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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2020, 05:07 PM
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What will Trump's parting gift be to the American people?

He has had too much time on his hands, while sitting on them, since the election. You know he will want to strike out as hard as possible. It is who he is. I don't think that the pardons, no matter how distasteful to the country, will be enough to satisfy his lust for vengeance. Hopefully the bombshell, whatever it is, will not involve actual bombs....

Perhaps he should not be allowed to leave the city until after the inauguration ceremony. Even Marine 1 breaks down from time to time

Trump's last minute delima

Watching CBS News this evening, the subject of Trump possibly pardoning those who invaded our White House. If he does that, he will anger the Republican Senators who he needs to to acquit him. If he doesn't he angers his loyal supporters.

Poor old Trump, old Doctor Destructo, such a mess he made of his administration and party by refusing to admit defeat. Such a mess he has made of his legacy. What a mess he has left for Biden to clean up. I wonder, if he had a time machine that could take him back to about November 6, if he would have made a nice concession speech. Naw, wouldn't happen.

His pardon list tomorrow will read like the Whos Who of scumbags and scallywags. I can't wait to see it. I am going to take a few extra blood pressure pills in the morning.

Trump wants to throw himself a big going away Party.

Army Band, 21 gun salute and the rest of the trimmings. I guess us taxpayers will have to pay for a crowd of cheering actors too.
I would have been all for a going away party three years ago, but now, I hope the cannons use live shells.

The Pity Party for a petty, pouting, parting, pants pooper. I promise the tyrant will have at least one person cheering when Marine One takes off. Me! And don't let the door hit you on the way out, asshole!

We finally got our own patriotic hero.

A real winner, tossed out of the Army for going AWOL to miss an overseas deployment. NOW he wants to be a soldier......


I wonder if Donnie T realizes that there are no golden toilets in prison?

I wonder if he knows that the guards don't give a rat's ass about bone spurs. Is he cognizant of the fact that there is no "fast food?" Does he think that he well be fawned over by "high class" admirers? How will he do working in the kitchen or cleaning garbage cans? Will he like being locked up with people who lost family members to Covid?

He is going to get a belated education.

I am a big fan of Parler!

(thought that would get your attention)

If Parler was not a government trap, it should have been. It has laid some of the worst seditionists open to view by the whole world. Investigative agencies, prosecutors and employers will be digging in the gold mine for years. Who would ever give their SSN to sign up to a site that was the discussion board for criminals and traitors?

Right wingers, as a whole seem to be a very paranoid bunch, but at the same time, very gullible and incautious. Thank goodness they are not very smart.

DeSantis is bragging about his Covid vaccine distribution system

I live in a small, rural, county. 45,000 people. Our county is being allocated 200 doses a week. The math stinks!

I just read a discussion "over there...." about a planned Washington "protest" tomorrow

The individual was warning people to carry cash to refuel their vehicles as the ATMs and Internet may be down. I presume that the goal of the "protest" would be to disrupt the Congress from introducing a bill of impeachment. Of course, it could be hogwash, there is quite a bit of male bovine fecal matter floating around over there, but in our current climate, who knows.

"There will be wars and rumors of wars."

Latest from the land of lunatics:

Pelosi, in her questioning of the Pentagon about the security of the world from a spiteful Trump nuclear strike was an attempted coup.

This while they continue to defend the attack and the attackers on the Capitol. Our real patriots......

It seems the standard comment is that the seditionists were "arrested without incident."

I guess none of them own a cell phone, or reached for their billfold.
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