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Chainfire's Journal
Chainfire's Journal
August 28, 2020

Right winger gun forum folks going apeshit over Pelosi giving the Floyd family a flag.

The are ready to string her up over giving a family of a murder victim a flag. The aren't pissed about 25 million unemployed, not pissed over 5,000,000 cases and 170,000 covid deaths. They aren't pissed that Trump is destroying the structure of our government,and replacing it with a fascist regime, but just let Nancy give away a flag and all hell breaks loose.

******* morons.

August 17, 2020

The commercials have become so prolific on the site

that they are overwhelming the ability of my DSL to handle the traffic. They are now popping up over text to prevent even the reading of posts. All of this started in the last few days. Any suggestions? I don't mind donating to the site, but I was even unable to do that because everything was slowed down so much. It took several attempts of rebooting and getting on in order to post this thread before the band width was overwhelmed.

Edit: I am not having similar problems on any other sites...

August 12, 2020

Florida governor pushes to have a full college football season

Two hours after the Big 10 and the PAC suspend season, and few hours after Florida set a new single day death record. What could possibly go wrong?

August 5, 2020

After reading Mary Trump's book

I am longing for an add showing Trump with a bowl of mashed potatoes dumped on his head. I am sure that would make the President very happy.....

August 2, 2020

He got better!

With a little luck, this man will survive and be displaying his death certificate, on the wall of his study in his new mansion on Panama City Beach. I bet that shyster attorneys all over the country are beating a path to his door.


August 2, 2020

Plausible deniability

Is the reason for the blacked-out Republican National Convention. The delegates, voting for Trump, wish to remain anonymous.

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