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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
Number of posts: 6,274

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Reuters story;


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday said he may declare the coronavirus pandemic an emergency by invoking a law known as the Stafford Act.

From hoax to emergency in a few short days.....The way to fix this problem is to give Trump more power. He brags about the powers he has that people don't know about.

For those who saw Trump twiddling his thumbs last night, I will tell you, it is what he has been doing for the last month.

I am seeing a Reichstag fire on Wall Street. Wait for it.

Trump has indicated

That he is willing to use the full power of the Federal Government, as necessary, to mitigate the health problem.

Here is the likely speech he will give: (just swap a few nouns)


Trump's delivery

Trump's delivery last night, was very untrumplike. I suppose he was trying to appear "Presidential," an act he couldn't pull off. His subdued monosyllabic delivery, without the usual attacks on his "enemies" was a bit disconcerting. I am not sure that it was really Trump speaking, but perhaps some sort of automaton driven by artificial unintelligence. At a time that we need dynamic leadership, we got Trump.

The fool may have come to a realization that the flu is a real issue, and knows that he has no solutions other than to try to divert more of our money to the rich.

Stopping travel from Europe reminds me of the old song, "Too Much, Too Little Too Late." He needed to do something, because he has nothing. News Flash D.J., the cat is already out of the bag. He has run up against a problem that he can't sue, bully, or buy his way out of and he is dazed and confused. He has nothing. We are sailing in very dangerous waters with no captain at the helm.

This is what the people get when they elect their leaders based on emotion.

Make America Great Again

Tax cut? Help me..

In a response to the virus, Trump wants to suspend payroll taxes to boost the economy.

Help me out, I do not understand how this helps people with the illness.

If you are working, you are probably feeling safe and are not ill, and are still getting your normal income.

If you are not working you are not paying payroll taxes so a tax cut helps nothing.

If you cut the payroll taxes without cutting the taxes, it will be hell to pay next April. (after the elections)

What is the theory behind the proposed Trumps tax suspension?

Who is really going to get the $800,000,000 Trump is talking about?

The Economic schizophrenia continues

I am am sitting back with a slushy, a bag of popcorn and some milk duds watching the battle between greed and fear, while the bulls and the bears fight over my pension.

For those of you who think that masks are only for keeping others from getting your illness

I will beat this drum one more time, then leave it alone

This is a headline from a current story from Reuters:

As coronavirus cases exploded across the world, federal medical workers tasked with screening incoming passengers at U.S. airports grew alarmed: Many were working without the most effective masks to protect them from getting sick themselves. (end of headline)

The Government and health care industry is downplaying the roll of masks for protection of the individual wearing the masks because there aren't enough masks to go around. If the gov admitted that masks were an effective preventive measure then people would be up in arms because there were not enough available to protect them. That scenario would indite the government in general and the health care institutions in particular that failed to plan ahead for a pandemic, and we would be demanding the heads of those responsible.

Again, I remind you, look at all of the photographs of health care workers that are in or near the scene of a virus case. All of them are wearing masks and none of them will have been diagnosed with the virus. I will believe the government line when high government officials will visit those sick with the virus without wearing a mask, and then just washing their hands when they leave the area. Let Trump board the cruise ship and meet with the victims, without a mask and I will admit I was wrong. Let them put their health where their mouths are.

I contend that is either/or proposition, either the masks are effective or the health care industry is pissing away a hell of a lot of money on unnecessary masks for health care workers. Take your pick.

The point of this post is not because I am paranoid about the situation. I am cautious but not afraid. What the point is, is that I am just damn tired of being lied to by the people elected to protect me. The truth will help us, lies will not.
We CAN handle the truth.

What does Trump do next

Stock market still tanking

People afraid of the Trumpvirus

He needs a distraction. Perhaps we can go to war with Canada.

Mulvaney says....

The way to best deal with the Coronavirus is to turn off your TV......

In the spirit of Obama Care, may the disease from now forward be known as Trump's virus.

You all know, of course, that this shit is no more real than man-made climate change. It is a continuing plot devised by Crooked Hillary and Nancy to attack Trump.

Someone didn't believe the the DJ

15 minutes to go and the DOW is down nearly another thousand points. Apparently the horse's ass and pony show last night didn't get the desired results.

Edit: Closed down nearly 1200. I think somebody is scared.

Last night's dog and pony show.

Trump timed his latest campaign appearance to preempt the national news broadcasts. Free prime time, complete with self adulation, opulent praise from his number two for the the great job he and his economy are doing, attacks on Democrats. The only thing missing were the red hat crowd chanting "lock her up." I had CBS on one screen while listening to the Trump crap on the other and was pleased that CBS did not fall of it.

The main thing I got from Trumps lackluster performance was that I should not worry about the Coronavirus, as the seasonal flue, which does have a vaccine, is far more likely to kill me than Coronavirus. I felt so relieved.....

I have visions of Pence, in a long white robe, with a shepherds hook, standing on a large rock, on the coast barring the virus from passing.
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