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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 12:55 PM
Number of posts: 4,896

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Least popular elder with Republicans in four years

In my travels in the conservative world, I've been amazed at how quickly Republicans have turned their backs on their former presidents and presidential candidates. In particular, the names Romney and McCain spoken aloud can really trigger the dirtiest looks. In their cases, this seems related to their perceived lack of loyalty to Trump (and the party by association). However, going back a bit further, the Bush's aren't exactly held in the highest regard either. You have to go back to the 80's and Ronald Reagan to drum up anything resembling a positive or nostalgic reaction.

Democrats have done much better in this regard. Obama and the Clintons are still held in the highest regard, although Kerry's name doesn't seem to come up much. Democratic elders just seem to age better.

Looking forward four years, who will be disdained by Republicans looking back the most?

FXN has Arizona called for Biden

An Arizona win by Biden is close to game over at this point.

Why is FXN out in front of CNN on this?


I Believe - Joe Satriani

This is Satch's uplifting hope and change song.

Lindsey Graham's sister failed to make a convincing case

Lindsey Graham has a new commercial out which features his sister Darline acting as a character witness and recounting how Lindsey helped to raise her due to their being orphaned at an early age.

She's likable and convincing and and I see no reason to be skeptical of her story. However, there is a leap of faith required of the voter here. Lindsey's generous nature with his sister is being pitched as a reliable predictor of what his treatment of ALL South Carolinians will be during another term. This seems to be based on a fallacy, as Republicans have an overly tribal nature generally speaking and can often play favorites with members of their own "tribe".

So your mileage may vary if you are a Democrat, a minority, an immigrant, or aren't a close relative of his.


Trump and the RNC have launched a really crappy "Seniors Beware" website

I won't give it oxygen by posting the link. Don't waste your time, it's one page of the same demagogic talking points from the commercials with zero additional content.

It's difficult to find with either Bing or Google. So the SEO ranking is really low and/or it got downgraded due to the propaganda and disinformation factor.

Concerning shortage of a specific item at the supermarket today

So I was at Harris Teeter today and worked my way to the cereal aisle expecting to find my favorite cereal: Count Chocula. Now this cereal is hard to find most of the time (and I will eat it any time of year), but it is a staple of supermarkets around Halloween. To my horror, my favorite vampire was a ghost!

You might say, hey, why not just get Cocoa Pebbles instead? That statement is uglier and more tone deaf than Miley Cyrus. I may settle for Boo Berry or Franken Berry, but right now it has to be a goddamn General Mills monster cereal in my bowl. None were available.

Is that too much to ask? When will all this end??

I went into full Karen mode and demanded to speak to the store manager. OK that part is bogus, but the rest is true.

The coronavirus coverage is a reverse Scooby-Doo episode

In the Scooby-Doo cartoon, the meddling kids work to unmask the villains.

Back in the real world in 2020, the meddling kids (the MSM) are working to get the villains to put their masks back on!

538 Graham / Harrison poll

538 has it at 77% Graham. This doesn't appear to be accurate as it seems to be neck-and-neck everywhere else.


None of the polls they cite are anywhere near that:


Soooo what's up with that?

FXN is in full Hunter mode

Fox has like a dozen stories on Hunter Biden on their main page right now. Stahl pressed Trump on this same issue and he crumbled. So it's not a tenable position.

Does fake news get any faker than this? They aren't even making an attempt to be a balanced news source right now.

I have to say this surprises me a little. They have some decent news programs and solid polls and have to be weighing their options in a post-Trump world. And shredding what's left of their credibility in the next week doesn't seem compatible with that if you ask me.

Trump hasn't shown any interest in doing the work as President

...according to Obama.

I think this is accurate.

It must be nice to have a job where you can skip doing the work and merely assert that you're doing a great job. Where do you find a job like that? You have to have a boss who has absolutely no idea what doing your job really entails. Or, they have no idea how to gauge your job performance objectively. Or, they are taking something like a kickback and are willing to throw the company under the bus for it.
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