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Member since: Sat Feb 22, 2020, 12:55 PM
Number of posts: 4,884

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Republican contradictions

These are some of my personal favorites. What are yours?

- Windmills: Trump has stated regarding his wall that "... itís a medieval solution, a wall. Itís true, because it worked then, and it works even better now.Ē Windmills were a medieval solution as well, and even go back earlier than that. And yes they work even better now. So why are windmills bad?

- John McCain: John McCain was a "disloyal" person. Self-explanatory.

- The Founding Fathers: Republicans believe that no politician should be trusted, even Republican politicians. However, they treat the writings of the Founding Fathers like they are infallible gospel. Their views override the views of modern day politicians who have more up-to-date information, period. Since the Founding Fathers were politicians themselves, how can this be?

- Conservative Fact-Checkers: Republicans claim that the conservative news media hasn't produced a plausible fact-checker website because their politicians don't need to be fact-checked. But if no "approved" fact-checker exists, what is this assertion based on?

Savatage - When the Crowds Are Gone

I dedicate this one to single-term president Donald J. Trump and his supporters.

How many Trump voters does it take to change a light bulb?

Three. One to say the light bulb went out during Obama's term, one to say there's a blackout due to unreliable windmill farms, and one to say there's no problem and they can see just fine.

President Trump tackled the virus head-on!

I just heard that in one of his commercials.

I guess it's sort of true now, isn't it?

Although it might be more accurate to say he GOT tackled...and managed to get back on his feet.

Trump sticks with his core beliefs

I will say this for Trump, he's pretty consistent with his messaging and doesn't flip-flop much.

But to what end?

- Trump believes the pandemic in the US was imported from China, even after we've learned that it probably came here from Europe. In addition, he's fixated on the talking point of the "China Virus" which is a distraction no longer relevant to the pandemic response.

- Trump is stuck on the narrative that masks aren't very effective. This idea was shared briefly by Fauci until the significance of asymptomatic spread was understood. The scientists quickly moved to different positions as new evidence emerged. Instead of moving with them, Trump employs outdated thinking and even chastises Fauci for the pivot.

- While showing some potential early on, hydroxychloroquine was quickly ruled out by the medical community as a viable treatment. Trump rejected that science and then even took the drug himself. As science moves forward in real time, the President is falling farther and farther behind.

So the next time Trump dings Biden on flip-flopping, he should counterpunch.

Trump's "sarcastic" comments about injecting bleach

If this comes up again, this is what Biden or Harris' response SHOULD be:

"Mr. President, I listened to your supposedly sarcastic comments about injecting bleach during the coronavirus task force meeting. I have to say that as a stand-up comedian, your routine SUCKS. I think you should quit trying to be the Comedian in Chief and give the role of leader of the nation's coronavirus response the gravity it deserves. Do the damn job!"

The silver lining of the Barrett nomination

So evil Amy Coney Barrett has been clearly revealed as a Dark Lord of the Sith. Her unveiling was accompanied by an ominous spread of disease. That leads us to the Rule of Two:


Long story short: if Darth Barrett is here to stay (which appears to be the case), then either Darth Trump or Count Pence must go. I believe the fear of collusion and mutiny would explain Trump's haste to get back into the fold. Trump may have even unlocked the secrets of immortality in the process by harnessing the full power of the dark side.

I believe Count Pence is the odd man out? Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.

Biden is stronger on the age question than Trump

Hear me out. Harris sort of dodged the age question during the debate. So Biden is 77 and Trump is 74. Also Trump has one term behind him. So Trump is the winner here, right?


Biden is the winner because a Biden administration will be less dependent on one person, as our founding fathers intended. Harris has been groomed to be able to step into that role on a moment's notice.

Trump's administration, by comparison, is built around a cult of personality. He is smarter than all the generals, he is micromanaging the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and he has the entire Republican party kowtowing to his every whim in a culture of zero dissent. This administration would be turned upside down and inside out by the loss of its leader.

Will a debate break out at the debate tonight?

We didn't get anything resembling a debate during the Presidential "debate". Biden tried to politely (for the most part) articulate his actual positions. Trump disrupted that messaging by creating chaos and noise. Among his interruptions were assertions that the various demagogic straw man positions from his commercials were Biden's real positions. What is the point of giving candidates an opportunity to clarify their positions when you are allowed to muddy them right up again in an unfair way? Is Trump against the idea of the voters having an alternative choice of platform clearly laid out for this election?

I also suffered through the Harrison/Graham debate. Lindsey apparently borrowed Kayleigh's binder because he was simply rambling off right-wing talking points. Making matters worse, he apparently wasn't familiar with the binder layout as he was reading answers to the wrong questions. CliffsNotes version: Graham is associating the Democrats with unmasked hordes of violent, amoral, anarchistic protesters.

So zero for three tonight?

I can't wait for Pence's reunion with Trump

I love those videos where dogs are reunited with their masters returning from long oversees military service. Hopefully there will be a video of this reunion as it should be similarly heartwarming and uplifting. Surprise, yelping, tail-wagging, spinning in circles, jumping up and down...all that stuff.
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