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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 11:55 AM
Number of posts: 5,109

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The kill shot from Warnock we didn't get

"Senator Loeffler tap dances around the very straightforward question of whether the election has been decided or not. This is over a month past election day. Georgians have cast their vote and I hear you loud and clear. Senator Loeffler, however, prefers to sit idly by while you are dragged through this charade of bogus investigations and sham court cases. Her fealty is with her party and with President Trump, not with Georgians. Vote for real leadership instead of shoulder shrugs after January 7."

Matt Dillahunty - What does the Bible say about Abortion?

Can the fallacy of conservative news be objectively demonstrated?

When it comes to the characterization of past events, it can be difficult to prove the talking heads on the conservative news are full of it. It all gets really subjective really quickly.

However, when it comes to the prediction of future events, it is a much different situation. While nobody can predict the future reliably, it is possible to maximize the times you are close and minimize the times you are way off by basing your predications on sound information to start with.

That said, 2020 has been a tough year for conservative news predictions:

- The virus will magically go away
- The virus will be like the flu
- Hydroxychloroquine will be a significant therapeutic
- Trump will win the election in a landslide
- Sweden is showing the way through herd immunity
- The media will forget about coronavirus after the election
- The Hunter Biden story will be a major scandal
- Six million fraudulent votes will be found in the presidential election (the greatest unprosecuted crime in American history as it sits today)
- The economy will make a V-shaped recovery

This is just off the top of my head. Can a comparable list of bad MSM predictions be compiled? These here aren't just bad, they are dangerously bad. Conservatives have mastered the art of the false equivalence, can their best and brightest possibly pull this off?

So Black Friday was a bust then?

Reports are trickling in that the brick and mortars saw small crowds today. This is no surprise really.

Wall Street seems unfazed by this with the Dow up slightly. So that's a bit surprising, the disconnect there continues.

There could be a blowout Cyber Monday, or perhaps people will preserve their cash right now.

Let's put the United States Electoral College to task!

I say we abolish the Supreme Court, and let the Electoral College vote on these cases. We go to great trouble to form this slate every four years, and they only perform a single function (and poorly at that).

This has a number of advantages over the current scheme:

1) These delegates will only serve for four years instead of having lifetime appointments
2) These delegates are volunteers, so we can lay off the nine justices and recoup all the employment costs
3) These 538 delegates provide their own remote offices, so we can repurpose the Supreme Court building for something better
4) The damage a single rogue or "faithless" delegate can cause is quite limited

The Supreme Court justices have been voting strictly along partisan lines of late, so their votes are entirely predictable. So to that end, we don't need all these fancy-schmancy Juris Doctor degrees. We can task Tom, Dick, and Sally with these cases and get pretty much the same majority rule outcome without all the fuss.

College-educated white men

Did Biden win this demographic in 2020? I can't seem to find conclusive data at the national level, just a mishmash of regional exit poll results.

Hillary's loss versus Trump's loss

Hillary (won popular vote): lost by landslide, key mistakes by campaign, out of touch with America, Democrats need to go back to drawing board

Trump (lost popular vote): tremendous turnout, grass roots campaign, rejection of Democratic agenda, Republicans need to build on momentum

I'm hearing these talking points on conservative news as well as the MSM. Am I missing something?

Suspicious pre-election to post-election news shift

Well we were told by Trump that the pandemic would disappear from the MSM headlines after the election (not to be confused with his earlier prediction that it would magically disappear).

This was a falsifiable statement that is now demonstrably false. The pandemic coverage is clearly intensifying.

So while I remained hawkish on this issue thanks to the watchdogging by Fox News, a bonafide example of an apparently agenda-driven news item came and went: the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Fox News had no less than a dozen references to this story on their website home page in the week leading up to the election. Today, not one.

So was the right projecting on this weaponized news story issue? If the wet laptop really was the big story of the day, I'd think it would be an even BIGGER scandal now that Biden is President-Elect.

I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear

...that I will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Is that what he is doing? Is his oath in any way consistent with his kicking at the pillars of a fair, secure, and soon-to-be certified election?

He is an oath breaker, as are his silent supporters in office.

The worst part about Trump's anti-election campaign

For years there has been a concerted effort to bring out the vote, and every year it has typically been a mixed bag. This year, the voters came out in droves and set records. This was while a pandemic was going on.

There was no significant voter fraud, there was no violence to speak of, and there really wasn't even much in the way of bad behaviors at the polling places. The election was apparently the most secure one yet.

So this really should be a source of nonpartisan national pride, a celebration of our democracy, a respectful transfer of power followed by unity. Instead of that, we have a partisan "contested" shitshow. Instead of that, we have consternation that we live in an autocracy where our votes may not actually count and the specter of SCOTUS intervention is being summoned from nothingness. Instead of that, we have the stage being set for the illegitimation and rejection of the President by nearly half the country.
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