a nation, and he has always been just a front man for some really evil geniuses anyway. A few months after the election some "Liberal", infuriated by Trump's overreaching actions, assassinates the President. That killer was extremely lucky to take advantage of terrible error of the Secret Service. The Assassin is killed trying to escape. The manifesto the killer left on-line infuriates the Right.

The American Brown Shirts load up and go into the streets, on a rampage to destroy the Liberals, and other undesirables, and totally terrify the public with a reign of murder and arson. The government, through intentionally ineffective measures, allows the chaos to reign long enough to scare the public stupid. The government leaders then use the uprising as an excuse to declare further emergency powers to quell the violence. The public is thankful for the actions. The emergency powers include the use of the military for domestic law enforcement. The Courts approve, and their rulings do not include a measure to terminate the emergency powers.

As the violence continues, the military and police begin a violent "counter terrorism" campaign, to restore order and peace, rid the country of the dangerous domestic terrorists. There are roving military courts, public hangings, and other summary executions, mass arrests, and incarcerations to prevent further violence. All of the perceived enemies of the state find their way into prison camps, to await trials at some further time. In the process of halting the terror, the policing forces remove all guns from the society, again with court approval. (they leave a lot of cold dead fingers in their wake) The quelling of the uprising is so violent as to terrify all of the people into inaction and total submission.

I have to work on the ending. Perhaps you can help.

Barr may have to go after Trump

A very timely NPR story:


I propose June 14th be a national day of mourning for virus victims

Zombie Apocalypse

I have read posts from preppers, writing for years about the coming Zombie Apocalypse. If you look at some of the many films and stills of the current "liberate" protests, you see the zombies, and they are coming for you! The walking deadheads.

Florida opens beaches today

Lets just see how quick we can start Coronavirus round II.

Just saw some video of Jacksonville beaches sun worshipers out in force.

The defining photograph of the Trump Administration

should be the photos of the mass burials in Potters Field in N.Y. It is what Making America Great Again looks like.

All of those pine boxes contain, not numbers, but people who were functioning in our society two weeks ago. People with smiles, dreams and futures. The photos break this old man's heart. Never, would I have believed that this was possible in the United States. We have fallen so far, so fast.

Comparing George Washington and Donald Trump

They are very similar in a mirror image sort of way. George Washington could not tell a lie. Donald Trump can not tell the truth.

I guess our Nation has come full circle. Time for us to throw the tea in the bay again?

The aftermath

After this great chaotic event passes over, do you see any long term changes to the psychology of the American People? Any social changes? Or when this storm subsides are we going to be back to business as usual? Will it be that this event, as disruptive as it has and will be, will make no indelible marks on us as a Nation? There are certainly a number of possible scenarios, ranging from very positive to very negative. Will our politics change or become more deeply divided and more firmly rooted. Are we doomed to remain an US and THEM society?

There are no wrong answers, pull out your crystal ball; go forth and proclaim or dream as the case may be.

Warning: never ride in a car with Trump driving

He will only hit the brakes after the car hits the wall.

The science of disease prevention

comes full circle. We have been told for the last two critical months that we don't need to wear masks in public. Now, to help prevention of the spread of the disease, we are being told to wear masks in public. I just have to assume that either the physics of the spread of disease has changed in the last sixty days or we were being sacrificed on the alter of politics and economics. Think back to all of the "medical experts" who were poo-pooing the idea of protecting yourself and your community by wearing a mask. They, including esteemed Dr. Fauci, are culpable in the rapid spread of the disease. Fauci knew, and he should have been shouting the president down. I am beginning to think the old guy is enjoying his day in the sun too much for our own good.

I certainly know nothing about epidemiology; most high-school educated construction workers don't, but I believed then, and I believe now, that he failure to recommend masks was because there were not enough masks to go around, and to suggest that people wear ersatz masks, and demanding that we stay at home would have been too politically uncomfortable for the people in power who were doing their best to downplay the seriousness of the issue. It was a sacrifice of our national health for the benefit of the official party line. The people in control were basing all of their decisions on the optics, rather than the science, and like the officials of Boeing, they were crossing their fingers that the worst would not happen. They based their decisions on what they hoped the disease would do, not on what it was capable of doing; if was a formula for disaster.

I believe that this government thought that they could sacrifice the health of the nation to save the economy and Republicanism. Now, we are losing the economy, losing the health, and we must work like hell to make sure we lose the Republicans. The simple fact is that we can't live with the Republicans in control.

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